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Cute Inspirational Quotes of Football Scorers

Top among them are scorers who have distinguished themselves in the act of scoring goals. The 2018 edition of World Cup Tournament see men who have made some quotes to motivate others in their different fields of interest.

This Cute Inspirational Quotes of Football Scorers is not just for the love of football.  World Cup soccer event come up every four years with best of the stars in the game all over paraded. Top among them are scorers who have distinguished themselves in the act of scoring goals. The World Cup Tournament see men who have made some quotes to motivate others in their different fields of interest


Cristiano Ronaldo: World Cup Scorers Inspirational Quotes

Cristiano Ronaldo is a 33 year old Portuguese top striker. He had his club football with the Sporting  Lisbon (2001 -2003), Manchester United (2003-2009), and Real Madrid (2009 till date). He is prolific striker who has won many laurels for both himself and his team mates on European and Global stages.

World Cup 2018 Top Scorers Award

“I don’t have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove.”

“I know I’m a good professional, I know that no one’s harder on me than myself and that’s never going to change, under any circumstances.”

“I know If I score we’re going to win the match.”

“I never tried to hide the fact that my only goal is to be the best”

“I prefer other people to make judgments about the way I play and to characterize me, rather me describe myself.”

“I think I have improved from last year. I am always trying to improve my game and improve myself.”

“I want to be remembered as part of the group of the greatest players ever.”

“It gives me the happiest feeling in the world. I just love scoring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple goal from close range, a long shot or a dribble around several players, I just love to score all goals.”

“No one did what I did last season and for this I deserve the Golden Boot and why not the best World Player.”

“There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the world’s best player. It is all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it but it is within my capabilities.”

“There’s no point in making predictions. It’s not worth speculating because nothing is set in stone and things change all the time in football.”

“Today there are opportunities that no one knows if they will come round again in the future.”

I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from.”

I’m not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well.”

If we can’t help our family, who are we going to help?”

Harry Kane: Top Scorers Inspirational Quotes

Harry Kane is a 24 year old English top striker. He had all his club football in England. He had played for several club sides including Leicester city, Norwich city among others. Presently, he top strikes for Tottenham Hotspur. Harry is one of the leading scorers in Russia 2018 World cup.

Inspirational Quotes of Football  Scorers

All goalscorers go on droughts. It is how you cope with that. And it is not just about scoring, it is about what you bring to the team, bringing others into play and getting assists.

I always back myself as a finisher, but I always practise it as well. Every type of finish: left foot, right foot, headers, penalties, free kicks.

I take it season by season. I don’t like looking too far ahead, because you never know what can happen.

I think self-belief is a massive thing in football. If you don’t believe in yourself, not many others will. Work hard and believe in yourself, and I think you’ll go as far as your body will take you.

I was a fan once, and I remember what it was like approaching footballers for their autographs. I used to get starstruck a lot of the time.

I’d love to be captain of Tottenham and hopefully England as well.

If I can be a role model, or if I can maybe make another manager play a young player coming through rather than buy a player, that’s incredible.

It is a great boost for confidence in a squad when there is not just one or two players scoring goals, but the whole team is contributing.

It isn’t hard to practise finishing. You can do it on your own: just take a couple of touches and shoot at goal. You can do it with whatever equipment you have.

I’ve always been working hard on my speed for the last few years. Obviously I’m not slow, but as a striker, the more speed you have, the better you are.

You come up against challenges in life, and it’s how you deal with them that defines you.

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Neymar  Jr.: Scorers Inspirational Quotes

Neymar is a 26 year old Brazilian playmaker and extraordinary striker. He is presently the  all-time most expensive player in terms of his transfer fee of GBP 200m. He had started his club football in brazil with Santos FC. He then moved to Barcelona FC of Spain and now playing for PSG in the French ligue. He is among the most watched in the 2018 Russia World cup.

Inspirational Quotes of Football  Scorers

“Everything in my life has happened very early, personally and professionally. I’m always learning: I have to.”

“I’ve always had the greatest respect for and listened to both my father and my mother. I’ve always tried to follow my parents’ advice because these are people who want the best for me.”

All that matters is to help the team.

Everyone has a right to rest so as not to injure themselves.

Having a child is an experience that teaches a person how important to prioritize the happiness of another person. Whatever you do, even whatever you are, is an example for him . In fact, that little being who depends on you so much , makes you also to have a huge dependence on him.

I have never been concerned about winning the Ballon d’Or or being the best player in the world. The best player is already here and that’s Messi. And now I can see him from close up and help him.

I was never motivated by money. I think above all else about the happiness of my family, regardless of money.

Individually, I always want to give the most.

Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ!

My foot, for a football player, is very beautiful!

There is no pressure when you are making a dream come true.

This moment, which we are living right now will pass too. We have to enjoy, enjoy all that we can.

Lionel Messi Scorers Quotes

Messi is a 31 year old Argentine playmaker and prolific striker. He is a Barcelona FC striker where he spends lion share of his football experience. He is very fast and dribbles aiming at goal on the pitch. He is the skipper of the Argentine team in the 2018 Russia World cup. He has a lot of laurel to his kitty, among is the World Best Footballer which he won consistently for few years.

World Cup 2018 Argentina Goal Scorers

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.”

·        “Every year I try to grow as a player and not get stuck in a rut. I try to improve my game in every way possible. But that trait is not something I’ve worked on, it’s part of me.”

·        “I like to score goals but I also like to have friends among the people I have played with.”

“Sometimes you have to accept you can’t win all the time.”

When the year starts, the objective is to win with all the team, personal records are secondary.”

·        “You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough.”

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.”

There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game.”

Diego Costa: Goal Scorers Quotes

Diego Costa is a 29 year old Brazilian-born Spanish top striker. He top strikes for Athletico Madrid FC in Spanish La Liga. He had played for Chelsea and Celta Vigo FC. He is strong on the ball and hunger to score goals. He is among the most watched players in the 2018 Russia World cup.World Cup 2018 Spain Goal Scorers

Afterwards, when the match is over, I have my family and my friends. I have fun like a normal person.

Do I enjoy the aggression of English football? No. I like to play football. I like to score goals. I like to do things well.

Don’t put wings on me; I am no angel.

Goals are what count for me. It’s not about a battle with defenders. Fighting hard, giving everything and working hard on the field you have to combine with the goals you score. It doesn’t matter if defenders want to battle with me or not; I will just be trying to do my job as well as I possibly can. Always, when things don’t go the way that everyone expects, people – the supporters as well – always look for someone to blame. In some cases, they blame the players.

I consider myself a player who fights and gives everything on the pitch. Those who know me and appreciate those values understand what I say.

I have to be scoring goals and playing well to get in the team because, if not, others who are in better form will play.

I train all week just to play for 90 minutes. I love playing games, and so during those 90 minutes, it’s always 100 per cent.

I want to win and always have done since I was small. I don’t know if it’s in my blood or just my personality.

If you do not have the team behind you, then you can’t do things on your own. It all depends on the team. When a game comes around, that’s the time to be serious. During the week, the training sessions are serious, but away from there, you have to relax and switch off.

In life, anything can happen, and I do not close the door to anything.

Life has many turns.

The key for me is to score goals and win trophies.

Work goes well if you give your best with the guy beside you.

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Romelu Lukaku Inspirational Quotes

Romelu is a 25 year old Belgian top striker. He had his club football in Belgium with Anderlecht and in England with West Brom, Chelsea, Everton and presently with Manchester United FC. He is one leading Belgium scorers’ chart in 2018 Russia World cup.

World Cup 2018 Belgium Goal Scorers

“I kept my promise to myself for a while. But then some days I’d come home from school and find my mum crying. So I finally told her one day, “Mum, it’s gonna change. You’ll see. I’m going to play football for Anderlecht, and it’s going to happen soon. We’ll be good. You won’t have to worry anymore.

“I’m standing with the legend, in the flesh, and he’s telling me all about how to run into space like he used to do. Thierry might be the only guy in the world who watches more football than me. We debate everything. We’re sitting around and having debates about German second division football.”

“If you don’t like the way I play, that’s fine. But I was born here. I grew up in Antwerp, and Liège and Brussels. I dreamed of playing for Anderlecht. I dreamed of being Vincent Kompany. I’ll start a sentence in French and finish it in Dutch, and I’ll throw in some Spanish or Portuguese or Lingala, depending on what neighbourhood we’re in.”

People in football love to talk about mental strength. Well, I’m the strongest dude you’re ever going to meet. Because I remember sitting in the dark with my brother and my mom, saying our prayers, and thinking, believing, knowing … it’s [success] going to happen.”

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