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30+ Farewell Messages: Heart Warming Farewell Wishes

Farewell Messages: make it unforgettable, make it meaningful, make it impactful. Say your goodbye with a difference.

Farewell Messages: It’s never easy to say goodbye to those who mean something to us but it’s something that has to be done every once in a while. Saying goodbye no matter how tough it is is a fact of life. It could be to co-workers/colleagues when they’re leaving the job for something or someplace else. It could be to family members or even friends. No matter who it is you’re have to say goodbye to at this point, make it unforgettable, make it meaningful, make it impactful. Say your goodbye with a difference.

This post contains really heartwarming goodbye messages. It has the most heartfelt farewell messages for your friends, colleagues, boss, employee, employer, spouse. Just scroll through and choose the one best suited for you. Enjoy!

Farewell Messages

I didn’t think this day would come when we would have to part ways. Now that saying goodbye has become inevitable, I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart. I pray that you’ll experience kindness wherever you go from here. I’ll definitely miss you. Goodbye!

I can barely stop the tears. I can’t believe that you’ll be gone from here in a matter of days. That I’ll miss you is an understatement. All the same, I wish you the very best. Farewell!

It’s been an awesome experience working with you. Your excellent work ethics is inspiring and it’s so hard to see you go. I however wish you happiness and peace. Farewell!

Saying you’re an amazing person is barely scratching the surface. I really can’t imagine not seeing you as often as I like again but I’m glad you’re moving forward in life. Here’s wishing you the very best in your endeavours. Goodbye.

Even though it’s hard to say goodbye, a good friend like you deserves nothing but best wishes. I’ll always cherish the memories we share. Enjoy the best of life. Farewell!

It’s hard to see you go but I’m glad it’s for good. May life be kind to you. May your path be lined with goodness. Farewell!

Farewell Messages

I’ll no doubt miss you. You have been a huge and important part of my life and my success. It’ll be difficult living without you. I entrust you into God’s hands praying that He blesses and keep you. May this choice you have made give you peace and fulfilment. Farewell.

You have made such a huge impact on us and even though we’re sorry to see you go, we wish you the very best and success in all your endeavours. Goodbye.

You may be leaving but your works will always speak. We will miss you. Here’s wishing you the very best in life.

You’re an amazing, smart worker, no wonder bigger doors of opportunities are opening up for you. I’m rooting for you and trust you’ll do us proud. I’ll miss you though. Farewell!

I can’t imagine coming to the office and you won’t be there. We’ve built so many cherished memories and seeing you go is particularly hard for me. I’m glad though that you’re breaking new frontiers and pursuing your dreams. I wish you the very best. Farewell!

You are a decent human being and knowing you is one of the best things to happen to me. Now that it’s time to say goodbye, I’m not finding it easy. All the same I wish you the best of life. May your path be lined with favour. Farewell!

We may no longer share the same space, but we will always share beautiful memories. Thank you for everything. I know I will definitely miss you. Farewell!

Even though you’ll no longer be physically with us, you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. We love you and will miss you. Farewell!

You deserve this new opportunity life has brought your way. No matter how hard it is for me, I’ll never stop your efforts to get ahead. Here’s wishing you the very best. Farewell!

Thank you for standing by me all these years. I wish you the best as you begin a new life.

I’ll keep memories of our time together alive in my heart. Go and do exploits. Farewell!

Thank you for giving the best of yourself. May your path shine brighter. Goodbye!

The work space can never be the same without you. Rather than lament over the fact that I will miss you, I choose to be thankful for the privilege of knowing you and working with you. Wishing you the very best. Goodbye!

Goodbye Message

It’s been fun, it’s been great working with you. I know greatness awaits. Good luck to you.

Having a colleague as a friend is such a great blessing because then, work doesn’t feel like work anymore. It’s been a great time with you. I’ll miss you sorely. All the best.

Goodbye Messages

Go ahead and achieve your dreams but never forget the ones you shared the journey with. Wishing you the very best as you begin a new phase.

I’m holding back the tears because I know we will be in touch through technology yet nothing compares to seeing you face to face. Good luck at your new station.

You’re a great friend and there’s no doubt that I will miss you. Keep being an amazing personality and don’t forget I’m just a call away.

I wish I never have to say goodbye to you. It’d be tough around here without you. I’ve come to depend so much on you. Wishing you the very best in your endeavours.

I’m seeing how excited you are and I’m wondering if you will miss me as much as I’ll miss you. May the joy you feel today last forever. Goodbye, dear friend.

It doesn’t matter where you go, no one will take your place in my heart. I hope you never forget me because I will never forget you. Goodbye.

The shoes you’re leaving behind are so big, it would be hard to fill. May the blessings of God go with you. Farewell!

Best Farewell Wishes

You have come to mean so much to me, I can only pray for grace to cope when you leave. Here’s wishing you the very best in your endeavours. Goodbye.

I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye. No one I’d rather have as a partner than you. While it is painful to see you go, I wish you the very best.

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I wish I could be with you for longer but duty calls and I really have to leave, nevertheless I’m taking you with me, in my heart and all the beautiful memories of moments shared. Farewell!

Being with you is one of my best experiences. I wish I never have to leave. However stay well until we see again. I love you.

As you plan to leave, please don’t forget to keep in touch. I’ll be looking forward to your calls. Farewell!

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