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200 Messages of Hope and Healing at Tough Times

In need of Messages of Hope and Healing in Difficult Times? You need not look further. You are at the perfect place for messages that bring healing and hope and can help you get through difficult times.

In need of Messages of Hope and Healing in Difficult Times? You need not look further. You are at the perfect place for messages that bring healing and hope and can help you get through difficult times.

These messages will inspire you to write something encouraging for your friends or loved one going through difficult times. You could also send the messages just as they are.

We hope these messages of hope and healing in difficult times carefully crafted will serve the purpose for which they are written and lift out your loved one from depression.

Messages of Hope and Healing 

These inspiring messages are guaranteed to encourage someone and bring them healing and hope in difficult times. Enjoy!

Life will always be tough but you can make the decision to become tougher to overcome the difficulties in life.

Tough times never last but Tough people do, become positive about your situation.

Messages of Hope

May God give you the guidance to know when to hold on and when to let go in these difficult times.

Difficult times come to bring us down but we choose to stand tall and defeat it.

They are great stories waiting for you to tell if only you overcome this hard time. Be positive.

For every night time, there is always a morning. Be patient, your day will soon break.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Hold on still, your joy is on the way.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, I believe this hard time of yours is a blessing in disguise. Hold on still.

If only you know how strong you are, you would see this problem as just mere dust.

It doesn’t matter what you faced yesterday, it doesn’t matter what you are facing now. This too shall pass

Be positive, every problem has an expiry date.

At the end of a victorious battle there is always a celebration. You shall celebrate.

Times may seem hard and tough but never forget that you are more than victorious.

Hard times don’t come to ordinary men it happens to great men. So stand as a great man and fight this through.

Never give up, keep pressing on, cause your better days are ahead.

Tomorrow is pregnant, no problem lasts forever.

Great people are people who never turn their back at a problem, who never stop believing for better days.

Challenges may throw you on the ground but you have to get up and dust yourself off.

It’s in believing you will conquer, so hold on still and keep believing.

There is no problem without a solution. You either solve it or you manage it.

Your hard times did not come to break you but to mold you to your place of value.

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Words of Hope and Encouragement

Don’t allow your problems to get control of you, rather control your problems. Take charge.

There will always be a time when you feel bad about yourself, when you would wish the earth open and swallow you. Life’s got UPs and DOWNs, we must strive for the Ups and defeat the downs.

Diamonds are hidden beneath the earth, oysters are embedded in pearls, so also there’s greatness embedded in this tough times you’re experiencing. Don’t be discouraged.

Just as your eyes are shedding tears of sorrow so shall it shed tears of joy very soon.

You must learn to persevere in difficult times as no good thing comes easy.

May God’s hand of mercy see you through this tough time.

Life will always bring what you hate but you can decide to fight or let go.

Difficult moments come to build us to our real self.

Messages of Healing

No matter how tough it gets you are equal or greater than it. YOU shall overcome.

When it gets tougher know that victory is close.

No problem stays forever, sooner or later the sun will rise.

Difficult moments are inevitable in life’s pathway, one way or the other we are bound to face it. But the good news is that it doesn’t last forever. It will soon pass.

No one wishes to be confronted by great problems but everyone wishes to overcome. May you overcome.

To every trouble there is a way out. Yours is coming soon.

May God give you the strength to overcome these times.

For promotion to come we must write an exam, this is an exam for you. I pray you come out successfully.

The darkest hour is before dawn. Your victory is close.

Clean your eyes, God will not let you suffer for long. Your testimony is on the way.

The night may seem endless but the day will surely appear.

Every time you feel down and frustrated, always look at the brightest side, look at what you got still. It keeps you fighting and holding on.

Men may abandon you when things go rough but you still have yourself with you. Never lose hope.

You shall tell your victory story when it’s all over.

Set your head up right and look ahead, you will see that the future is great and full of goodness.

No matter the wave the fishes still survive the seas. You will survive this tough time.

No matter how the wind blows it can never fall the earth. Be strong always.

No matter how tough and challenging these times look like, remember that the raging sea can still be calmed.

Sometimes your problems gets worse that you don’t know what to do. Cast it all to the Lord. He cares for you.

It’s okay to cry out when things aren’t going our way but it not okay when we stop believing for a change. Keep believing, one day your desired result will come.

You shall overcome this difficult times only if you believe you can. So never stop believing.

Messages of Healing

Every one deserves to live no matter the difficulties we face, we must continue to live. Just a day can make history for us. Stay positive..

When you feel the whole world is on your shoulders and it weighs you down, speak to yourself and never allow the pain get over you.

Healing is divine, I pray that God heals you completely.

Quotes about Healing

If you don’t get the entire world wishing you a fast recovery, then know this, I’m always here praying for you. Get better soon.

Your health is our priority, we will keep praying for you. Get well

Just like the world respect time, it’s time for you to get packing out from that hospital, because your health will be restored.

To my friend and sister that I have missed so much, I am wishing you a fast recovery. I miss you a lot.

If you must overcome this suffering, you must learn to believe and trust that you won’t always remain there.

You need to be strong to stand firm in this stormy conditions. Nothing is permanent.

There is no place under the earth that is suffering free. Patience and endurance makes us overcome no matter where we are.

We must go down the road of challenges to experience victory

When we give up we are indirectly saying our problems are bigger than us. Never give up.

Only ordinary men surrender to trials, extraordinary men were shaped as a result of passing through it.

If you really want to be great then you must face your life problems. Don’t run from it.

Say this to yourself whenever you feel weighed down “The battle might be tough but I will get to my destination soon enough”

When we give our all to win a battle, we are sure to be victorious. Just do all you can.

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Winning and losing has it way of defining our life. We must strive to win in life’s pathway.

We can never tell what lies after this… Be still and win

You don’t need the whole world to feel better, you just need you so stand up and do what you can.

When you allow your troubles to fill your mind it weighs you down and gets over you.

God is the refuge and strength to all that take refuge in Him. Be strong

If wishes are horses then I would wish for you to get better and healthy.

Doctors treat but God alone heals. May God’s healing power locate you. Get well soon.

You no longer need to feel the pains you feel, someone else has taken the burden 2000 years ago. Be happy always

It’s never a win if you fail. Failure is inevitable for humans, so cheer up the future is glorious.

Yesterday is now in the past, today is in progress, tomorrow is a blank page that we can write our expectations on. Be positive about tomorrow.

Never lose your hope in these times. Hope is what keeps us going on.

Don’t let the pains in your heart now obstruct the glories ahead. Tomorrow is brighter.

The future is innocent of your past, don’t ruin it because you had a bad yesterday. Think positive.

There are seasons under the earth. No matter how long summer lasts, winter must come. This too shall pass

Whenever you feel you have the worst problems turn and see the birds, they have no one around them but are never sad.

Instead of wasting time thinking about the problems of life – Think about how to strive and live every day for the better.

We can’t always know the reason for happenings around us, but we can find a way of blending things to suit us. All will be fine.

Think life, think positive, think progress when these fills your mind, you can triumph in all things.

Problems are the price of progress the obstacles of life are intended to make you better not bitter.

Happy moments praise God, difficult moments seek God, quiet moments worship God, painful moments trust God, every moments thank God always.

Not everyone care if you are miserable, so you might as well be happy.

There is a place called tomorrow where hope lives and yesterday fades. The ticket into it is today and the guide to it is FAITH.

Please do not let your situation pull you down, you will be strong again. I wish you quick recovery.

Here is a message to you to cheer you up and remind you that you are being expected out of bed. Get well soon

It is a belief and I know you will be alright very soon. Get well.

If you can imagine it, you can acheive it. If you can dream it, you can become it. Never stop believing, soon everything will be fine.

No man can count the stars in the sky, no accountant can count the sands on the ground, no one born of a woman can be able to count your blessings. All will be well.

Forget about the past. What has happened, has happened. I believe God will take you to a higher place. Just take heart, your miracle is on the way.

That day all those things that happened looked like the world is coming to an end. May God give you the strength to fight through these times.

The challenges of life make it all interesting. Live life with your heads up.

If you want the best out of this situation then you must learn to give it your best. You shall sing your testimony song soon.

There are times when you feel you never did exist in this life, don’t get your hope all lost, God’s time is truly the best.

People will always throw stones at you but you and only you can define yourself. It shall be well.

Know this that difficult moments comes to build us to our full capacity, don’t ignore this moment. It’s a building process.

What you conquer is what you acquire, may you conquer this difficult moment of yours.

You can’t testify of something you did not experience. One day you shall have a testimony to give.

Take heart dear, soon you shall overcome with testimonies.

These mountains we will climb, barriers will be broken and obstacles we will jump over are proofs of who we truly are.

Just as days pass, so shall this difficult moment pass.

To get the fruit we must learn to climb the tree. This moment is a process that will take you to your destination. Climb with focus.

Sometimes you feel the world on your head, you just have to shake your shoulder and take it off your head.

When life give you thousand reasons to be sad tell it that you got million reasons to smile.

You have inside of you an inner ability that this tough time wants you to discover.

A sun set here is a sun rise on the other end of the world. Don’t be discouraged, your Sun shall soon shine.

It is a certainty that God cannot allow anything that is more than you to come to you. Dear, you are equal to this. Stay strong and fight.

Difficult moments are scared of fighting people. Never quit fighting, one day victory will surely be yours.

It natural for all humans to face difficult times but the difference is this; some choose to stay down while others choose to stand up. You too can stand up.

You must believe who you are, that way you can struggle through life with your head up.

Never stop believing and hoping for the better that’s what keeps you going through difficult times.

The night must come for the day to break. May the breaking of your day be bright.

There will be times when you will feel like evaporating from the earth surface and appearing somewhere else, remain hopeful all will be fine.

The world may not have shown you love when you needed it but believe me there is someone who truly loves you no matter the state you find yourself.

To overcome this time in your life, you must believe that you are an OVERCOMER. For only an overcomer can overcome.

No matter what you face, just know this that your tomorrow must be greater than today and your past.

Life has it way of getting us down but we have the CHOICE to stay down or get up.

Difficult times never last, soon it shall become history. Keep pressing on.

You aren’t the only one passing through what you are going through now, countless have passed through and have made it. You can still make it.

There is always a better future to those who hope for it, never give up on life no matter what.

Those smile isn’t suggesting that we do not have problems but it means we are higher than our problems.

See it as a thing of joy when you are faced with difficult times. There is always a promotion after a fight.

Today may be better but tomorrow is still blank until we get there.

You are not less than what your situation put you, but you are more than what it tells you.

You can let the tears come down but never swim in it.

With God nothing is impossible, believe what God told you more than what situations tell you.

Never give up fighting. Problems hate fighting people, soon you shall smile.

Never start the fight but make sure you finish it. That makes you a tough person.

Forget about the present circumstances and look ahead. Every day is an opportunity.

When it gets tough, tougher and worse, know that success is at the verge of your reach.

God knows why things happen the way they do. Take heart, it shall all be fine.

There is always a next time to everything. Don’t give up, keep pressing.

Don’t allow yourself to be thrown aside by the difficulties of life. One way or the other all will be fine.

Be passionate and diligent about what you desire, obstacles are bound to show case but our WILL is what keeps us standing.

It’s never the end of the road until we say so. Remain positive.

When one door closes another is bound to open for us. Very soon you shall rejoice.

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Don’t Lose Hope Quotes

Cheer up, afflictions shall not rise up the second time.

You may not see any essence of living after this tragedy but remember you have a role to play in your world.

Roll up your worries and problems to the Lord because He cares for you so much.

Quotes about Hope

Sometimes we do not know what we have until we lose it. May God replenish that which you have lost.

It’s unfortunate how we do not know and feel God’s love for us even in the toughest times, His light will shine.

It takes God nothing to get you back to your feet again. May He decide to do so for you.

You must learn to work through life with VISION, it directs you even in the toughest of times.

Regret will never bring back yesterday but hope, faith can assure of a better tomorrow.

The world will always do you harm even when you do her nothing. Your goals in life will keep you going on.

A common saying, He who laughs last laughs best. You laughter will be the best.

May this sickness not be the end of you. I am wishing you a quick recovery.

I want you to stay safe, stay strong and become better. Hoping you get better soon.

No matter how intelligent man is, he still has his own weaknesses. Don’t feel bad when you discover your weaknesses, you can always become better.

Whatever you put your mind into imagining you become. Think success, think life, think productivity.

May your sorrow be turned into joy.

God’s plan for you is to have an all-round balance in all aspect of life. I am wishing you a quick recovery.

I wish you a quick recovery from every sickness that have been tormenting you.

Don’t think about anything else than getting stronger and facing the future.

It will be our delight to see you fight through this tough moment of yours. We are wishing you full recovery.

You are only sick in your body and not in your mind, so use your mind and think life and become healthy.

Princess don’t get sick, get well my dear.

GOD in all of His wisdom knows that a day’s trouble was enough for you so stop thinking about tomorrow.

When you focus in the pains of life, your mind gets tormented and broken, affecting your daily activities. Focus on the good side of life; that’s where hope is.

May this trouble not be the end of you.

Nothing lasts forever, this too will pass. Wishing you a perfect recovery.

It saddens me to know the difficulties you are facing. May all be well.

You have the power to tell yourself to be well, so do it. I am wishing you fast recovery.

May your thoughts be filled with nothing less than happiness, soon you shall experience the reality of it. Be fine

I know you are stronger, soon you shall be on your feet. Get well soon.

I miss the friendship we share, no one to tell my problems, please get better soon.

Don’t be afraid, you will fight this through and at the end you shall say I made it.

Seeing you laying so lifeless is difficult for my mind to bear, please get well soon. I will be delighted if you do.

You have been such a nice friend to me, I will be so happy if you get better.

I want you to know that you have become a huge part of my life, whatever affects you have a way of affecting me too. I want you to come out from that hospital in full recovery.

This particular time in your life is a crucial moment that whatever you engage your mind in finds expression in reality, so please be positive, all will be well.

Believing is a propelling factor to getting well. You must learn to believe that you will recover, Get better soon.

Throw off the stones of hard times into the seas of good times only then will you begin to see good things in your life.

I can tell how devastated you are now, things must be very difficult for you. I will always pray that all things get better for you.

You shall get well soon dear. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Your presence has its way of making things come alive, we have missed your presence. Please get well soon.

Tough times are meant for human beings not animals, so cheer up. This too will pass.

No matter how the night lasts, the sun will shine. Rise and shine, for it’s your time to shine.

Even the skies are wishing for your quick recovery. Get better dear.

Life is full of great things that we are yet to experience, please get better so you can explore the world.

It so unfortunate that you fell sick, nevertheless I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

Sometimes sickness comes to us so that we can appreciate being healthy, may this sickness pass away as harmless as a summer breeze.

For someone as special and caring as you, we have missed you a lot, please get better soon.

Please be strong and healthy you need to have these to overcome life’s struggles.

If only we have the power to do and undo I will always wish you a sound health. Get better.

Now that you are alone in that hospital bed, I wish you take this time to meditate and think positive about the future.

It’s in the place of quietness that we get to understand more of ourselves. Take this time to be creative.

As the seconds go by, May your recovery come by. Get well soon.

You are stronger than you think you are, braver than you look. Please fight this through.

We don’t know how important the things we have are until we lose them, please get better.

Never be hard on yourself when things cease going well, you can always become better even in the toughest of times.

You are always on our mind, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Most times the environment we live in makes us feel less of ourselves . If you can’t change your environment then make it what you want it to be.

Brighter days are always ahead of us. May you step into your brighter day.

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