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Thank You Messages to A Mentor

Thank You Messages to A Mentor :There’s always that someone who inspires us to be better, whose work ethics we admire and whom we set like a kind of standard to aspire to and eventually surpass. Everyone needs a mentor and if you’ve got one and they do great by you, these here are perfect Thank you my mentor messages and quotes you can appreciate them with.

Thank You Messages to A Mentor :There’s always that someone who inspires us to be better, whose work ethics we admire and whom we set like a kind of standard to aspire to and eventually surpass. Everyone needs a mentor and if you’ve got one and they do great by you, these here are perfect Thank you my mentor messages and quotes you can appreciate them with.

A good mentor has a great impact in the life of his disciple. This write up is designed to thank all who have impacted positively or greatly in other peoples life in all areas possible.

Thank You Messages to A Mentor

A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. You are the real definition of a mentor. Thank you for all you have done for me. All I am today the result of your endless and relentless efforts and investments in me. I can’t thank you less sir/ma.

A mentor is a destiny builder and a goal oriented personality. Highly skilled in his or her field. I never thought the journey of life with its trials and temptations could be made easier with the right mentorship. You are a mentor I have seen with all the qualities listed above, a mentor who made the journey of life light through your impactful words of wisdom and also through guidelines to follow. I have come this far not by own self but through your inculcated virtues. Today, I really want to say a very big thank you sir/ma for all you did, you are doing and yet to do. It is highly appreciated sir/ma.

Magnificent Thank You Messages to Friends

Looking up to you was never a waste of time. You have always been a good teacher and a wise leader to me and I so appreciate that. Thank you for letting me understand life through this path. You are just the best.

Thank God for giving me an angel like you to mentor me in life. No time spent with you was useless and everything I learnt from you is helpful and important. I so much appreciate your efforts sir. Thank you!

Dear mentor, I write to let you know how your guidance has made me strong and how your discipline has made me reasonable. I have followed your instructions and now I am able to fit into all parts of life. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and are still doing for me. Your loving personality is worth appreciating. Thank you!

Mentors are catalysts of positive change. You are a man who has always been optimistic and positive about life. I’ve seen you many times changing negatives into positives. You taught me the power of mindset, a lesson never to be forgotten. I acknowledge all your efforts towards me. The growth and change no one but you caused in me, and for the fatherly love you gave, I want to say a very big thank you. Thank you sir for making dreams become reality and words actions in my life.

Words wouldn’t be enough if I was to write how helpful you have been to me. At first I didn’t understand your rules, I thought they were punishment and suffering but now I feel the impact. Thank you so much for everything you have done to me and for me and may God bless you.

Your lessons and teachings have gone beyond an ordinary mentorship, it is now like a family understanding. Like a father you have always been there for me to guide and to guard. You are my tutor and guardian, you are the best. A big thanks to you.

When I was coming up you always told me to be strong and courageous. You told me that there is no place in life for the faint of heart so I needed to be brave, you told me that there is no hope for the weak so I needed to be strong, you told that there is no need to fear so I found courage. All you told, all you ever taught me was true and helpful. Thank you so much for everything. I will forever appreciate you my mentor.

In this short period of time I have been with you, I have come to realise how brave you are. All your words are filled with greatness and understanding. Thank you for being a mentor to me.

You are a woman of courage, a woman of peace, a brave woman. You have shown yourself worthy and blameless in all you do and I am so happy I am your protége. Thank you for your mentorship and thank you for your knowledge. I appreciate you ma.

I have no doubt putting my trust in you because you have given me every reason to trust in you. I feel so happy and comfortable because I have your guidelines to follow. You have been of help all the way and I want to assure you that all your efforts won’t be in vain. Thank you for being a teacher, friend and mentor to me. I appreciate!

I used to be lazy and slow, weak and nonchalant, confused and careless, but you came to my life and made a difference. You made me believe in myself and that has made a great difference in me. I owe you a lot for all you have done for me, I am indebted to you for this greatness I have acquired in life so far. Thank you for being my mentor!

Thank You Notes to Boss or Mentor

I used to think that corrections were hatred and that doing the right thing was a boring task, but now I see that it is the best thing to do. Thank you for all the lessons you put me through. Thank you mentor!

You are the best among all others I have seen. Your pattern is different and filled with clarity. I hope that one day I will grow to be like you and I wish never to forget your instructions in life no matter what. Thank you mentor!

A mentor you were, a mentor you are and a mentor you will always be to me. My heart is filled with appreciation that words can’t express. Thank you very much sir for all you have done.

A mentor is always there not minding the inconveniences it may cause. Your words and attention has modelled me to this point and today, I really want to say thank you to you sir for the days you spoke words of wisdom into me and also for the time you gave your ears to listen to my plights. Thank you very much sir!

I have come to know that wisdom indeed lies within the bowels of great men and women who knows what discipline and obedience can offer. I am a benefactor of your principles and disciplines. Thank you very much for being a mentor over my life, your virtues have built me and today, I am who I am because I met a mentor who understood discipleship and greatness. Thank you very much sir!

Mentors are always at it. This is one of the attribute I so much admire about you sir. Your approach to things, to life has made so much impact in my life not forgetting your words that have always lighted my path. Today, I want to pour out my appreciation to you. Thank you for accepting me as your own and for adding value to my world at large. Thank you.

I never knew the principles of men who have trodden upon the ancient paths can still work if adhered to strictly. To the mentor who has loved me like a son, to the mentor who fed me with words of wisdom, to the mentor who held me up when I gave up totally, thank you very much for all the privileges enjoyed. It is never my right but privilege. Thank you for the spirit breathed into me because today, my world is reaping from the seeds you sowed in me.

Mentors are visionary because they have been there and certainly know the outcome of every road taken. Over the years, I have come to realise that every word you spoke came to be as it was declared. Thank you for sensitising me with your love, care and words. Your impact has made me to become a hero, a great personality not just to myself but to others. Thank you.

A mentor always pushes his or her student to achieve greatness. I have never known or seen myself in the pit. The atmosphere of excellence you cultivated in me, the river of love you planted in me and the vices and spirit of mediocrity, you purged me from. Words are never enough to express or describe how powerful your words have become to me. I want to say thank you for the amazing virtues and help received down to this moment.

Knowledgeable beyond the ordinary, mentors are sharp in thoughts, rich in words and powerful in vision because the blind can never lead the blind. Thank you very much for being the light in my world, the voice of impact and direction. I have tasted and seen that wisdom and understanding dwells in you. Thank you for being a mentor over the years.

A powerful teacher I have. A teacher of virtues, truth and a teacher whose words roar like that of a lion. Your virtues and voice have always echoed in my spirit to serve as a guide. What more can I ask for? The Lord has favoured me greatly with the gift of your person and today, I want to say thank you very much for the years spent on nurturing.

Mentors are powerful set of humans who can mislead or guide one into light or darkness. You have always taken the right path with me and that is why today, I can stand out boldly with my heads up high because I have been blessed with a goal oriented and meticulous mentor who pays attention to every detail. Thank you for being a source of illumination and a blessing in my life through your prayers, teachings and advices.

Thank you very much sir for being a blessing to me and my generation. I will forever live to thank you and to celebrate you because this greatness was made possible today as a result of your prayers, words of knowledge, directions and decision. Thank you for being a teacher of truth and for making my life outstanding.

A mentor is a person of good attitude and high altitude. Today, I am soaring high like the eagle because you laid down your time, care and love for me to go high. Your knees which you placed on the floor, I can’t say thank you for enough, you are indeed a mentor worth having every where and anywhere cause truth be told, you are amazing. Thank you.

The child is expected to grow into a better version of his or her parents. These words have always echoed within the walls of my heart. Your first utterance still echoes till this day. Indeed words are powerful. Thank you for standing out in my life to make mine outstanding and worth living. Today, I am a better version of myself because your words were implanted in me and have yielded a great increase.

A mentor is a life builder, a destiny helper sent to direct and introduce one into his or her destiny. I don’t just know where to begin from because your impacts are too numerous to mention. In prayers, your knees went down, in words, your voice was active, in direction, your steps were active, in decisions, you were present to see if it is good or not. I really want to say thank you very much and many more years to you sir cause the world needs more of your kind for the upcoming generation.

A mentor is just like the star who led the wise men to where baby Jesus was born. You have been a sailor in my ship, a pilot in my plane and a driver in my car.

Behind the scene of greatness,
Men of great destiny have greater men who guide and direct them. A father you have been from the past till now, always available to order my steps and look through my decisions. You are an angel sent from above. Thank you very much sir for the impact and the love.

You have watched my ways over the years to ensure I don’t make a mistake and till this day, you are still watching. I want to say thank you very much sir for the teacher every one would love to have. You are a mentor I will love to have just to myself because no encounter with you is ever the same. Thank you for all you on a daily basis.

My words will fail me. Your qualities have become a guiding step to greatness for me. You have always been available and your support is undeniable. I don’t take it for granted and I want to say thank you for all the time you have been there.

You have always been there for me. Always available in every decisive moments of my life and helping me grow beyond all limitations. I thank heavens every day for making me come across a mentor like you who is word and goal defined. Thank you for granting me the privilege of being your mentee and for every impact.

The world would be wonderful if it had more people like you. Your teachings over the years have become so vital to my everyday growth and today, living is made easier for me. I want to say a big thank you to the best mentor I can ever have in the whole universe.

Your voice have always echoed within me in days of confusion and your words, a strengthener in the days of afflictions. Thank you for every wonderful gift– words, instructions, voice and prayers received from you and also for your time and attention.

Mentors are like military men and women who are always ready to deliver whenever they are called upon. You possess this quality so greatly that I can’t help but being inspired. Thank you very much for being my mentor.

Nice Thank You Messages for Work Well Done

I never knew this height will be attainable if not for your support and words of wisdom. You have been so dedicated to your duties to ensure the best is delivered into my life. Today, your words have yielded a huge harvest in my life and I really want to say thank you very much for the wonderful privileges and also for being a mentor to me. Thank you.

Mentors are amazing and always prepared. Anyone who knows you or come across you can never remain the same. Every day of my life has never been the same all because of you. Thank you for the opportunities you created for me, I feel so honoured to be in your circle.

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