Good Morning Text Messages to a Distant Friend

Good Morning Text Messages to a Distant Friend

Distance should not stop you from loving your friend. Distance should not stop you from letting them know they’re on your mind. Good morning text messages to a distant friend is one way of showing love to your distant friend.

This collection of Good Morning Text Messages to a Distant Friend was carefully written to convey your special thoughts to your friend.

Good Morning Messages to a Distant Friend 

I don’t care how far away you are, I’m sending you love and good wishes, do well to receive them very early every day, Good morning dear friend.

As you wake up today, I pray the sun smiles on you and may God smile on the works of your hands. Have a memorable day.

Many thanks to technology, we are miles apart and not lives apart, nothing can really set us apart because you hold a special place in my heart. Good morning.

Good Morning Text Messages to a Friend

I miss you every day but knowing fully well that you are somewhere doing your best to make things happen, gives me hope and joy. Good morning, friend.

I will trade every material thing to be with you so we can create new amazing memories. Good morning, friend.

Over the last years, our bond has grown stronger who would have believed we will still be together despite the distance, it tells how much of a wonderful person you are. Good morning, faraway friend.

Hey, I miss you and I am hopeful too. Don’t forget to stay on the phone because I will be disturbing. Good morning.

Dear friend, I used to think we needed some distance so I could have all the clothes and chocolates to myself, but now I know you made all these things valuable. I miss you. Good morning.

No distance can stop my love for you, not even the distance between the north and the south, no matter how far we are from each other, I will hold you in my heart my dearest friend.

Having true friends like you has made life a lot easier for me. Have a great day ahead.

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Good Morning SMS to Send to A Distant Friend

I am always happy because I know no matter what happens you will stand by me and tell me the truth despite the heat. I appreciate everything that you do and I love you too. Good morning, friend.

I know you miss me, I miss you too. Someday soon, we will sit and talk about all the rough times and how far we have come. Good morning, remember to keep your head up.

Worrying about all what happened yesterday is like carrying a bag of dungs on your head while you can freely throw it away. You’ve got to get up, freshen up and make the best out of today. Good morning.

Good morning, I won’t forget the crazy conversations of last night. Miss you, dear.

Our conversations might be brief but it leaves me with immeasurable joy. Let’s talk later today. Have a blissful day.

Knowing you are only a phone call away gives me hope that in whatever I find myself, I have someone to trust.

It doesn’t matter where we are at this point, all that matters is that you occupy the largest part of my heart. I miss you, friend. Good morning.

Whenever I miss you so much, I just take a walk into the land of memories and spend all the time I want with you. Good morning.

Hey, you have got to stop coming to my dreams every night, it makes me miss you the more every morning. Good morning, I miss you.

Good morning dear friend, we might not be close physically today, but our heart and goals are always together.

Good Morning Messages for a Far Away Friend

I know you are far away but I just want you to know that my love for you will never fail. Good morning, friend.

Last night, I sat over a bottle of juice and I continued wishing that you were here to share like we used to do. Good morning.

Thinking of you every day gives me some sense of peace and responsibility. Good morning.

Hope you haven’t got up yet, you live in my heart and I can’t remember opening the door today. Good morning dear.

I used to think having a crazy friend like you is a lot of hard work, I have to stay up, go out, listen to songs, but all these have made my life much more fun and now that you’re not here, I miss you so much. Good morning.

Dear friend, I want to say thank you for being there for me both in prayers and in material needs through the tough times, you are proof that true friends stick closer than a brother. Good morning.

Hey buddy, don’t wake up from the left side of the bed today, carefully step down from the right and everything you do today will be right. I miss you, buddy. Good morning.

I pray God to bless all that you do and shield you from all forms of evil. Good morning to you. Have a pleasant day.

Hey buddy, you are not just a friend but a big-time fan. Thanks for standing-by. Good morning.

As you read this text, take a deep breath, say all you want in faith and go out to see all your thoughts bear fruits. Good morning.

Dear friend, I pray that the rise of the sun today brighten all the dark spots in your life. Good morning.

It’s dawn and you don’t have to remain down, get up and get to work. Good morning, friend.

So long the sky is blue, you’re going to have a fruitful day. Good morning, friend.

Yesterday is in the past, tomorrow is in the future but today is here, it is all you have. Enjoy every bit of it. Good morning.

Hey! don’t give up on your dreams, you have gone too far to give up, get up and get to work. Good morning, buddy.

Forget about the pain of the past, the uncertainties of the future and enjoy the beauty of a new dawn. Good morning.

Last night, I saw your name in God’s list of highly favoured people. Be expectant. Good morning, friend. I miss you.

Every new day is an opportunity to get better at whatever you do, it is a rare opportunity not so many people enjoy. Get up, go out and get better. Good morning, buddy.

Buddy, do not forget time is currency and every new day a blank cheque, you’ve got to spend it well. Good morning.

Hey man, get up and get to work, the clock wouldn’t slow down even if you give many more excuses. Good morning.

Earlier this morning, I prayed that you get favoured in all your doings and I am sure of God’s love over your life. Good morning.

Faraway friend, today is not just a new day, it a second chance to correct all that you did wrong yesterday. Good morning, buddy. I miss you.

One of the reassurances of the existence of God’s love is the opportunity to wake up every new day to do new things. Good morning, friend.

It’s a new day, don’t forget to enjoy every bit of it. Good morning.

Every morning when I miss you, I think of the sun rising and shinning dutifully and I am reassured of our love despite being physically apart. Good morning.

Dear friend, remember life is a class and you being far away is like going on an excursion – enjoy every bit of it and learn as much as you can. Good morning.

I woke up laughing at the sweet memories we shared. It’s amazing how far I have come with such an amazing soul like you. Good morning.

Good morning dearest friend, it’s a new day, wear a smile, nothing will stop your shine.

It’s a new day, live, laugh and love the best way you can, it will make life a lot easier. Good morning.

Hey! wake up I’m not wishing you luck today, you’ve got to go out and work. Do have a fruitful day.

You’re one of the most valuable people I have come across here on this path called life and I cherish you more than words can tell. Good morning, dear friend.

Buddy, go out and continue doing good things. Good morning.

You’ve made life a lot easier for me, despite the distance you still make it a duty to prove that you care. Good morning.

Hey buddy, I just want to remind you that you’re an invaluable treasure. I love you. Good morning.

The thoughts of you gives me a cheerful morning, I won’t be so greedy not to share the joy. Good morning, dearest friend.

Good morning, I am praying that you find happiness, joy and fulfilment in all that you do today. Have a blessed day.

Happiness is contagious, so I decided to send you this text to infect you with happiness. Good morning.

Hey! hope you didn’t drool last night, anyway, you’ve got to wake up the sun in a hurry. Good morning.

It’s a beautiful day, I’m glad you’re feeling the vibes of nature over there, enjoy every bit of it. Good morning.

Blue is for peace, the sky is blue, so have a beautiful and peaceful day. Good morning.

Your type is as rare as diamonds and precious as diamonds, it will be outright ingratitude not to celebrate a virtue like you every morning. I am wishing you a day as bright as the sun.

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Good Morning Quotes to a Distant Friend

To the most precious and virtuous friend in the diaspora. Since I met you, life has been exceptionally fun, and I’m glad to have you as a friend I can trust anywhere and at any time. Good morning.

Living has been a hobby since we met, I can’t help but think of the breath taking memories of our times together and prepare for chances to create more. Good morning.

Good Morning Text to a Friend

Buddy, despite the little time we’ve spent together, you brought out the very best in me. I am grateful for you. Good morning.

Good morning faraway friend, It is my duty to wake you every morning and remind you how precious and a genius you are.

To the most loving friend in the world. You are the embodiment of what true friendship and love means. I have no other choice than to celebrate you daily. Do have a blessed day.

Every morning I remind myself of the most beautiful things that have happened to me and you are that one beautiful thing. Good morning, I love you.

It’s morning and you’ve got to get up and shake off all your worries, you’re far too powerful to be held down by life’s dissatisfactions. I love you friend and I miss you too.

Good morning friend, you are an absolutely contagious gem, always infecting people with joy and laughter. I want to be infected by you always.

Every new day is a brand new package, so treat it as one. Good morning.

Dear friend, as you step out today, I wish you loads of joy and love. Good morning.

Buddy, you mean so much to me, far more than you can imagine. I wish you a beautiful day.

Despite the fact that we are far apart, you occupy a special place in my heart. Good morning.

Good morning shout out to you my dearest friend, I pray your day be filled with love, peace and cheers.

You are worth more than anything money can buy, and I always admit that it’s a privilege to have you as a friend, I love and value you. Good morning.

You might not have done your best yesterday, but that why God gives us second chances. Today is here so make everything right. Good morning and have a good day.

I know friends stick closer than brothers, but you’re not just a friend but a trusted one, I love you now and always. Good morning.

As the sunrise, let your face shine, because you’re not just a friend but an angel to me. Good morning.

Here is me reminding you that, everything you do today will be fruitful and blessed. Good morning.

Hey, I just want to remind you, the dress code for today is a brilliant smile, don’t forget to wear yours. Good morning, dearest friend.

Short Good Morning Messages for a Distant Friend

Despite distance and my busy schedule, I have made it a habit to think about you every morning because you’re an invaluable treasure to me. Good morning.

I’ll continue to remind you every morning, how special you are to me and how much I value you. This is a reminder, I love you.

Dear friend, do not forget to say a word of prayer before you step out. Beautiful and loving things await you today. Good morning.

Hey, don’t let today pass away like every other day, create memories, you only live once. Good morning.

You have always been supportive and a source of inspiration, I cannot thank you enough for standing by me. God bless this new day, good morning.

Hey buddy, get up and face your fears, you’re way bigger than those things you think you cannot do. Good morning.

Every morning is a blank sheet, you choose to draw what you want on. Make today a colourful day. Good morning.

Whenever I try to imagine life without you, I always end up thinking of the earth without a sun. Good morning, friend.

You’re light, remember to shine always. Good morning.

Dear friend, thank you for always being there, for the love and the support, for showing up in the rough times. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Have a blissful day ahead.

I pray today becomes unforgettable in your life, may you experience God’s favour and grace. Good morning.

Everything about you is unique, sometimes I wonder if you were made from the stars. Good morning.

I might not have told you before, but you’re one special thing that has happened to me and I cannot trivialise this blessing. Good morning.

It’s a new day, don’t let anybody kill your shine, you are worth more than anything money can buy.

We live in a very busy world but I am not too busy to send a text to the best friend in the world. Good morning, dearest friend.

I just want to remind you that I cherish and value you above every other thing and I promise to stand by you always. Good morning.

Money is valueless if there are no friends like you to spend it with. I am proud of you as a friend. Good morning.

I have come across a couple of people in this life but none has influenced me in such a good way like you have done. I love you for everything you have been and the many things we’ll do together. Good morning.

Dear friend, I know I could always call you when I need someone to talk to but I want to use today to celebrate you for being such a blessing to me. Good morning.

Buddy, You had better get up and get to work, if you don’t work you won’t eat. Good morning, man.

When it comes to friendship, distance is not a barrier, always know I wish you well. Good morning.

Dear friend, distance isn’t a barrier between two friends. I just want to remind you that you’re special. Good morning.

Dear friend, if you can feel the breeze then you’ve received my wish for you. Good morning.

North or south, east or west, our friendship remains unbroken. Good morning dear friend.

Sincerely, I hope this message meets you in a good and healthy state of body and mind. Good morning and have a blessed day.

Friendship is not always measured by the physical closeness of two people but the closeness of their hearts. You’re always in my heart. Good morning.

As you go out today, do not forget to do your best, over here I have said prayers for you and I am sure all will be well. Good morning, friend.

Wear a smile, don’t be shy, all will be fine. Good morning.

Sometimes I feel we’re living in two entirely different worlds, but I realised lately that the world in which you and I exist is that of eternal friendship.

I want you to always bear in mind that, despite the distance, I still have you in mind always. And I am praying you have a very productive day today. Good morning.

Hey friend, wake up and smile, the sun is waiting for you to smile before it shines.

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Romantic Good Morning Messages for a Distant Friend

I guess you are still asleep because the sun here is yet to rise. Wake up and shine. Good morning.

We might be far away from each other but I still love and pray for you every day. Have a blessed day.

The thoughts of you always hover around my mind every morning. Always know you mean so much to me. Good morning.

Life’s circumstances might have thrown us to different parts of the world but I’m not worried because I know someday soon, we will sit and create better memories. Good morning.

You made the little time we spent together absolutely remarkable for me and I won’t forget the joy in a hurry, I just want to let you know you are an angel. Good morning.

We’re far apart in this world but not in our hearts – I love you. Good morning.

Loving and caring for you is a responsibility I will never run away from. Good morning.

Miles apart but hearts entwined. Good morning, do not forget, I love you.

Our friendship is such that distance cannot separate us, because you’re such an amazing person and I am glad we met. Good morning.

To the world best friend, I am sending you warm wishes and kisses, do have a beautiful day ahead.

I miss you every morning, knowing fully well that you’re somewhere far and distance has done its worse separating us.

I still wonder how boring life would have been without a beautiful soul like you, my dear friend. You are far away yet I feel your love every blessed day. Good morning.

I pray your day be as colourful as the rainbow and your face as bright as the sun. Good morning.

Hey buddy! Wake up, it’s a new day! You’ve got new grace to run the race. Good morning, go out and win.

The world is crowded with normal people, doing normal things, but you, my friend is abnormal – continue doing uncommon things. Good morning.

I wish you lots of love, joy and happiness over there. Do have a colourful day.

Hey, wake up, write down your dreams, by evening they will all have been achieved. Good morning, go out and do great things.

Every morning when I see the sunrise, it reminds me of you because you’ve always been the sun that brightens my life. Good morning.

I wish you were here right now, so I could see your ever-smiling face and hear your melodious laughter. I miss you. Good morning.

I am getting scared because they say we become whatever we think of for a long time. I might end looking like you soon because I have been thinking of you. Have a memorable day.

Our friendship is like good wine, the more you sip the more you want to drink, and of course, I want to drink more. Good morning.

You’ve got to start your day like a champion because that’s what you are. Good morning!

If wishes come through I would wish you be here with me this morning to share this joy and laughter, anyways, I sent you some. Good morning.

I am pretty sure your day will be filled with joy and laughter, don’t ask if I am a prophet, just go out and enjoy it. Good morning, dear friend.

Hey fella, you’ve got to wake up and get up, the world won’t bow to at your feet if you keep sleeping. Good morning friend.

I am hoping that your day is filled with countless opportunities. Good morning.

Hey buddy, wake up, leave the past to pass and strive to make the best out of every new day. Good morning.

Start today with a cheerful disposition, you have no reason to be scared because God is on your side. Good morning, dear.

Good morning, it’s quite funny how much we talk and not see, yet our bond gets stronger daily. This is a shred of evidence that true friendship is not just physical but in the bond between two minds.

Starting your day with a text from a loved one is proof that you’re valuable. Good morning.

We might be a million miles apart but you still occupy the most special place in my heart. Good morning, dear friend, do not forget, I love you.

I am sending you this text because distance doesn’t really separate people but lack of communication does. Good morning and don’t forget to stay in touch.

I spend most of my day thinking about you, it is true we don’t value what we have until we lose them, and thank God I haven’t lost you. Losing you will be losing a part of me.

We may not have the opportunity to be together each and every day, but I just want you to know that this distance isn’t much of a trouble to me so long you’ll be on the phone every morning. Good morning.

We might be separated by hills, valleys or extremely large body of water but these are the least obstacles than can hinder our friendship. Good morning.

I know you’re miles away, but don’t forget to smile, it is one of those things thing money cannot buy. Good morning dear.

You’ve always been my favourite friend and nothing will change that fact. Good morning.


Dear Friend, I’m always scared I’ll never find someone as loving as you, but God has blessed me with you in my life and I will never take you for granted. Good morning.

Start your day with a positive affirmation, mine is, “Despite the distance, I will continue to love you so long the sun continues to rise” Good morning dear.

Thank you for visiting. Xoxo.

Best Good Morning Inspiring Messages with Quotes for the Day

Best Good Morning Inspiring Messages with Quotes for the Day

Because  not all days are the same, some days we all need a shot or some doses of inspiration to get us going and about. We understand that today could be one of such days for you or perhaps you desire to inspire a friend? Someone special? Anyone? Relax this collection contains the best good morning inspiring messages with quotes for the day helping you all through the time and activities from dawn to dust.

Relax, open up your mind as you scroll through the best Inspirational Good Morning Messages with Motivational Quotes.

Inspire someone this morning by sharing these messages on all social media platforms. Have a beautiful day!

Motivational Messages of the Day

  1. Behold! a brand new day. A blank cheque. 24 blank hours to fill. It’s up to you what you make of it. I challenge you to make the best of it. Be great today. Good morning.
  2. Yesterday’s in the past. There’s hardly anything you can do to change. You’ve been presented with a fresh start, a new opportunity. Make the most of it. Have a great day. Good morning.
Good Morning Inspiring Messages

As you cuddle deeper into your warm bed, remember that the world awaits you to contribute your quota. I think this should ginger you to get up and make a difference. Good morning.

Good morning sweetie! It’s a brand new day. Time to spread your wings and fly.

There’s nothing like a smile to start the day. It sets the tone for a positive day. Make sure you begin today with a beautiful one. Good morning.

Learn a lesson from the morning, no matter how dark the night is the morning always breaks forth.  Get up and show up today, everything will be alright. Good morning.

Arise and shine! It’s a new day. A day to make a beautiful difference. A day to make right yesterday’s wrongs. Good morning and God bless.

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Good Morning Motivation Messages

As you wake up this morning, let gratitude wash up your whole being. Let thanksgiving fill your heart and mind. Many that went to bed like you yesternite did not wake up to see this day. Be thankful. Good morning.

Waking up each morning is a miracle anyone should be thankful for. Many are not privileged to partake of this blessing. You are alive and in good health? My friend, you’ve got good reasons for gratitude. Congratulations and good morning.

Don’t miss the opportunity of a good head start today. Get up fast, make the best of the morning. Have a super productive day. Good morning.

Don’t dwell on yesterday’s failures. Showing up is the very first step towards success. Take measured, deliberate steps today. Your success is assured. Good morning.

A new day, new opportunities abound, open up your eyes and see them, make the very best of them. All the very best today. Good morning.

 Sometimes it’s hard to get up in the mornings but when you realize that each morning is a gift you’re presented with, you’ll find the strength to get up and make the most of it. Good morning.

Before the hustle bustle of the day begins, take a moment to watch and enjoy the sunrise. Reflect on all the things you are thankful for. After you’re done with this, let your day begin. Good morning.

No matter how you woke up feeling, go out there and create your own sunshine. Make your day into what you want it to be. Good morning.

Remember, whether the day turns out productive or not largely depends on you. Your life is in your hands. Good morning.

No day is ever exactly like the other. Each day comes with its own blessings and benefits. May you key into and enjoy the benefits of today. Good morning.

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Good Morning Positive Messages

When you open your eyes to the light of dawn this morning, be grateful to God knowing He has kept you safe from a myriad of evil during the night. Embrace the day with thanksgiving. Have a good one.

Think positive! Don’t forget the smallest thoughts have the potential to snowballing to the biggest of successes. Good morning.

Each morning is a shot released that can never come back again. Make the most of all you’ve got today. Have a great day.

With this message I hope to remind you of how special you are. You are one of a kind, embedded with so much glory and favour. May your life make a difference today. Good morning.

If yesterday was good, today will surely be better. Don’t rest on your oars, your best is yet to come. Good morning.

Be inspired to greatness this morning. The most effective source of motivation is the one that comes from within you. Ignite your inner fire. Achieve!

Today is not just another day. It’s a brand new day, a fresh start; a new beginning. Today is a brand new opportunity to do things right. Excel!

Many destinies’ survival are hinged on yours. You can’t afford to let down the many looking up to you. Be inspired to greatness.

Each new morning is a special gift from God. A gift you have to make up your mind to maximise. Embrace the day with thanksgiving and watch it yield for you.

Good Morning Motivation Image

Good Morning Quotes with Inspiration

Let this new dawn bring you renewed hope and energy to face the task ahead. Be re-fired. Good morning.

Today will present you with many options. It’s up to you to make the best choices. I pray the Lord will give you the discernment and inspiration to make the better choices. Good morning.

What do you want your tomorrow to look like? The choices you make today will determine whether you will have your wish or not. Don’t forget, your life is in your hands. Good morning.

Go beyond wishing your life will get better. Get down to work, be willing to do anything legitimate to be successful. Wishing you the very best today and always.

   The journey to greatness begins from your mind. First you conceive it in your mind then you work hard to actualize it not forgetting the place of prayers. You will succeed. Good morning.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Take that step today. You will succeed. Good morning.

Even if you think there is nothing to look forward to today, rejoice in the fact that you are alive, hale and hearty and a part of God’s wondrous creation. Good morning.

Your make-up is unique. No one is exactly the same as you are. you’ve got your own special contribution to make in the scheme of things, so get up and get going. Good morning.

Be careful what goes into your mind because it goes a long way in determining your output. Feed yourself with the positive. Have a positive attitude to life.

Thank you for visiting our site. I do hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to visit our other pages. Will also appreciate if you like and share. Xoxo.

200 Romantic Good Morning Messages to Make Him / Her Smile

Good Morning Romantic Messages to Make Him / Her Smile

This is a collection of romantic Good Morning Messages for Him or Her.

It is really a cool morning. A time to put a smile on someone’s face. The thoughts of him or her keep flooding your mind and so you would need to reach out with some words. Whether your loved one is near or far away, you need to mutter some words or send sms to make his/her day a memorable one. Each of these words will perfectly do the magic of putting a smile on his / her face regardless of the situation. Enjoy and Share!

Good Morning Messages to Make Her Smile

When you rise to see the smile of a lover, it is fuel that can drive you for a whole day.

The nights are obviously too long for me, I always desire to wake up to the sun and your charming smiles.

Before I sleep, it’s you I see. In my dreams, it’s you I see. So whenever I wake up your love makes me complete. Good morning and have a lovely day.

The mornings come with this unique freshness that your smile often complements.

I slept like a baby, although I didn’t drool. I dreamt of you and that was all. Good morning priceless.

Hey sweet! candies in the mornings, ice creams at noon. The nights are for you.

Have I told you how much I love you? As much as the grains of the beach. Good morning.

Drops of water makes an ocean and only you and me makes a whole.

Without you nights are often too cold, that is why when I’m with you I glow.

Our love is a covalent bond, a part of me then a part of you makes a whole. you’re such a beautiful soul. Good morning.

I had a bad dream, I saw you walk away but I believe in the opposite of dreams and this means you’ll always stay close.

Heartie! you’re like onions hurting you will make me cry, this is why I’ve chosen to make you mine.

Nights are quiet, the glimmering of your smile wakes the cocks.

Did you hear the birds sing this morning? last night we talked and they said they admire your beauty so they came to pay a visit.

How can one explain how much he is in love? ok I love you just the way I love my life. Good morning.

Sweetie, I have tasted candies, licked honey, yet none is as sweet as you. Good morning

I love the fact that you light up my life, it makes me feel we’re in another planet. Good morning.

The moments before I fall asleep are often meant to reminisce, but when I try I discover you were on my mind all through.

God made you with fragments of the sun, that’s why your smile shines and your eyes reflect as diamonds. Good morning Gem.

Hey Babe, and you’re a blessing keep shining. Have love-filled day.

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Good Morning Messages to Make Him Smile

Some men start their days with a cup of coffee, I love to start mine with your countless smiles.

What is love? me + you. who taught you this? love is finding a part of my heart in you and still wanting you to hold it still. Good morning

Special one, if humans are treasures that men pay prices to afford, you’ll cost the price of all other treasures put together. Keep shining! Good morning.

Sunshine, my morning starts whenever you rise and smile.

it’s ok to have a stressful day, but it’s remedy to wake up to someone like you.

Let’s catch the sun and hide it in a dark room, today we will watch your smile.

Good morning beautiful, I love this minute and every other minute of today. Good morning.

They say a man will always wake to face realities, every morning and when I wake you’re the reality is see. Good morning!

Sunshine, shine; continue smiling, you light my world. I love you now and always.

Good MorningLove Messages

I sent you good wishes, the wind promised to bring them to your doorstep. Good morning.

What makes life sweet is waking up to find those you love close to you. Good morning, I love you.

My love is planted in the garden of your heart, every morning it blossoms more and more.

Life and Love are both half puzzles, you hold a part for me and I hold another for you. Good morning, Love.

Nights do not end when at dawn, day breaks when you smile.

If I’m to rename love, I’ll call it your name, good morning.

Silent lips, inquistive eyes, priceless you.

What does good morning messages mean, except to tell you someone dreamt about you and I am that someone.

There are three things I wish to have and they are YOU, YOU and YOU. please be mine and mine alone. Good morning.

Mornings are often beautiful, but with you it becomes both beautiful and energetic.

The sun feels lazy to rise today because it knows you’ll be up and shining. Good morning sunshine.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Her

If life is a book, I will be a bookworn and mornings with you will be my favorite pages. Good morning.

You hold the keys that unlock my heart and it’s your smile.

I don’t know why I often get dumb trying to describe you, some times you’re like sugar bright and crystalling, other times you’re as honey; smooth and sweetening.

Four weeks make a month, seven days make a week, twenty-hours make a day, but my life is made just for you.

Mornings with you are like anointing, afternoons are blessings, evenings are refreshing. I look forward to seeing you all through today. Good morning.

Counting the stars, moons, seas and blues without counting you makes life incomplete. 44. Good morning, I am sending you a blank wish you’re my ………….. I love you.

Thanks for being there for me, you give life meaning when there seems to be none. Good morning dearest.

Mornings are the most beautiful times of day but mornings without you make life a hue. You’re the drug I am addicted to and I don’t want to be free. Good morning, love.

My lips have learnt to call your name unconciously, when I woke up today I muttered your name unconsciously, Good morning, my love.

I used to think the stars were the most beautiful thing until I woke up to your smiles.

God made everything beautiful except you. He made you with all the beautiful things He made. You are exceptional.

Sometimes I hate to say I can’t do without you. I am addicted to you. Good morning!

People don’t know that day does not break from the sky but from inside my room. Good morning beautiful.

Dearest, you’re a gift sent from God, you’re a gift I don’t deserve. I dare not think of losing you. Good morning dearest.

The greatest blessing I have got is waking to see an angel beside me. Good morning sweet!

In my own alphabets, U and I are the foremost. I’ll always want to have you by my side. Good morning.

A good morning message to a morning angel. Have a blissful day ahead.

My life was an empty canvas on which you have painted the most beautiful pictures. I love you.

Thanks for being a part of my life, you make me feel complete. Good morning.

Good Morning dearest, if life is a story, being with you the favorite will be my favorite story line.

Dearest sunshine, you keep warm my cold nights and brighten my mornings, you’re all it takes to live, Good morning.

I pray your day comes with countless blessings, good morning.

Sometimes I think I have been bewitched by your smile, it attracts the whole of my being and I am left with nothing else than to helplessly smile back at you. Good morning dearest one.

How do we truely love when we can’t afford all we want, but I’ll always let you know that you dwell in the most treasured part of my heart.

If it was a mistake that our paths came across each other, I would want it to happen over and over again, because you’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Good morning precious one.

Sometimes I try not to think of you, but whenever I try I discover I can only stop thinking of you when I stop breathing.

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Romantic Good Morning Messages for SMS

I’m so fortunate to have you as mine, Good morning, I miss your smiles.

Darling, you hold a part of me and I hold a part of you, when our eyes meet and our fingers fix, we complete the love puzzle, good morning dear. Looking forward to seeing you today.

You’re my light and I’d want to make you my wife, I’ll be faithful all my life. Good morning my queen.

When we talk we speak the language of our hearts, but when we smile we speak the language of love. So I don’t mind being dumb all I want is to communicate with you.

Good morning, hope you dreamt of me, I dreamt of you and waking up to see you perfects the whole story.

How do you feel when you smile? Do you lose any energy? cause whenever you smile at me I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

The throbbing of my heart pronounces your name, good morning and know you’ll always be on my mind.

There is this thing about your smile that makes the sun jealous, l miss you, Good morning.

Wakie! wakie! the sun doesn’t stay too long in bed, Good morning.

There are things we can’t afford but are given. You’re a gift. If things we value so much are treasures then you’re one. Since love has no epitome, then you’re love. Good morning.

Hey Love, good morning, the moon came searching for you last night. Hope you slept well.

I dont know if I actually slept last night, you were the last thing on my mind and the first thing this morning. Good morning amazing one.

Good morning, sorry to wake you up so early, I just want to remind you that I’ve sent the sun to warm and watch over you and the wind with countless good wishes.

Certainly you’re going to have a good day today because those you love are wishing you well. Have a blissful day ahead.

How do you manage to hide the whole of this light under your smile? Good morning, lovely.

Loving you is the most perfect job to do, Good morning, love.

Your love streches beyond limits where my hands can go, that is why I don’t want to let you go.

I’m tired of this world, let me move into your heart, I don’t mind paying rents, how much will your heart cost.

Love certainly has a way of making one look stupid, but I don’t mind either. I love you.

We’re two hearts wielded together by God. We’re a perfect match. Don’t forget that I love you.

Your smile gives me reasons to smile, your acts makes me laugh. When I’m with you everything becomes beautiful. Good morning.

Last night I tried to take you out of the deepest part of my heart and I almost drowned.

The best blessing someone can ask from God is to ask of someone like because you’re a full package. You come with all the blessings intact. Good morning.

Just the thought of you brightens my whole day. Good morning, love.

Thanks my love, you give friendship definition and love meaning, I love you.

Dearest, mornings make the most perfect memories, I’ll forever want to tell this story of our love at eve.

I have tried so much to write about you, but I’m lost, like I need to learn to write all over again. Good morning beautiful.

I have always wondered what made those our empty conversations so sweet. You spice life to the fullest. Good morning.

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Couple

A special morning for a special one, good morning darling.

The mornings make me remember the fragrance of your skin and the radiance of your beautiful smiles.

Darling, you’re the most precious gift God ever gave me. Good morning.

When with you in the garden, flowers lose their colourful taste as they envy your beautiful face.

The best way to ask God for a lovely day is to simply say while praying Lord let me be with her all through today. Good morning.

Sometimes I find it hard to say I love you but my heart beat won’t let me be. Good morning beautiful, you’re always on my mind.

The difference between you and the stars is that stars are lonely in the sky while I hold down your heart never wanting to let you go. Good morning sweet.

I still believe there is a similarity between you and the sun, you two shine so bright, the sun hurts but you don’t. I love you dearly.

When I remember how heart broken I was before I met you, I am left with no option than to believe you’re a divine drug, good morning.

I desire so much that this text lighten a smile on your face, good morning.

Good Morning Messages to Make Him Smile

Hey! sleepy head, awake. The world awaits the genius in you. Good morning

I often wake up and with a thought of you in mind, I suspect I am made from a part of you and you from a part of me.

Nights are often meant for dreams, so whenever I wake up and see you I believe the more that dreams come true. Good morning.

When things aren’t working, you have a way of restoring everything. You’re my superman/superwoman.

Your tender and kindheartedness is an irresistable force that pulls me to you. Good morning tender soul.

I know no one is perfect but your smiles are simply the best in the world, good morning smiler!

Rubies and diamonds are not worth your price, you’re a gift money can’t buy, good morning treasure.

Good morning my missing angel. God sent fellow angels to look for you last night.

Waking up every morning to see you by my side is one of the greatest things that will ever happen to me. Good morning.

I have always doubted if love existed until I met you, I didn’t only fall in love with you I am drowning and don’t want to be rescued.

Can I always stare into your eyes every morning please? because mornings are too early to loose blessings.

Mornings often come with blessings and you’re one of such. Good morning dearest.

The thought of you is like a track on repeat on my mind. I’d love to play it on and on again. Good morning beautiful.

Mornings are imperfect without you, that’s why when ever I am with you, I feel complete. Good morning better half.

I envy your calm, sweet and loving nature, you deserve the best things of life, I love you.

You’re the most valuable treasure I’ve got. I’ll do everything possible to have you always.

You’re my priceless jewel, you mean so much more than words can tell. Good morning priceless.

My mornings are often very cold without you. I bid you come warm my heart.

Every day is a gift and a new opportunity to show you how much I love you, Good morning.

If you’re a disease you won’t have a cure, if you are a drug I will addicted to you. If I’m to choose who to love I’ll choose you over and over again. Good morning special one.

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Sweet and Good Morning Messages For Wife

When I miss you I whisper words to the air, hoping it brings me your breath. Good morning, I love and miss you.

Hearing your voice first in the morning unlocks the doors of my happiness, thanks for being my love. Good morning.

I wake up everyday with the assurance that you’ll always be there to say I love you.

Trying not to love you is like trying not to breath, and when I try I choke in pain. I will love you always. Good morning.

I pray the cool breeze of the morning bring you the coolest things in life and the sun brings warmth to brighten your day. Good morning.

You give me reasons to smile even when I have none, you’re an incomparable blessings. Good morning.

I don’t mind how long and dark the nights are, I am rest assured that I will wake up to see you bright and smiling. I love your glamour.

I might not be able to afford all you want but I promise to be there whenever you need someone’s arm to lean on. Good morning, stay strong and healthy.

There is always this thing about your sense of humor and wit that always make me feel the nights are too long because I always want to be with you. Good morning, looking forward to seeing you today.

Hey! Darling, I just want to say have a perfect and amazing day ahead.

The most special things about you are your love, your smile and your heart. Good morning.

Good morning beautiful, while you wake the sun blush in admiration of your beauty, rise its a new day.

You know why the nights are dark? When you sleep there are no smiles to lighten the world. Wake up and smile. Good morning beautiful.

Your face glitters this morning, did you have a feast with angels last night?

Good morning, beautiful. Dreams they say don’t come true if we continue to sleep, so awake and make my dreams realities.

You’re to me what money is to the wealthy, I love you beyond the spelling of these letters, good morning sweetheart.

Today, before the sun beams through the louvers, smile, you brighten my world. My darling, rise and smile.

Darling, until i met you, my heart was an empty room, when I found you. Your pictures fill the walls of my heart.

Love is a mystery no man can tell, your smile is as magic on me. Seems you’ve cast a spell. Good morning sweetheart.

Good Morning Messages to Make Her Smile

Last night was like days, since you were not beside me, even the bed wraps miss your cologne. Where ever you are let the clock spin faster so you’ll come and take your place, Good morning and have a blissful day.

Rise up my darling, the moon stared at you all night through the cracks and this morning the warm sun came searching for you. Rise, the world awaits you.

Did you hear the birds whisper your name early this morning? They came to hear the sweet melody that oozes from your lips.

Love and life will be meaningless without you, you hold a part of my heart that makes me feel complete. Good morning better half.

I am a canvas, your smiles and touch are the beautiful artistry that make me shine, wake and smile again. I want to be bright for you always. Good morning.

Many say love is insanity, others say it heals emotional infirmities, but as for me you make a reality. Asleep or awake I want to be your company.

Smiles are like candles lit on dark cold nights, yours is as a fire, its burns to ashes all my worries. Smile it’s already morning.

When with you I am strong, then when you’re gone I feel weak for a week. You are my smile and my weakness, weakness? Yes. One that makes me strong. Arise beautiful and shine.

Priceless one. You already know how much you mean to me. Your beautiful smile I hopelessly fantasise about. I just wanted to write you a text and I lost all my words.

Good Morning Messages Love to Him

The lines of poems can not tell how much I feel for you, your smile, your lips, I never regretted stealing glances at you.

I hope you never fail me, I’m lost and wish never to be found, my hands reach out for your hand to hold. I’m drunk to stupor in your love, never fail me. I love you.

The sweet melody of your voice is music to me. And your smiles kindle the flames of my happiness.

Invaluable jewel, the night is the time when your beauty is refined, as you rise with smiles, the world beholds your shine. Good morning treasure.

Gem, did you see the moon peep through the cracks on the wall, to watch your beautiful face as you lay asleep. The sun got jealous so it rose so early. Good morning.

I love the fact that you make the world for me a perfect place, so when mornings comes I am rest assured I will always wake up by your side. Good morning, Extraordinary.

The problem isn’t with the world, the problem is that I am too jealous to see you with another. Not even in my dreams, you make my world complete. Good morning.

I have tried so much to send you a text expressing how I feel for you, but these words are too shallow to tell how deep I feel.

Your worth cannot be expressed in words. I only wish my heart could send mails because this feelings are too many for letters to carry. Good morning dearest.

I am sitting right by my bedside staring at the spot where you laid last night. I forgot I didn’t tell you how much I feel for you. I love you, and sincerely I do.

Before I met you, I usually wake up with the uncertainty of how my day would be, but now, whenever I wake I am rest assured there is someone special to make me smile.

Last night I tried sleeping with my eyes open so whenever you walk in, I won’t miss any minute not staring at your beautiful face. Good morning beautiful.

Your arm is strength and you’re the desire of every lover, I must say I am most blessed for having you. Good morning superman/ woman.

Good morning superman, sometimes I feel like a spoilt child, cause you’ve showered me with so much love, care, support and affection. I will always want to be your girl.

Special morning for a special one. Special wish for my priceless one. May nothing be able to take away your smile.

” I love you” has become so much of a cliche that it can’t express truly how I feel. I love you like love itself. Good morning treasure.

Every new day is a gift, having you is a blessing. Having a gift and a blessing every morning tells how favoured I am. Good morning and have a blissful day.

The risk and sacrifices you’ve taken for me often makes me speechless and helpless on how much I should love you. I love you beyond what words can express. Good morning dear.

How did you sleep? hope you didn’t drool. Good morning precious.

All those who said love is blind really don’t have good sight. To see an angel like you and not know which to choose. Good morning Angel.

Hey! treasure, your inspired smile inspires me and your voice motivates the best out of me. Good morning.

Good morning wishes to you dearest. Hope your night was awesome. Mine was beautiful with you in my dreams.

Good morning super girl. my own remedy for an unpleasant night is to wake up to your joy giving smiles daily.

There is a perfect match for everybody, and you’re that perfect match for me. You’re not just a perfect match but a perfect part of me. Good morning better half.

The sweetest dreams I’ve had are the ones with you and waking up to see you make my dreams come true. Good morning world’s sweetest dream.

I really can’t remember when you served me philtre, but I’m high on the dose of you.

Good morning invaluable jewel, you’re precious beyond what words can express. I treasure you.

Everything about you seem so perfect, from your smile to your eyes and then your angelic voice. Good morning Angel.

Love doesn’t mean having feelings for anyone or every one, it means being connected to someone unique and exceptionally special and you’re that one person.

Good morning, I just want to let you know that you’re the best recipe for a good life.

If I’m to define beautiful I will take a picture of you and show to the world. Yes! that’s what you are BEAUTY-FULL.

If you’re for a price, I certainly won’t afford you. That’s why when I count my blessings I count you twice. Have a lovely day.

I miss everything about you, your smiles, your touch and your everything. You make me feel special with your specialty.

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Cute Good Morning Queen Messages

Money can’t buy you, not even diamonds because you’re worth more than gold to me. Good morning precious one.

It feels good to hear your voice again after being starved of it for a whole night. Just want to say hello. Have a great day ahead.

In your arms I feel secured and waking up to your voice makes feel untouchable. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me.

I’m passionately in love with you, and there is this unmatched uniqueness about you. Good morning.

Good morning sunshine, the world awaits your shine.

Hey love, I just want to remind you that I have you in mind, have a lovely day.

Hey Seraph! I love you. Good morning.

Mornings often come with new opportunities to prove how much we love some people and you’re that special one. Good morning.

One of the greatest mistakes I’d have made is not to have woken up early on the day we met. Good morning.

You’re as awesome as the morning breeze, you come consistently and you give me chills.

You give me innumerable reasons to smile, good morning.

Love bird, see you at the nest today, have a beautiful day ahead.

Forgetting to tell how I feel every morning is like forgetting to breath. I love you dearly, have a blissful day.

My love for you stretches from now till eternity, I love you now and always. Good morning dearest one.

My greatest fear is not about loosing you to someone, it is about waking up and not finding you by myself. Just know it is you I love.

You inspire me, you give me an unquenchable verve to do uncommon things, just like I’ll do this morning. Good morning my inspiration.

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