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Short Self Love Quotes and Sayings to Yourself

When you love yourself, it will be difficult for anyone to hate you and even if they do, it wouldn’t matter because you’re soaring on the wings of self love. Show yourself some love today and every blessed day with these short self love quotes and sayings.

When you love yourself, it will be difficult for anyone to hate you and even if they do, it wouldn’t matter because you’re soaring on the wings of self love. Show yourself some love today and every blessed day with these short self love quotes and sayings.

Say these self love quotes to yourself each day to validate your existence.


Self Love Quotes

When your true purpose of existence is discovered, and you know your worth and value in people’s life, your self-respect is defined.

Inspirational Self Love Quotes

Man is limited by time. It never wait, so don’t waste it trying to fit in, just be you.

Always love yourself for whom you’ve turned out to be, and watch everything begin to fall in places for you.

Living a simple life only requires a little effort, be true to yourself and to others at all times, and just love being yourself.

There are no limits to what can be achieved, hold on to your dreams, keep your goal in focus. Get over the thoughts of yesteryears memories.

Today, choose to smile than worry, love over hate, and you will see your best showing forth.

Let every single moment of your day account for the joy, happiness and peace, yesterday failed to offer.

Loving yourself is the best gift one you can offer yourself. Such a love that genuinely comes from the heart, you can imbibe.

Your time and energy is so precious, invest in yourself, go for your passion and dreams by setting standards for yourself.

Break all barriers and obstacles standing in your way, for one to attain true happiness, he has to look deep within himself.

You may choose to be happy, you may choose to be generous. You choices make you even as you make them. Therefore, choose wisely.

Consider your priorities, before other people’s priorities, first love yourself and others will come next.

Get the difference, the worst feeling in life is not to end up alone, the worst feeling is to end up with people who makes you feel all alone.

Ask yourself what your life desires are, what makes you come alive, and then go for them. Set your priorities straight and work to realise them.

Know your stand in people’s life. Each person you come across, you leave an unforgettable impact in the course of your contacts.

To maintain a free and blissful life, you need to escape from the things that makes you sad, your troubles and worries, don’t settle for less, you deserve something much more better.

Practice self love at all times, for it is a continuous revolution and the greatest of all time.

Continue loving yourself for who you are, because when you stop, your life eventually becomes like a broken-winged bird that can not fly high at it’s peak.

If you’re working on something you truly love, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision drives you to results.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, listen to the good desires of your heart, pray consistently and vehemently about them, the more you do that, the more you attracts greater things into your life.

It is a blessing to appreciate yourself for who you truly are, for when you love yourself that is when you feel you are the most beautiful.

What I’ve become is what I’m destined to be, at every point of my life, I will learn to accept my flaws and work towards a better version of myself.

I tell you most solemnly, for it is only in loving yourself, you will understand the true meaning of loving others, learn to love and appreciate yourself regardless of whatever it may cost you.

Learn to love yourself at all times, for it is out of the abundance of your heart comes the inner joy you derive from loving other people too.

Be strong, believe in your dreams, do not judge quickly, and most importantly, love yourself as much as you tend to love others.

If you are truly happy, it is easy to give out happily, for if you don’t love yourself, you will be unhappy and you will never learn to love someone else.

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It sounds cliche, but I have also learned that, you are not going to fall for the right person in life until you truly learn to love and appreciate yourself.

It is important you appreciate yourself, the Same way you want other to love and appreciate you, for you can only give what you have.

The secret to loving yourself much more is that, you protect your inner being from getting hurt all along.

You can do anything and probably everything if you love yourself, truly enough to accept the fact that you are not limited by the things that surrounds you.

Self Worth Quotes

People often forget, if you do not love yourself enough to forgive yourself, you will absolutely find it difficult to forgive others that hurt you.

You will remain powerful and stronger, if you truly accepts and believe the person that you are. Let your self-motivation drive your passion and zeal towards a perfect life for yourself.

In loving yourself and having the support of people around, surely get you excited to be your best.

Loving yourself as well as others translates to caring for those around you and being kind to them.

Self Love Sayings

Take as much time that you desire to figure out what you truly want, and pursue it relentlessly.

As much as anybody else in this universe, you too equally deserves love and affection, care, and most importantly, a loving heart to listen whenever you cries.

Remove the spirit of silence and fear from your mind, do not fall victim to it, define yourself with purpose. Have carriage in carrying out your tasks.

To love and be loved is truly an ecstasy, the expression of this feeling to one another is a beginning of life long romance.

Go for that which attracts and captures your heart, not the things that catches the eyes.

Do not worry too much about what people think of you, their opinions sometimes may not matter, be confidence, believe in yourself and be diligent.

Some things in life are better experienced than told, and I believe true love is one of such things.

Procrastination would rob you of your positive vitality. Have nothing to do with it, invest more time wisely on yourself.

You are brave, talented and capable to rise and explore the hidden mysteries of your potentials lying on your inside.

The way you think, treat people and doing all selflessly are enough to win people’s heart over.

Loving oneself genuinely is such a delight with such a soothing feeling from inside out.

Self love saves you from troubles, you are confident to values to life in a deeper perspective.

You can strive to be better than someone, but being better than your old self is a noble call and a worthy task.

Love yourself at all times because that’s the person you’ll be spending your whole life with.

Be grateful to God for what you have become and what you would progressively turn out to be.

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In all you do, prioritize self-respect then you could command people’s respect.

Living a happy life should be one of your primary responsibility. Be courageous to live from your heart.

An act of love can tremendously impact on someone’s life, no matter how little, show someone love for you to be loved.

Simply live responsibly smart, you do not need to force it on anyone. The world will see your exploit and come tour light.

Short Love Yourself Quotes

It is so good to nourish your soul, better to care enough for your well-being. You have the opportunity you would not want to slip from you.

Love unconditionally, selflessly, and as you do so, you will attract people into your lives that will love you without conditions.

Do not dwell on the memories of your past life, there are gone and forgotten, focus on what today brings for you, then move into the step by step into the future.

Self Love Note

Love yourself enough to make yourself happy, principle, and when hurt, forgive yourself and move on.

Keep loving the person you have become despite all odds, you still pull through and standing strong.

Love opens you up to the answer you seek, your inner make up and the external manifestation. Use it to your own advantage.

A loving person surrounds himself with loving people, he keeps company of people with good attributes that defines his existence.

Life has taught to always stay true to yourself, and resist distraction from attaining your goals to living a good life.

You aren’t a failure, do not settle for it, and make every effort to rise up whenever you fall.

I love myself for I am a beloved child of the universe, and the universe lovingly takes care of me now.

Love yourself at all times, because no amount of love from others can fill the yearning that your heart desires.

When you close your eyes see to becoming your best, believe and live it.

The only person you should strive to be better than, is who you were in the past, keep improving always.

Self-love is significant to provide you with enough opportunities to replenish your spirit, allowing you to confidently serve others from the abundance of joy in your heart.

All you need is already with you, only believe in yourself and the rest is a history.

Listen to your heart, it beat and speak the language your mind desires, follow what it says diligently.

At every moment of your life, make the best decisions that will help you suffice, remember you have the power to say, this is not how it should end.

Do not stress yourself on the things you can’t change, give yourself a little break whenever the need arises, and when the right timing comes, and welcome it with open arms to make exploitation about your life.

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Not all things are worth clinging to, some literarily need a walk away because they are not meant for me.

I know that as I learn to love the people around me, I am equally getting much stronger emotionally, and as I dwell in this wellness, I am becoming more confident and creative.

Watch out for the choice of words you pronounced on yourself, because you are listening.

You deserve the love that you keep trying to shower on everyone else, don’t just give up on yourself yet.

Self care is when someone tries to survive for the moment, self love is sacred and divine, the feeling is worthwhile and it last a lifetime.

Self love has very little to do with your outward appearance, it’s about accepting all of yourself for who you are.

I’m grateful for my past experiences in life, because without them, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength for exploits.

I promise to remind myself to be outstanding and courageous, to appear beautiful, handle issues intelligently, extraordinarily as they come.

I choose to motivate myself, because it is the best tool that drives towards successful feats.

Believe in yourself and ignore what other people think about you, often times, their opinions don’t count, stay positive to your thoughts and work them out.

Accept no one’s definition of yourself, live your life the way that speaks good of you, because no matter what you do, people will never run out of words to say against you.

If you don’t love yourself enough, you will eventually end up seeking love from the people that don’t care for you.

Don’t hate yourself for who you are not, enjoy who you have become, and live an intentional life with yourself at all times.

A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day, a cumulative of such moment increase and make you better.

Forgiveness is a reflection of loving yourself enough to let go of the things that hurt in the past, and move on to the new chapters of your life.

Life rest on the pillars of care, trust, and love that you have built with others, having a strong pillar to maintain a beautiful life for yourself.

Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself, be at peace with yourself.

Happiness is not something already made, it comes as a result of the actions you take in life. Choose to be happy.

I’m stronger because I have to be, I’m smarter because of my mistakes, I’m happier because I’ve overcome the pains I’ve known. Which hurdles have I not crossed?

In any state of you are, life is temporary. Whether it’s good, make the best of use of it, and when it’s rough, be calm and know it is for a while. You will overcome.

I will not let my anxieties take charge of me. Whenever I’m troubled, I will simply take a deep breath, and seek for better alternative to handle the situation.

It’s your road and yours to walk alone, many may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

The better way to inspire yourself is to love what you do with all your heart, dedicate time to work it, and watch results turning in your favour.

I keep smiling because I have survived most things the world has thrown at me, I have been down, I still pull myself up again.

Learn to trust your journey in life, every journey you undergo leads you closer to the fulfilment of your dreams, who knows where you might find yourself tomorrow.

It is self-fulfilling to cherish your own company. Spending some time alone is worthwhile at some point in one’s life.

Be proud of your speed and progress, capability and inner strength. Nothing stopping you taking territories.

The key to your own personal freedom, is knowing what to accept and what to let go, let go of the things that makes you sad. Your inner peace should be paramount.

Learn to endure pain at some point of your life, for every pain you experienced positions you for gains, and what you learn totally transform you.

Visionaries run with purpose, passion and principle, they prioritize their resources energy on being productive to themselves and to others.

You will definitely overcome that which your mind is battling with, just be patient, it’s only matter of time.

Be happy, not because everything is working perfectly as you’ve planned, but because you have chosen to focus on the perfect moment of your life.

Be at peace with yourself and with others, do not let the opinions of people lead you astray, let it not destroy or control you.

Do not try to manipulate the outcome of something, whatever it might be, let it be and trust God to open you unto breakthrough.

In the face of unpleasant events, all you need to control yourself is to be calm and maintain your carriage.

Make no mistakes about it, the possibility of living a good and healthy life is just, being your true self, imitating others will frustrate you.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, it thoughtful to go easy on yourself.

Break freely from what is holding you down, and don’t be a prisoner to the things you can’t change.

Whenever you’re upset, ask yourself this question, if you were to die tomorrow, would life still be worth upsetting over?

You can’t change what people think or say about you, but you can change how your react to it.

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