Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Greetings and Blessings
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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Greetings and Blessings

Wow! These are just right funny And witty wedding anniversary messages; apt and seasoned romantic wedding anniversary messages, wishes and prayers for wife and husband (graphics and links for gifts ideas included).

Wow! Another year has gone by; it’s your anniversary again. We have just the right words to make it a memorable one for you and your spouse. This is just the right Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Greetings and Blessings for Wife and Husband. Also, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Wedding Anniversary Messages to a beautiful couple and so on. Sit back and enjoy our wide range of happy wedding anniversary greetings, quotes and prayers  specially written with you in mind. When you’re done, take your pick and send to that special person, your spouse.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Greetings

Make your wedding anniversary laughter filled by sending your spouse any of these funny wedding anniversary messages.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

I should get an award, living with you all these years, coping with your farts and all. Cheers to many more years of our togetherness. Happy anniversary.

With all the issues that come with the package called you, I wonder how I survived till this moment. It’s funny though how I’d still choose you again and again. Happy anniversary honey pie.

I wouldn’t live with me, but after all these years you’re still here. I wonder how you cope baby. Must be there’s something about me I’m yet to figure out. Happy anniversary.

No escape for you baby. You’re stuck with me forever. Happy anniversary.

I must be one helluva lover, you still being here with me despite all my issues. Not that I’m complaining though. Happy anniversary my chummy chummy.

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Happy anniversary! Cheers to another year of you and I, stuck together for better or worse.

Being married to you is war. I’ve learnt to be prepared always. I love you all the same and won’t settle for any other. Happy anniversary.

Cute I Miss You Messages, Quotes and Ideas For Loved Ones

If love is a beautiful dream, then marriage is the alarm clock. A rude wake up call. Thanks for staying with me despite all. Happy anniversary.

Life without you would have been serene and absolutely boring. I love the life I have with you. Happy anniversary.

If I could turn back the hands of time, I’d still have married you. Only I’d have done it earlier. Happy wedding anniversary.

In our relationship, I think I got the better end of the deal. Thanks for all you do. Happy anniversary.

You couldn’t keep a house if your life depended on it. You should be grateful I married you. You’d probably be dead by now. Kidding, happy anniversary my honey pie.

Every year, I try to figure out why you stick with me. It gets Harder each year. Not as if I’ll ever let you go anyway. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

You quarrels are legendary. You should get an award. Not that I wouldn’t choose you again if I had the choice. It will always be you darling. Happy anniversary.

All these years of marriage, you won’t let me sleep in peace. You always have to be in my dreams. Happy anniversary.

You drip with so much sweetness. I should be grateful your sweetness has not killed me. Happy anniversary.

I know you love me and that you cannot do without me. I’ll remain humble and not taunt you. Happy anniversary.

Our love was blind until we got married. Now I see clearly but I love you nevertheless. Happy anniversary.

You’re an angel. Staying married to me all these years is no small feat. Happy anniversary.

For all the tough times you’ve given me, I know I’ve given you double. I could never let you beat me in that game. Lol. Happy anniversary partner.

Loving you is a cross I carry. Truth is I won’t lay down the cross for anything. I think I love you a little too much. Happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Messages For Friends

Here comes another round again. You bet I’m still gonna win again. No escape for you baby, no respite. We’re stuck together like glue. Happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Don’t look further. Here’s the perfect compilation of romantic wedding anniversary messages and wishes for a wife. Make your pick.

Our anniversary reminds me of the perfect gift that you are. Thank you for making my life meaningful. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

Every anniversary is profoundly special for me. It’s a time to celebrate the deep love that we share. It’s a time commemorate the sacred vows we made. I’m going to be true to those vows forever baby. No one deserves better than you. You’re the best. Happy anniversary.

Your love means more to me than anything in this world. I’d choose you over and over again baby. Happy anniversary.

Love Poems And Messages For a Loving Wife

I know I’m far from perfect, but how you manage to keep loving me despite all is what beats me. I’ll keep making efforts to be better darling. You deserve nothing less. Happy anniversary.

Through the good and the bad times, you’ve chosen to stand by me, being a rock of support. I cherish you so much. You’re the best thing going for me. Happy anniversary.

Nothing tastes better than the taste of your lips. Nothing feels better than your loving, calm, reassuring arms. Thanks for doing this journey with me. Happy anniversary.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

To the awesome woman who has made my life all shades of beautiful, who continues to decorate me colourfully. What on earth have I done to deserve you? I can only appreciate God that serendipity brought you to me. You rank first in my life honey. Happy anniversary to us.

Super, Powerful, Motivation Messages and Quotes for Strong Women

I’d spend the rest of my life making you happy. You have always given of yourself so selflessly. You mean the world to me good woman. Happy anniversary.

You will never regret choosing me. I’d devote the rest of my life seeing to that. You’re my joy, the place I call home. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

See how far we have come baby. See how we triumphed despite all odds. Nobody gave us a chance but our love came through. It’s you and I forever. Nothing will ever come between us. Happy anniversary.

Tantalizing Anniversary Gifts for Wife

You’re still the most beautiful woman I see. Nothing, no one, will ever take your place in my heart. That is how much I love you. Happy anniversary.

Years after we said I do, your love is still so fresh in my heart. You give me a reason to be joyful always and I’m convinced I’ll never love any but you. Happy anniversary.

I’ve never known any who supports like you do. Everything I am today, it’s because of God and you. You matter so much to me. You’re my favourite human. Happy anniversary to us.

You’re strong, woman. You’re my backbone and I know I can always count on you. You have never given me any reason to doubt you. You have always come through as reliable. I appreciate all you do darling. Happy anniversary.

May this anniversary see our love waxing stronger and truer. Happy anniversary.

Your enduring patience all through these years is a testimony of your love. Here’s wishing that this anniversary heralds better, fruitful years so I can take care of you like you truly deserve.

You’re my princess, growing more beautiful by the day. I can’t get enough of you sweetheart. May our love last forever. Happy anniversary.

Our love story is my favourite. It tells of perseverance and endurance. It tells of courage, strength and character. Our love story wouldn’t be this beautiful without you. Happy anniversary my dear wife.

Without you by my side the world would be a maze. Thanks for the clarity you bring to my world. Happy anniversary.

You’re my peace. You’re my balance. The joy I come home to every night. I love you so much. Happy anniversary.

Putting up with me year in, year out can’t be easy. But then you have the heart of an angel. Thank you for always being so patient. I love you my woman. Happy anniversary.

The world see a successful man, I see a woman of prayer, a rock of support. What would I be without you? May you enjoy the fruit of your labour over our home and in all you do. Happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Prayers

Honey, see how we have thrived. Who would have thought we’d come this far and so well? Despite the odds against us, we’ve come a long way. Here’s to many more years of togetherness. Happy anniversary.

Despite all the ups and downs and all we’ve been through, you’re still the best decision I’ve ever made. Happy anniversary.

You’re an amazing man. Thank you for your patience and choosing to stand by me despite all I continuously put you through. I’ll work on being better baby, I owe you that. Happy anniversary.

Short, Lovely, Romantic Messages For a Husband

You’re the most supportive man I know. My greatest inspiration. Happy anniversary to us darling.

When I first said yes to you, I had no idea you’ll ever become this important to me. You shattered all my defences with you unconditional love. Cheers to many beautiful years together.

Inspirational Wedding Anniversary Messages

Thanks for your selfless love. Thanks for being a man in the true sense of the word. Thanks for being a true, admirable head. Thanks for everything. Happy anniversary.

Nothing will ever come between us. We’re glued together, two heats beating together as one. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

Your heart beats in mine and mine in yours. I would never give you up for anything. I’m thankful for the love we share. Happy anniversary.

Anniversary Gifts He will love From you

My beautiful crown that fits me so perfectly, my knight in shining boxers. My rock of support. Thank you for travelling this journey with me. I’ll always love you.

Every anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the special man that you are. I don’t know how I got so lucky but I’m sure grateful for the gift of you. Happy anniversary.

You’re a man I’m proud of anytime, any day. I’m glad you’re mine to love and to hold. Happy anniversary.

You bring so much meaning into marriage. You make it a joyful and peaceful experience for me. Thank you so much for all you do. Happy anniversary.

I love you today as always. You’re the reason there’s always a smile on my lips. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. Happy anniversary.

As we celebrate our anniversary today, may we have cause to always rejoice and to celebrate many beautiful years of togetherness. I love you darling. Happy anniversary to us.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Traditional Anniversary Gifts, Year by Year

Don’t let this anniversary pass by without making your spouse feel special. You deserve all the love you can give each other on this special day. Take out time, make it a truly memorable one.

We’d like to say thanks for choosing us. We promise to always come through for you. Don’t forget to like and share. Xoxo.

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