101 Best Sweet and Cute Text Messages for Him or Her
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101 Cute Text Messages for Him or Her

You don’t want to miss an opportunity to let your loved one know how you feel about them. We admit that finding the right words to express how you feel could sometimes be herculean and that’s why we’ve got you covered, anytime. Spice up your love life with these cute text messages for your loved one.

Cute Text Messages for Him or Her

You don’t want to miss an opportunity to let your loved one know how you feel about them. We admit that finding the right words to express how you feel could sometimes be herculean and that’s why we’ve got you covered, anytime.  Spice up your love life with these cute text messages for your loved one.

In this collection of Cute Text Messages for Him/Her, you’ll find text messages suitable for every circumstance in your love relationship.


Good Morning Text Messages for Him or Her

You’re at the right spot for the cutest text messages for your loved one. No need looking further, stay right here.

Hear the birds chirping and the cock’s lusty siren. A new dawn, a beautiful new beginning, an opportunity to love you better than yesterday. Good morning, my love.

A new day presents us with a fresh start. Here’s another chance to make things better between us. We can make this work, sweetheart. I believe we can. Will you hold my hand and let’s try again? Good morning.

May the journey of today bring you peace and joy. May you have the courage to hold on to all that is true and what really matters. Good morning.

I’m grateful for the blessing of a new day. I am indeed grateful that each waking day finds you by my side. I am grateful for having you to walk this journey with. I am grateful for you in my life. Good morning.

Each new day is a testimony of new beginnings. May you have beautiful new beginnings today. May all your challenges be swallowed up in victory.

Because you have consistently been a source of joy and love to me, here’s wishing you a day full of peace and fulfillment. Good morning.

Cute and Sweet Text Messages

I’m here to stay darling. I’m never letting you go. If you let me, I’m going to love you every day of my life with all of my heart. Good morning.

Now that you’re in my life, it’s so easy to let go of the past and to forget the pains of the past years. It feels so good to forgive and to finally heal. Thank you for being the harbinger of my peace. Good morning my angel. Good morning.

Wake up, sunshine. Let me spend the rest of today loving you like you deserve. Good morning.

Be thankful for the opportunity of a new day and the promise it holds. Be thankful, just as I am for the gift of the love we share. It’s an opportunity some desire but do not have. May the day speak forth greatness for us. Good morning.

Your love remains consistent and faithful, just like the morning. I can’t find the words to say how much you mean to me. But as sure as day, I’ll always be here. Good morning, my heartbeat.

I look into your eyes, what I see there assures me that no matter what the day brings, we will overcome. Thank you for being such a pillar of strength. Good morning.

Sweetheart, may today mark the end of all our challenges and hardship. May this day herald in times of plenty and prosperity for us. Thank you for standing by me through it all. Good morning darling.

Think positive today, darling. Believe you can and you will. Good morning.

Loving you is a privilege. Each day is an opportunity to do it better. Good morning.

Here’s wishing my favourite humans on earth a beautiful day. May our love conquer all odds. Good morning.

Your love is as fresh as the morning dew. Your love is fire to my bones. Good morning.

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Good Afternoon Text Messages for Him or Her

This afternoon is a good time as any to send any of these cute afternoon messages to your loved one.

Since you keep running through my thoughts and won’t let me concentrate on work, I’m taking out time to wish you a beautiful afternoon and to say I love you.

Hey sweets! How is it going? Don’t worry, there’s still enough time to slay. Do your best baby. I believe in you. Do have a wonderful afternoon.

Just checking on you darling and making sure you’re having a good time this afternoon.

Don’t get too engrossed in work, take some time off for break and be refreshed. You are important to me, my love. Good afternoon.

the Best Cute Text Messages

In the midst of my busy day, you keep running through my mind and since I can’t get you off my thoughts, I need to know if you’re fine and if you’re thinking of me as I am of you. Stay well sweets and have a pleasant afternoon.

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Good Night Text Messages for Him or Her

As the sun sets on your tired body and the earth goes to sleep, I wish you my darling, a night of sweet rest.

The sun has retired into the clouds, the day is spent. I’m just counting the minutes till you’re folded in my embrace as sleep envelopes us. I love you.

Loving thoughts of you made me survive today. Phew! I can’t wait to be in your arms. I can’t wait to feel your tender fingers over my tired body. It’s going to be a beautiful night, baby. Trust me.

It’s time to forget about all that went wrong today. Learn your lessons and plan for a better tomorrow. It will be well. Sweet dreams, my love.

Let all the voices of nature make a beautiful symphony and lull you into sweet rest. Let my love form a warm blanket around you as you lay to sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.

Thank God for the miracle of the night. You’d work round the clock if there was none. I know you too well. May you find sweet rest as you lay in sleep. May your body, soul and spirit be rejuvenated. Sweet dreams.

When you get to dream land, I’ll be there, waiting for you. So, quickly, go to bed. You’ve done enough for the day.

I have said a prayer for you, that the angels guard and keep you as you lay in rest. May you have a perfectly restful night, my love. May your sleep be sweet like a baby’s.

You have worked so hard today. No one deserves a beautiful rest as much as you do. Here’s wishing you a truly peaceful night. Sweet dreams.

May you have a night that is as refreshing as your love. May your sleep be as peaceful as the peace you’ve brought into my life. Sweet dreams.

As sleep lays claim to your body, may demons be far away from you. May you not sleep the sleep of death. Good night, my love.

May the symphonies of the night refresh your body and soul. May you have a blissful night.

Come to bed sweetheart, let me give you some sweet loving and afterwards may you find peace and bliss on the wings of sleep.

May your body get the much needed rest tonight. I wish you a night of peace.

I’m trusting God that as you sleep tonight, you will be divinely inspired with solutions for the problems ahead. Good night, my love.

Don’t break the circle of nature. Night time is for rest. Take a break from labour and find sweet release in sleep. Have a peaceful night, my love.

Treat your spent body to a night of peaceful rest. You will wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on a new day. May the Lord watch over you. Good night, my love.

May you have the sweetest dreams tonight. I’ll be there, experiencing every bit of it with you. Good night, my love.

Sleep well, my sweet angel. May your night be as peaceful as the peace you spread around. I love you.

May all your troubles be forgotten as you find sweet release in sleep. May your body be renewed in strength to face the coming day. Good night, sweets.

As you lay in rest, be assured that tomorrow will be a better day. Good night.

Leave your worries at the doorstep of sleep. Rest without them in mind. Tomorrow is another day to try and with today’s experiences, you’re sure to do it better. I believe in you, good night, my love.

Let the symphonies of the night usher you into the sweet arms of sleep. I love you more than you know. Have a pleasantly, peaceful night.

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I Miss You Text Messages for Him/Her

Missing your loved one? You’re at the perfect place for the cutest Missing You Text Messages for Him/Her.

I hold dear memories of our times together. I cherish those beautiful moments we shared and can’t wait until we’re back together. I miss you hon.

Your absence is like the day without the sun. Drab and gloomy. I miss you sweets.

No one is capable of taking your place in my heart. I guard your space in my heart jealously. I love you too much and I’m waiting patiently till we’re back together.

I carry a piece of you everywhere I go, hoping and praying that you’ll come around. I could never forget you if I tried. I miss you so much.

Love and Cute Text Messages

The beautiful moments we shared keep playing repeat on my mind. Time refuses to blunt the pain of losing you. I miss you so much and hope you’re happy where you are now.

You’re the best lover in the world. Well, it’s not that I’ve tried any other. It’s just that I’m so perfectly content with you. I miss you a lot.

There’s no vacuum in nature, they say. Well, nothing fills this vacuum I feel when you’re not here. I miss you so much, my love .

It’s not the same here without you, my love. It’s never the same when you’re not here. Come home soon, sweetheart. I miss you real bad.

You’re the one thing I need so badly now. I counting the days until you’re back. Come home as soon as you can. I really miss you.

Your absence is becoming too difficult to bear. And the days suddenly developed the speed of a snail. Come back as soon as you can. I miss you baby.

I long to hear your voice, to see your face, to feel your touch. Come home soon, my love. I miss you.

Every passing hour brings me closer to you. I can’t wait till you’re in my arms. I miss you so much.

Your absence leaves a void no one can fill. I miss you so much.

I want you to know you’re in my thoughts always and nothing or no one could ever take your place. I’m  counting the days until we’re together again. I miss you so much it hurts.

Is it normal to miss another human this much? We’ve been separated just a few hours, to be back together soon, yet I can’t seem to be able to bear it. I hear your voice in my head and see your face everywhere I turn. Come back, already. Please?

Though we’re far apart, I hold you close to my heart. I really miss you, sweetheart.

My days are incomplete without you. They lack the fun and cheer you bring with you. Here’s letting you know I miss you so much and I love you too.

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I Love You Text Messages for Him or Her

Find below the cutest Love Text Messages for your loved one.

You are a part of me. A part I can’t imagine living without. Thank you sweetheart for always being there for me. I love you so much.

Your love keeps me grounded. Your love gives direction to my life. I’m glad I’m travelling this journey with you. I love you so much.

Family is all that matters when all else is gone. I cherish all of our moments together. I cherish the home we’ve built together. I love you, sweetheart.

You’re a man/woman like no other, the rarest of gems. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. I love you so much.

Two hearts beating as one, the two of us. You’re the best thing happening for me right now and I do hope this feeling lasts forever.

You’re my superhero, the very best anyone could ask for. When I look into your eyes, I know life will only get better. I love you so much.

Let down your guard sweetheart. You know you can always count on me. I will never let you down baby. I love you too much.

You believed in me and supported me when no one did. I’ll do you proud, baby, just like I have started doing. Better days are ahead and I’ll never stop loving you.

We’ve been through so much together. I’m so grateful for where we are now. I don’t take any of our experiences for granted. Life will only get better for us. I love you, sweetheart.

Every day, I thank God my path crossed with yours. There’s no gainsaying you’re my God-chosen. I couldn’t have made such a perfect choice by myself. I’m glad and feel favoured you’re in my life.

I used to think loving was too much hardwork, until I met you. With you, love is so much fun. I wish I had met you earlier than I did. Never mind, I’ll spend my lifetime loving you.

I’m convinced that you’ll always be there for me. You have never given me any reason to doubt your love for me. You’re my one and only and I love you so much.

No one but you, sweetheart. You’re my dearest friend and I love you very much.

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Thank you Text Messages for Him or Her

When it’s time to say thank you, do it in style. Show your loved one appreciation with any of these cute Thank You Text Messages for Him or Her.

Cute Text Messages Thank you

You have always been a pillar of support. The ears that listen to me, the shoulders I cry on. Thank you for never letting me down. Thank you for always being there.

I deeply appreciate the immeasurable, unquantifiable love you continue to show me. Thank you so much. You are simply amazing.

Thank you for being a reliable and faithful spouse. Thank you for your sound counsel through the years. Thank you for walking this journey with me. Thank you for being the love of my life.

I’m confident that no matter what happens, you’ll be there. You have never failed to support me even when my goals were unclear to you. Thank you for always giving me your shoulders to lean on. I really do love you.

Your sincerity is never in doubt. This is an attribute I find so refreshing. I like the fact that with you, what I see is what I get. You make loving you so easy. Thank you for always being true.

Thank you for the unwavering support I’ve enjoyed from you since we met each other. Life is so much easier with you by my side. Thank you for all that you represent.

Thank you for everything you represent in my life. Most of all, I’m thankful you’re not just a lover but a dear friend. Thank you so much for your love.

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I’m Sorry Text Messages for Him/Her

When you’re wrong, admit it, say sorry and salvage your love life. These I’m Sorry Text Messages for Him/Her is what you need to do the magic.

I’m really so sorry I made you feel bad. I never meant for things to turn out the way they did. Could you forgive me, please?

I’m sorry for projecting you in a bad light before your friends. I promise I’ll make it right the next chance I get. I feel so bad that I caused you so much hurt. Please forgive me.

We had such a nice thing going on for us and then I went and blew it. Please give me a chance to make it right. I’m truly sorry.

Sweetheart, I’m sorry for lying to you. I thought I was trying to save the situation. Now I realize I made things worse in trying to cover up. I feel very ashamed of myself. Please give me a second chance.

I’m sorry for disappointing you time and again. Really, I’m tired of apologizing all the time. Please give me one last chance, I promise not to blow it this time.

I’m really trying to be a better person, sweetheart. Please do make it easy for me. I love and respect you and that’s why I’m going the extra length to be better. I’m sorry for hurting you this time.

I’m sorry for losing control and yelling at you the way I did. Can we be friends again?

Let’s forget the fight and be like we used to be.  I’m sorry sweets.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look you in the eye again. All I know is that if you don’t forgive me, I could never forgive myself. I’m really so sorry.

The fight is out of me, sweetheart. I can’t keep it up. Let’s call a truce. I’m sorry.

Please forgive my impatience. I’m trying hard to be more accommodating. All I ask for is your patience and understanding.

Please forgive my insensitivity. I realize how hurt you must be by my actions. I’m really sorry.

Cute Text Messages to make Her Smile

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m sorry for letting you down. I really want to make this right. Please let me.

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Get Well Soon Messages for Him or Her

Is your loved one currently under the weather? Let them know you care about them by sending any of these Get Well Soon Messages for Him/Her.

I can’t wait till you’re off your sick bed darling. I miss you so much and my prayer is that you get well really soon.

It’s not the same here without you sweetheart. We need you around here. Please get well soon, because no one can fill the vacuum your absence creates.

I feel your pains honey. I would do all I can to relieve you of this pain. I’m praying all I can that the arms of the Lord comfort you and grant you succour from your pains. Get well soon, my love.

I can only imagine the pains you must be going through. I wish I had super powers to heal you and immediately. Since I don’t, I’m praying day and night that you get well soon and return to us in one piece.

You’re missing all the fun stuff, sweets. It’s just that without you, fun tastes sour. Please get well soon so we can all be happy again. I miss the real you.

Nothing is the same when you’re not here. Nothing feels right. I miss your bubbly self, my love. I miss our gists and gossips. Please get well soon.

I love you sweetheart and I’m praying for fast recovery for you. You’ll be fine, I’ll do all I can to ensure it.

You can’t let this sickness get the better of you. You’ve really got to kick it and get well real soon.

Sickness is an intrusion, it has no place in you. Knock it out. Get well soon.

As doctors find a way to make you feel better, I’m earnestly praying that all their efforts will yield good and fast results. Here’s wishing you perfect health. Get well soon.

While you lay sick on the bed, I’m sick with worry and wondering when you’ll be yourself again. Get well soon so we can both be fine. I love you.

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