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50+ Thanksgiving Wishes for Him or Her

Here comes Thanksgiving Day, a special opportunity to be thankful to and for all the special persons in your life. Don’t let this year’s Thanksgiving Day pass you by without letting these special people know how thankful and grateful you are to have them in your life.

Here comes Thanksgiving wishes for my him or her, special words to be thankful to and for all the special persons in your life. Don’t let this year’s Thanksgiving Day pass you by without letting these special people know how thankful and grateful you are to have them in your life.

In this collection, we have written the most amazing thanksgiving text messages for all the categories of special people in your life, whether your mum, dad, wife, husband, friend e.t.c.

Now, take your time, scroll through, I assure you won’t be disappointed with these Happy Thanksgiving day wishes for Someone Special.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Someone Special

Show some love today and plenty of appreciation to someone special with any of these beautiful Thanksgiving Day Text Messages.

I wish I had the smoothness a poet has with words, I’d write the most beautiful lyrics to express what I feel for you. If I had the deftness of a painter with the brush, I’d paint you in the most beautiful colours yet. Above all I feel for you, I feel a sense of gratitude. You make my life so much richer and I can’t help loving you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, sweetheart.

This day affords me the opportunity to do what I have been so poor at. I’m sorry for not saying this often mum but really, I appreciate how you’ve always been there for me over the years. I don’t take your love for granted ma and today I say thank you for everything. Happy Thanksgiving Day, mum.

Each year, we gather round this table to share not just the turkey and the delicious meal but to revel and bask in the love that has kept us together as one over the years. I am grateful for the privilege to be a part of this event each year and more importantly I am grateful for the blessing of a wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving day, dad and mom.

But for you, dad, my life would have veered off the wrong cause. Thank you for being the strong, firm pillar that you are. Happy Thanksgiving day, dad.

For all the special people life has gifted me with, I am especially thankful for you. You are beyond special my darling. Happy Thanksgiving day.

This good family is what has kept me grounded all through these years. I owe you all a lot of gratitude and with love in my heart, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day.

No matter where I go, I know you’re back here waiting to receive in your loving arms. Nothing reassures more than this. Happy Thanksgiving mum. I love you with all of my heart.

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You were my first best friend and the only one I’m certain will always be there for me. With you I can be my true self without fear of rejection. I’m so lucky to have you as a sibling. Happy Thanksgiving, bro.

In this family, I feel really special and when I’m home I feel like nothing else matters. Thanks mum and dad for this ambience of love and acceptance. I love you totally. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Yours is the hand that holds me up and keeps me from falling. I’m forever grateful for your care. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Text Messages for Him or Her

You want some unforgettable Thanksgiving Messages for someone special? Here they are…

You’re a huge resource of love and support. And without meaning to, I have come to rely heavily on you. Nevertheless, you never let me down. Thank you so much for being a friend. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

It is not every day one comes by an amazing human like you. You are a once in a lifetime kind of friend and I love you deeply. You deserve no less. Happy Thanksgiving day.

Everyone gets so busy these days; what with life’s demands and all. I’m lucky to have someone in my life that cares enough to find out how I’m doing each step of the way. I’m lucky that someone is you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, dear friend.

In all of life’s special moments, the moments spent with you remain outstanding. Happy Thanksgiving Day, my special friend.

You need never aspire to be like someone else. I love you just as you are and I’m thankful you’re in my life. Happy Thanksgiving Day, baby.

If there was ever a brother who has my total trust, who I am certain has my back no matter what, that brother is you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, bruv. God bless you always.

Good Morning Love Distance Messages

I have an angel in my life and that angel is you. Thank you for B-E-I-N-G. Happy Thanksgiving Day mom.

I finally get a day off to really take stock and evaluate all the relationships in my life. I am thankful for everyone of them. I am thankful especially for you. Thank you for your patience and support all year long. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

 Each day I thank God for the strength, patience and discipline to wait for the right person. You fit me so perfectly and I’m glad I didn’t miss you. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweetheart.

It’s a pleasure to witness another year’s thanksgiving with you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for walking this journey with me.

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For your heart that truly cares, for your ears that readily listen, for your smile is that is ever ready and your arms that are always open, I am really thankful. Thank you for standing by me when no one else would. Happy Thanksgiving Day, friend.

 If I didn’t have you, life would be ordinary, a routine. But I’ve got you baby and my life is the richer for it. I live everyday in extra-ordinary splendor. Thank you, sweetheart and Happy Thanksgiving Day to you.

This is the time of the year when we take a break from everything and be thankful for all our blessings. I am thankful for life, I am thankful for love, I am thankful for the best family ever, I am thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving.

What more could I possibly ask for in a partner? You check all the boxes baby, and much more. You’re indeed a blessing to me and I am grateful for you.

I hope in this lifetime, I will be able to fully express the depth of love I feel for you. There’s so much gratitude in my heart, baby, for what we share. Happy Thanksgiving Day, sweetheart.

Thank you mama, for all the love you put into cooking all your special delicious meals. Happy Thanksgiving.

Beyond the food, shelter and support you provide, I am thankful for your unconditional love. Happy Thanksgiving, dad and mum.

Thanksgiving Love Messages

It feels so wonderful to be home, surrounded by love of the most wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving, family.

I am grateful that through all of life’s troubles and struggles, I still have you to call mine. Some have not been this lucky, so I don’t take for granted what I have. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

I feel so privileged to be called your mother. I’m thankful for such a wonderful gift as you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, dear daughter.

Each second I get to spend with you is worth giving thanks for. I’m grateful for our lives, grateful for our health. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

I feel so total, completely complete with you. I thank God for this blessing. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweetheart.

For walking this lifetime journey with me, for where we are presently, for the assurance that no matter what, you’ll be there with me in the journey ahead, I am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving my love.

I hope we get to share many more of this type of holidays together. Happy Thanksgiving.

Beyond our personal differences, I appreciate all the attributes that make you the special person that you are. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

When obstacles came to block our love in the way, it developed wings and flew to heights no negativity can touch. We soar on the wings of love, darling. I am thankful for the joy of loving you. Cheers to forever, baby. Happy Thanksgiving.

The joyful look in your eyes makes everyday a beautiful one. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

 The joy of living is better experienced with those you love. Thank you for partnering with me in this life’s journey. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear husband.

Someone stole my heart while I wasn’t looking. When I searched, I found it was you. I’m lucky because I’m sure my heart is safe with you forever. And for this I am really thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, dear lover and friend.

For friends who hold you up and keep you from falling, for friends who cover your error and magnify your efforts…. What would I do to have more of friends like you? You are outstanding, you are quintessential. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

If I were to return to the world again and I am given a chance to choose my vehicle. I’d still choose you, mum. You mother like no other. Thank you for who you are. Happy Thanksgiving Day to the best mum in the world.

  I could never fully repay all that you have done for me in love. Your love brought me here dad. I’m eternally grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

And since this day is all about giving thanks, I’d love to enumerate all the virtues that make you special and thank God for them. You are priceless, sweetheart. Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s the time of the year to be thankful, a time to see the faces of loved ones, a time to bond, a time to share. Happy Thanksgiving, brother.

This special day, I’d like to say a special thank you to you, mom, for being the best. Happy Thanksgiving, mom.

On this special day, I have no requests to make. All I want to do is express thanks and praises. Happy Thanksgiving.

Your smile is the sun, spreading joy all around. Happy Thanksgiving, sunshine.

Family is everything. I’m glad to have you all in my life. Happy Thanksgiving.

Everyone who matter to me are alive and well. I’m grateful for life and the peace I enjoy all round. Happy Thanksgiving, special ones.

I’m glad to have someone to hold my hand on this journey. I am glad that someone is you. I am thankful for the privilege of being able to call you mine. My heart is filled with gratitude for your selfless love. Happy Thanksgiving my sugar.

Okay, so it’s the season of thanksgiving and we can’t let this opportunity pass without saying thank you to you our friend and visitors. We wish you a most memorable Thanksgiving celebration. Xoxo.

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