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Thank you for Loving me the Way I am Quotes

True love is beautiful and unconditional. On the other hand, there is a need to appreciate people who have demonstrated true, unconditional love towards us.

Thank you for Loving me the Way I am Quotes: True love is beautiful and unconditional. On the other hand, there is a need to appreciate people who have demonstrated true, unconditional love towards us. It takes more than just a normal feeling to embrace someone without wanting to change them into what we want them to be. We should show gratitude to such people. This quote is designed to appreciate perfect lovers who love unconditionally and respectfully.

Thank you for Loving me the way I am Quotes

True love respects personality. With you, I have witnessed and seen the beauty enclosed in true love. Thank you, my darling, for opening the door to these wonderful moments I have enjoyed over the years with you.

I have been around a lot of people and have tasted different kinds of love, but yours is spectacular. You love me even beyond my imagination and expectations, and sometimes I wonder, knowing fully well that I don’t deserve it, but you still relentlessly love me. Thank you for this love. May it last for ever!

Now I can smile, now I feel I can fly and touch the sky, now I feel good and beautiful, now I feel loved and blessed, and this is all because you loved me. Thank you so much for your love. I appreciate it!

After having your love to hold, I never want to let go. It is you I want today, tomorrow, and forever, and even when the world is falling, I still want to be with you because only you love me the way I am. Thank you, my love!

Though I have not been helpful to you, and all I do is annoy and provoke you to anger, you continue to show me love. You love me unconditionally, and I appreciate that. Thank you so much, my dear. Your love is all I need!

In all of my existence, I have never seen someone as sweet and selfless, kind and caring, loving and generous as you. Even when I don’t deserve your love, you give it to me in excess. Thank you for loving me the way I am. I love you!

Your love is the confirmation of the adage that says “true love exists.” Knowing you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sometimes I wonder, if not for your love, what would become of me? You have shown me true love and all I can do is appreciate you. Thank you for loving me.

I asked you for love and you gave me more than enough. I asked for your time and you gave me your life. I asked for a moment and you gave me a lifetime. I asked for today and you gave me the future. What can I offer? How can I repay you for your endless love? Your love is perfect, and your perfect love has won me. Thank you, sweetheart, for loving me unconditionally!

Sometimes I ask myself if I am good enough for you, but I have contented myself with basking in your love. You inspire me to be better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love for me. I appreciate it!

Since I met you, I feel so peaceful. Even in the midst of my troubles, I still feel calm. Your love has made me whole again, and it has taken away all my worries and shame. Thank you for loving me.

    You love me at all times. Even in my worst moments, you still show me the love I don’t deserve. Your love is deep, and I think the best place to place it is in the supernatural. Thank you for having such a beautiful personality. I appreciate your love for me. I love you.

    True love is so hard to find. It is like the wind when you try to hold it, as slippery as a fish in the water when you try to catch it. You have given me love for free, even when I didn’t deserve it. Thank you for loving me the way I am!

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    Though our love was not approved by everyone in the family, you gave up all for my sake. I can only imagine the level of pain and anxiety you have gone through just for me. Even though I am not the best, you still love me and I feel it. Thank you for loving me the way I am. I appreciate it!

    Some days I go wrong, some days I behave stupidly, sometimes I do things that get you angry, but your love has always stood by me even in the worst of times. You have decided to love me for who I am, and I can do nothing but thank you from my heart. Thanks for your endless love for me!

    Thank you for your love

    Love is beauty if acceptance is valued. Acceptance alters the atmosphere and thoughts. Thank you for loving and accepting me the way I have been and for the way I am now. I love you, my baby!

    Love is beauty itself, with acceptance as its mirror. Thank you for having me the way I am, irrespective of the deficiencies. I feel so honoured and happy. You are the best, my jewel!

    Love is a beautiful thing. What makes it more beautiful for me is knowing how much you have come to accept me for who I am, not minding the flaws. You are the one I have chosen and will keep choosing. Thank you very much, my darling, for tolerating and enduring this girl. I know it was never easy and  I don’t doubt the fact that it is still not easy. Thank you very much my honey!

    I had always thought that only family could love us just the way we are. I thought only family would keep coming after us, telling us how much they love us and won’t want to lose us. You have stood in almost all the situations I was in to eliminate and destroy those thoughts that got me enclosed in the shell. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am. You are indeed fabulous and great. Thank you for all you do. I love you even more.

    What a beautiful day it is whenever I see your face. It draws my worries away. I always want to have you in my hands because you make me feel wanted and loved. You are wonderfully amazing and heavenly glorious. I can’t just get you off my mind. I feel safe with you. I really want to say thank you for wanting and loving me the way I am. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in the history of love. I love you, my candy!

    What else can love be about without acceptance? You accepted me even at my worst. You cherished me and clothed me in the raiments of your love. Maybe I need to write a book filled with appreciations just for you, my love, to show how grateful I am to you and how happy you have made me become. Loving you will be my everyday privilege and desire. I love you so much.

    Light doesn’t shine for anything. You lighted up my love with your rays, and gloriously beautified my smiles with yours. I have always watched out not to be hurt, always wanting to be loved for who I am and the way I am. You still broke all the odds and favored me. I want to say thank you for loving me the way I am. Even when I step on your toes, you keep on loving me. I feel so honored to have you as a partner. I cherish you greatly, my love!

    Love is never great until the spirit of acceptance is valued and practiced. I was so scared because I thought humans always wanted to change and alter the purposes of others to fit into theirs. With you, it is different. It is a different world you introduced me to, a different road you mapped out on the map of love, and a different fragrance you used for our love. You are a handsome creature who knows the value of self-worth and acceptance. No matter what happens, I will never stop loving you. Thank you, my love, for desiring and having me the way I am.

    Words have failed me finally. There is so much joy within my bowels whenever I think about you. You have made me happier than I could ever have expected. Every darkness you wash out with the light embedded within your sweet words, and the most powerful of them all, is the way you love me. It amazes me all the time that you love me just the way I am, not minding the errors. I really want to extend my appreciation to you. Thank you, honey, for loving and cherishing me irrespective of the way I act, speak, or think. I love you and can never get tired of loving you.

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    You have not just brought me into the river of love but also added value to my life by loving me the way I am and cherishing my imperfections by seeing the perfection in them. I never knew love could be this mind-blowing and creative. Thank you for making me feel valued in my world. With true acceptance I have received from you and a sincere heart filled with gratitude, I send forth this moment. Thank you, my love. You will forever remain in my heart as my love and nothing less than that.

    What a joyous moment it is to know how much you are loved and cherished for who and what you are without a second thought about it. All the more joyous because it is coming from you. Thank you so much, darling, for embracing me notwithstanding the hurt I cause knowingly and unknowingly. You are loved and will forever be.

    You gave me love and acceptance. Thank you for choosing not to abuse my feelings, for loving me, and for accepting me for who I am. I love you so much and can never stop loving you, my darling cupcake!

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