Thank You Notes to Boss

Thank You Notes to Boss or Mentor

Thank You Notes to Boss or Mentor

Many have been lucky to have wonderful bosses or mentors who have helped and continue to help them in their career path. If you’re one of such people, then you’d agree with me that such a helpful boss or mentor deserves some accolades. Finding the right words to say to him/her may however be a challenge and that’s why you’re probably here. Relax, we got you covered. Here, you’ll find the most amazing Thank You Notes to Boss or Mentor. You can adopt the messages as yours or you could use them as a guide to write yours.

In our amazing collection of Thank You Quotes and Appreciation Messages for a Boss or Mentor, you’ll find Thank You for the Promotion Messages for a Boss, Thank You for the Raise Messages for A Boss, Thank You for Your Mentorship Messages for Boss or Mentor, Appreciation Notes for A Boss or Mentor, Farewell  Appreciation Messages For A Boss who is leaving and so on.

Read through and apply appropriately.

Thank You Notes to the Boss

Don’t be short of words to appreciate your boss or mentor. Our Simple Thank You Quotes And Appreciation Messages for A Boss or Mentor will spark up ideas in you.

You have been very instrumental to finding my path in this career. Your guidance and mentorship, I don’t take for granted. Thank you for always being there boss. I value you a lot.

Thank you for your exemplary leadership. Thank you for your vision and foresight. Thank you for your tireless efforts to help us be the best we can be. You’re the best boss ever.

Thank You Boss Quotes

Working under your exceptional leadership has helped me to improve greatly. Even I am amazed at all the wonderful results my efforts are yielding. Thank you boss for helping me harness my potentials and maximizing them. I appreciate you greatly.

Thank you for taking your time to teach me the ropes of this profession. Thank you for not feeling threatened by my success. There’s so much to be thankful to you for. I’m hoping that this thank you message will be enough.

Working with you has opened doors of great opportunities and self development I never thought possible. I’m really grateful for the privilege and I appreciate you a lot.

Thank you for being a mentor worthy of emulation. You mentor not just with words but in deeds. I’m really so proud to be associated with you. Thanks for having me in your circle.

Thank you for always being there to provide guidance, thank you for teaching me the ropes of this profession. Thank you for your patience when it seemed I wasn’t learning fast enough. Above all, thank you for not giving up on me.

Serving under you has proved to be a worthwhile experience. It’s been a wonderful privilege which I’ll ever be grateful for.

It’s been totally amazing working with you. I’ve been exposed to mind blowing experiences I thought possible only in dreams. Thanks for the opportunity. I don’t take it for granted.

Without you, there’s no team boss. It’s amazing how you do it, I mean, getting us all to be supermen, with superhuman abilities. You’re the best boss and I’m totally in awe of you.

I’d ever be grateful for the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from working under you. Thank you.

Thank you for being the great boss that you are. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for holding nothing back in teaching. Thank you for helping me become a better person and a better professional.

Thank you for your grooming and thank you for routing for me when others gave up on me. I’m here today largely due to your impact. I appreciate you so much, thank you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for giving me room for growth and development. Thank for not letting envious people come between us. You are quintessential boss and I love you.

You pushed me hard, never letting me rest on my oars. You made me always go for gold when I could easily have settled for average. Now I’m seeing the results of our hard work, it’s so sweet and I know I’ll never settle for less again. Thanks for your push boss, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In leadership, you’re the best. In honour, you surpass. In inspiration, vision, foresight, you’re excellent. I want to be like you boss. Thank you for exposing me to what true leadership is. Thank you for your mentorship.

Thank you for helping to hone my skills. I’m so much better than I used to be. Thank you for your contribution in making me who I am today.

Thank You Notes to the Boss for the Promotion

Find below our really amazing Thank You Notes for the Promotion. With these messages, you can never be at loss of what to say.

I really do appreciate the promotion. I worked so hard for it and I’m grateful my efforts are being rewarded. Thank you for recommending me.

It’s so delightful to know that hardwork payoff. Thank you for recognizing my efforts and contributions to this organization. I really do appreciate the promotion.

This promotion speaks volume to me. I’m grateful for the privilege and I’m excited about the opportunity to serve our organization on another level. Thank you boss.

I didn’t think I could make it. Not because I wasn’t competent, but because I had so many challenges I was contending with at the period of assessment. Thank you for looking beyond the assessment to recognize every of my efforts in this organization. I’m so grateful.

This promotion means a lot to me boss. Thank you and I’m looking forward to continue drawing from your well of knowledge. I appreciate.

Thank you for finding me qualified for this promotion. It’s a real privilege and I promise not to disappoint you.

Thank You Mentor Messages

I feel so humbled that you’d consider me for this position. I promise to put in my best effort to justify your trust in me. Thanks boss.

Your encouragement and support have brought me to this point in my career. Thank you boss for this promotion. Thank you for everything.

This promotion comes as a validation that I’m on the right track. I’ll keep working hard. That you boss for finding me worthy.

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Thank You Notes for Mentorship

You’re at the perfect spot for the perfect Thank You for Your Mentorship Messages for Boss or Mentor.

I continue to benefit from your mentorship and guidance. Thank you for teaching me that I can be the best I want to be.

Thank you for helping me find my path in life. I met you at a point where I had given up hope of amounting to anything. Your love set me on the right track and continues to guide me as I make choices daily. Thank you so much. You’re the best leader ever.

I appreciate and admire your visionary leadership. I appreciate time and resources invested in me to help make me better. You’re a great leader, a quintessential teacher.

I was almost overwhelmed when I newly joined this organization, but then you stepped in and have mentored me ever since. Thank you for gently teaching me the ropes. Thank you for helping me overcome my fears.

I started out fearfully in this organization, always unsure and uncertain, but you always encouraged me and cheered me on. Now that I’ve found my foot, I can’t but look back and be thankful to you especially, for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for encouraging me to be my best always. Thank you.

Thank You Notes to Boss when Leaving

For that wonderful boss who is retiring, on transfer or simply leaving, find below the perfect Farewell  Appreciation Notes For A Boss who is Leaving.

I find it difficult to say goodbye. You have become more than a boss, you have become family. Thank you for your exemplary leadership over the years. Thank you boss for everything.

You have always been a source of inspiration. Someone I have always looked up to. It won’t be the same here without you boss. Thank you for your years of sacrifice for our organization and I really do wish you the very best.

You inspire greatness in us always. With you, we all try to do our best. Your charisma is unmatched, your desire for excellence unrivalled. Thank you for helping us to always dig deeper within ourselves to find gold. Thank you for everything.

Amazing describes you boss. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything.

Inspirational Thank You Boss Messages

Seems just like yesterday, when you welcomed green me to this organization and took me under your wing. I have grown since then. You taught me everything I know in this career. You built me and I’ll ever be grateful to you. You’re not just a boss to me, over the years you have become a parent whom I love dearly. Thank you for everything. Farewell.

Thank You Notes to Boss For Bonus

When there’s a raise in the pay, everyone is happy.  Say thank you with a difference with any of these Thank You Notes to Boss for Bonus.

This note is just to say thank you for the raise in my pay. It came at a time when I really needed it. I appreciate it.

I wasn’t expecting the raise. That’s not to say I’m not delighted by it. Thank you boss, looking forward to more of this.

This raise, to me is a testimony of your faith in my abilities. I won’t disappoint you boss. I’d justify every trust reposed in me. Thank you.

You’re the best, boss. Thank you for the salary raise. I really needed it.

Now there’s no excuse not to work harder. Thank you for the raise, boss.

Yaay! We should have more of this. My morale just got doubled up. Thanks for the raise boss.

Amazing Mentor Quotes Messages

I appreciate the support you have continued to give me in this organization. I appreciate the way you encourage and motivate me. Thank you for the raise.

It feels really great to be a part of an organization that is all about the welfare of its employees. Thank you for the raise boss.

I feel so honoured that my hardwork has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for the bonus boss. It is deeply appreciated.

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Short Thank You Notes to Mentor

Here are some Short Thank You Notes to Boss or Mentor.

Working with you has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you boss.

Thanks for your efforts in helping shape my life. I appreciate you.

Thanks for not giving up on me when everyone else did. I’d never forget the role you played in my life and I’d forever be grateful.

My heart is filled with so much gratitude towards you. Thanks so much for investing in me.

I’m proud to call you my leader and mentor always. Thank you for always being there.

My leader and friend, thanks for always being there. I know I can always count on you.

I consider the fact that you took me under your wing a great blessing. I know there’s so much to learn from you and I can’t wait for the experience to begin. Thank you.

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