You are Enough!


Do you ever feel low, inadequate or incompetent? Well, the best of us feel that way sometimes. Cheer up! Get a grip. You are awesome! You are enough!

1. What voice magnifies your inadequacies
Making your faults, the spotlight
Your weaknesses, centre stage
You’re overshadowed with feelings of nothingness, unworthiness
Pause! Think!
There’s a little voice
You’re just not convinced
It tells of your awesomeness
Or at least of how awesome you can be
Today, decide which voice to believe,
But I tell you, the still, little voice never lies.

2. Evidence of your incompetence
Lie scattered about
And that is all your eyes see
So you believe yourself useless
Look within, reach deep, reach deeper
Draw out your strength
There’s more to you than what is visible now
All you need is within.

3. When the road is all uphill,
Tell your mind ” I’m enough! ”
When the road is so rough, jagged edges eating into your skin,
Tell your mind ” I’m enough! ”
When blighted by the sun and
all you can feel, its attendant headache
Tell your mind ” I’m enough! ”
Press on till you reach the goal
It all begins and ends in your mind.

4. You’ve always had that feeling of something missing
That queasiness about not being enough
And you’re always on the look out
For something, someone, to complete you
Listen now!
You’re all you need
And you’re good enough
Look within!
All it takes, is in you.

5. Sometimes, we’d place our lives in hibernation
Waiting for that great event that would mark the beginning of life
We wait in anticipation
In denial of our true realities
Precious moments wasting away, slipping from our non grasp
Well! This is life, your life, my life, our lives!
It’s not some event waiting to happen
It is happening!
Get a hold of it. Grasp it firmly
The moment you have is now,

6. The wonder that a human life is
The resources that make up a single living being
The vast fertile land that is the mind
The mind! What it could conceive
A living, ceaseless fountain.
No one should waste it
The worst way you could waste it is trying to be another
Be you. You are enough!

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” Psalm 139 v 14.

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