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Inspirational Quotes About Life and Success

Everyone experiences unpleasant times/discouragement at one point or the other. Whether it is you or any of your friends that is passing through such a phase at this period, these short motivational/inspirational words, messages and prayers would light your fire and help you smile again.

Everyone experiences unpleasant times/discouragement at one point or the other. Whether it is you or any of your friends that is passing through such a phase at this period, these inspirational quotes about life with relevant messages would boost your mood and help you smile again.

Quotes About Life and Success

When weak and weary, when rest is gone and faith withered. There always remains a glimmer, a little fledging fire. Look within, look up! Fan it, let it burn again.

When surrounded by steep mountains, when deep valleys threaten to subsume and your heart is almost overcome with fear. Brace up, take a deep breath. Maintain alertness. The battlefield’s really the mind. Don’t give in to fear, say a prayer and watch yourself overcome.

Hold your head high. Keep your mind sharp. Straighten your focus. Ride on the wings of the storm. Greater is in you. You will overcome.

Life is never for the fainthearted. It encapsulates the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes you don’t get to choose your package. Yet there’s grace available, whatever your lot. Quit whining; make the best of your lot. LIVE!

It takes courage to be the different one. It takes courage to stand alone, gallant. It takes courage not to blend in, fit in, into the crowd. Yet that’s the path to choose. The path of courage.

Strength is inherent in you. You are of the Lion tribe. Full of great potentials. Practice your roar, sharpen your teeth. Conquer!

When you look around you and there’s no one to call a friend. Cheer up! Look to heaven, there’s your greatest help. There’s all the help you need.

When storms rage, when winds howl, remain firm like a rock. Once your mind is unconquered, you will outlast every uprising.

Never waver in your aspirations. No matter what rises to challenge you. Believe! Be strong! Achieve!

When your dreams get tested, open your heart. Absorb every lesson you can. Accommodate change. Modify where necessary. Breathe! Watch your dream become reality.

Latest Inspirational Text Messages

At some point in life, even the sure footed get faint and weary. At such times, it’s okay if you decide to take a break. What is important is to never quit. Come back re-fired or come back slowly. Win your race!

It’s a tough world. Dog eating dog world. Survival only for the fit. Strengthen your mind, be fearless. Conquer!

No matter how long the night endures, it eventually gives way to the day. Persist in your efforts, change tactics when necessary, you will breakthrough.

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Inspirational Quotes About Life

You’ve been told there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but you don’t see any in sight. Get a match, light up the bitch!

In the face of adversity, in the midst of fierce battles, when you feel crushed and you’re losing heart; remember you always have the prerogative of prayer. Get on your knees, say a prayer. It works.

In each of us, there are potentials inherent. Some leave theirs fallow and remain ordinary. Others cultivate theirs, tend it and gather harvest. They are those we celebrate as great men and women. The choice lies with you which group to belong to.

The fire burns fierce. Let the fire in you born fiercer. Let its intensity overshadow. Outlast every adversity, overcome every challenge. You can!

Let my heart not fail me. Let me sing the song of a victor. Let me fight and conquer.

Sometimes situations threaten to make the heart faint. Trouble blurs the vision and the feet falter. Fan the flame of hope, keep it alive. Don’t let it die.

I am that little bird with clipped wings they thought wouldn’t fly. I grew new wings, I’m in flight. Watch me!

Underneath your wings are the arms of Him who is able to keep from falling. Don’t be afraid. Be valiant!

Life with its daily weight threatens to crush. Pressing on every side, ready to choke. You need a steel resolve, the resilience of an ass, the backing of the most high and a heart of gratitude.

May you find courage in the face of adversity. Strength when you’re weary. May you find grace to press forward against all challenges and peace to accept what can’t be changed.

Life is not a bed of roses. At a point the going gets tough. When it does, remember always that you’re enough. Everything you need is in you. You will make it.

Excellence is for those who dare. Strive for excellence always. Strive to be the best.

The sure way to success is still hard work, smart work and dedication. It’s the proven way. It’s the way to go.

The sky is big enough for all to fly. Don’t be the timid bird afraid of flight. Make mistakes, learn from them. Spread your wings, fly!

Determination Quote

You win some, you lose some. You fall, you get back up again. That’s the way of life. Savour every experience. Live!

The mind has amazing abilities. You can be whatever you wanna be. Dream!

Inspirational Messages and Prayers

The world is tough, you’re made of tougher stuff. I only hope you recognize that. Go for gold! You deserve the best.

The sky is blue but when once in a while it turns black, you should know that it is a phase. It will pass. Shine, even in the storm.

People’s opinions do not define you. Avoid distractions. Stay focused always.

Disappointments are part of life. It’s a waste of emotion dwelling on them. Move on!

Love freely, live fully, shine brightly. Life is short.

Don’t be scared to dream. Dream big. Free your imagination. Live your dreams.

Don’t hide in obscurity, lift your head above shame. Rule! Reign!

Let your mind be present with you in whatever you do. If you think it’s worth doing, then do it well.

Anytime you feel overwhelmed by circumstances, look within and discover greatness. It’s in you.

Choose the path of honour always, anything less is unworthy of the great resources that has gone into making you the human that you are. Choose honour.

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You’re not a mediocre. You are not ordinary. Never be afraid to stand alone in truth. Stand out!

It’s okay to cry when hurt. But wallowing in self pity is a waste of emotion. Wipe your tears quickly, channel your energy into positive. Move on!

Find yourself. Remain true to the core of who you are and you will never walk in shame.

Soar above heights where Eagles dread to fly. Ride on the wings of storms. Soar!

Remember always, you’re made of stuff for kings. Your whole being is knitted in excellence. You’re Royalty!

No matter what you’re passing through, someone’s been there before. Brace up, it’s time to rise again.

Inspirational Poems About Life

You’re all you need, you’re good enough. Look within, search deep. All it takes is in you.

Get a hold of your life. Hold it firm in your grasp. The moment you have is now. Live!

Draw strength from within, there’s more to you than what is visible now. Evolve, be beautiful!

Your mind, a living ceaseless fountain. Full of immeasurable capabilities. Utilize it.

Don’t wallow in the cesspool that is self pity. Pull yourself together, make better choices, one step at a time. Be free.

All the fuel it takes to fly is in you. Propel your wings, fly!

Anyone can dream. The difference is in the execution. Do all you can, graduate from the realms of dreams. let your dreams materialize.

Be the different one, be the one who refuses to blend in. Be the one who is talked about. Be the admired one.

Live and let others live. Light your touch let others come to the brightness of your light. Do your bit in making the world a little better.

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”  Mathew 5 v 14.

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance…”  Proverbs 15 v13

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