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80+ Weekend Prayer Quotes for A Blessed Weekend

There’s a saying, “prayer’s the master key that opens all doors”. Activate good things and attract blessings to your life and that of your family and friends, this weekend by saying a prayer today.

There’s a saying, “prayer’s the master key that opens all doors”. Activate good things and attract blessings to your life and that of your family and friends, this weekend by saying a prayer today. You will find in this collection, amazing prayer quotes suitable for a beautiful and memorable weekend.

Awesome Prayers for the Weekend

As the week gives way for the weekend, may your soul be replenished. May your hands be re-strengthened and may you’re the whole of your being be rejuvenated. Have a blessed weekend.

This weekend, may you be refreshed spirit, soul and body. May every worry disappear and give way to lasting peace. May your joy be full like never before. Have a blissful weekend.

As you rest this weekend, may you be enabled with all you need to reinvent yourself. May you receive fresh ideas and inspirations to pilot you in the week ahead. Have a peaceful weekend.

May you be granted everything you need to make this weekend a pleasantly memorable one Happy weekend.

May the beauty of the weekend fill your heart and soul. May you enjoy peace and joy in their fullness. Happy weekend.

No matter how good or bad the past week was, this is weekend, a time to look back and reflect on the successes and the failures. A time to reflect and strategize on how to make things better going forward. May you find the grace and discipline to be truly honest in your evaluations as you project for a better future. Have an amazing, mind-blowing weekend.

May you, your loved ones and everything/everyone dear to you not be swallowed this weekend. Have a beautiful one.

May every disappointment and failure cease in your life with the coming of this weekend. May your weekend be filled pleasant surprises. Have a joyous one.

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May all of your experiences this weekend bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Have a happy weekend.

May the Lord settle every of your fears and heart cry this weekend. May you enjoy peace like a river. Have a beautiful weekend.

I pray you continue to utilize well the grace of God upon your life. May your oil never run dry. Have an exceptional weekend.

You will accomplish every of God’s purpose and program for your life this weekend. You will fulfill purpose. Enjoy.

Weekend Prayer Text Quotes

May you enjoy fullness of God’s grace this weekend. May you bask in unending joy. Happy weekend.

Amazing Weekend Quotes in Prayer

I wish you a sorrow-free, joy-full weekend. Enjoy.

This weekend and always, the Lord will hide you and all yours under the shadow of His wings. May He satisfy you with the desires of your heart. Happy weekend.

Peace like a river, favour everywhere you turn, all-round blessings; I wish you all these and more this weekend. Have a happy one.

As you count your blessings, naming them one by one, may you find a lot to be thankful for. May gladness fill your heart and songs of praise fill your mouth. Have a blessed weekend.

May this weekend direct pleasant surprises your way. May you soar beyond your expectations. Happy weekend.

May the goodness of the Lord fill your life and home this weekend. Have a pleasant one.

May the Lord help you accomplish all that you set your heart to do this weekend. Have a blessed weekend.

You will surmount every mountain, you will scale every hurdle, every battle will end in victory for you. Have a fulfilling weekend.

May the experiences of the past week culminate into a beautiful, peaceful weekend for you. God bless you.

The Lord’s banner over you is love. Go into the weekend with the assurance that you have His backing. Have a lovely weekend.

Weekends are for rest. May you enjoy true rest that comes with knowing and serving the Lord. God bless you and have a happy weekend.

No weapon fashioned against you this weekend shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you shall be condemned. The Lord shall go ahead of you to make your ways perfect. Happy weekend.

Fear not! Be not afraid. The Lord Himself will arise and fight your battles. He will stand by you. He will be with you and support. Have a blessed weekend.

       Weekend Prayer SMS

May the strength of the Lord be made manifest in your weaknesses. May the Lord surround you on all sides. Have a pleasant weekend.

This weekend, you will be clothed with a garment of excellence. You will be distinguished amongst your peers. You will never be put to shame. God bless you and have a nice weekend.

May your weekend be spiced with all things bright and beautiful. May your life and home be decorated with praise. Happy weekend.

May the Lord order your steps into favour and glory this weekend. Have a beautiful one.

May heavens smile on you this weekend. May you experience showers of blessings. Happy weekend.

Every plan of the enemy for your life shall fall like a pack of cards. Every evil intent against you shall fail woefully. Have a blissful weekend.

As you aspire to a joyful weekend, may all your expectations be met. May you never be disappointed. Have a great one.

May all your efforts over the past week be rewarded with a sweet, beautiful weekend. Enjoy.

This weekend, may the Lord remember you for good and grant all your heartfelt prayers. He will wipe away your tears and fill your heart with joy and praise. Happy weekend.

This weekend, when others say there is a casting down, in your life and home, there shall be a lifting up. You will succeed in all your endeavours and all will stand in awe of you. Have a happy weekend.

This weekend, your long awaited miracle shall locate you. Even your enemies will come to the glory of your shinning and celebrate with you. It shall be well with you and all yours. Amen.

May the Lord elevate you this weekend and in the weeks to come. Have a blessed weekend.

     Weekend Prayer for my Friends

May all your meditations and musings this weekend lead you to a fruitful successful week. Happy weekend.

You will not fall, you will not fail. God’s angels will bear you up in their arms and keep you safe from all harm. You shall be like Mount Zion, you will never be shaken. Have a victorious weekend.

This weekend, good news alone shall be your portion. The sounds of celebration will not cease in your home. Have a beautiful weekend.

May the Lord take away all your worries and wipe away your tears. May shame and reproach not be your portion and that of your loved ones. May it be well with you always. Have a blessed weekend.

Everything you touch shall be blessed. Blessed shall you be when you go out, blessed shall you be when you come in. Have a glorious weekend.

Weekend Prayer Quotes For my Family

May the joy of the Lord abound in your home. May your body, soul and spirit be in good health. Have a blissful weekend.

The Lord bless and keep you. may His face continually shine upon you. May He grant you peace, health and wealth. Have a positively memorable weekend.

Every prayer you render to the Lord this weekend shall be answered speedily. May the name of the Most High be glorified in your life. Have a happy weekend.

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May the favour of the Lord overshadow you this weekend and always. Have a great one.

Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil for the Lord himself shall arise for your deliverance. Have a victorious weekend.

    May this weekend be a spring board to greater heights for you. Have a blissful weekend.

May you have beautiful, fruitful thoughts this weekend. Have a great one.

May you experience true peace and happiness this weekend and all the days of your life. Have a beautiful weekend.

No power of the enemy shall overcome you. The Lord will be a shield round-about you. Have a stress-free weekend.

May this weekend see you rejoicing and singing songs of praise. Have a happy weekend.

      Weekend Blessing Prayer

May you have a positively memorable weekend. May all your expectations be met. God bless you.

May you be surrounded by true friendship and good people this weekend and always. Have fun.

As you take out time to relax this weekend, may all your worries be smoothened out and all your tears wiped away. May you receive beauty for your ashes. May endless joy be yours always. Happy weekend.

May the happiness and blessings you will enjoy this weekend overflow into the lives of all around you. Enjoy.

May you be surrounded with beautiful relationships and friends that truly care about you. Happy weekend.

May this weekend open your eyes to many beautiful possibilities ahead. Have a blessed one.

May the Lord sustain you throughout the weekend. May He revitalize you and fill you with energy and strength for the week ahead. Happy weekend.

I pray that every of your effort this weekend shall yield beautiful results. Have a blessed weekend.

May you have a weekend that you will be proud of. Enjoy.

May the Lord level out every mountain before you and fill up every valley. You will never know sorrow. Have a fulfilling weekend.

May this weekend be amazing in every way you can imagine. God bless you.

Remain blessed this weekend and always.

Instead of disappointments, you will be highly favoured. Have a happy weekend.

May the blessings of the Lord make you forget every of your sufferings. You and your loved ones will shout for joy. Happy weekend.

May all your wishes and requests for the weekend come true. Have a blessed weekend.

May the Lord help you overcome all of your challenges this weekend. Have a great one.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you this weekend and always, amen. Happy weekend to you.

As you rest from the past week’s toil, may your heart find true peace and rest. No one deserves it more than you do. Have a great weekend.

May the light of the Lord illuminate your life always. May you never walk in darkness. May you walk with clarity of purpose. Have a pleasant weekend.

All your petitions to God shall be given speedy attention. The Lord will give ears to your cry and satisfy the desires of your heart. Have a blessed weekend.

May your heart be merry, may your soul be cheerful. May sorrow be far away from you. Have a beautiful weekend.

May you soar with wings like eagle above all your cares and worries, above shame and sorrow. Happy Weekend.

No tears, no pain. Peace and joy all through. Have a pleasant weekend.


May the Lord order your steps this weekend into all that is good and pleasant. Have a pleasant weekend.

May you reap in no small measure from the fruit of your labour. Have a great weekend.

Whether the enemy likes it or not, you will shine. Have a great weekend.

The Lord will hide you under the shadow of His wings. You and your family are marked safe. Have a blessed weekend.

The agenda of the enemy for your life shall not be actualized, you will be smarter than every of his antics. You will be victorious. Have a blissful weekend.

There you have it, our amazing collection of Weekend Prayer Quotes for a Blessed Weekend. We do hope you got what you needed. If you did, then we’re most glad. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget, like and share. Xoxo

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