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Happy Birthday Messages for WhatsApp Status

Extend a birthday message to your loved ones, even on WhatsApp status. These are short and precise birthday messages for WhatsApp, designed for you to extend love since there is no limit to showing love and care for the ones you love.

Happy Birthday Messages for WhatsApp Status

Happy Birthday to the most amazing soul in the world, my mom. I love you and I am so pleased to have you in my life. More wins my joy!

No wonder everywhere is calm and lovely. It’s all about you today, my dear. Today marks a great day in your life and mine as well. I am so happy and lucky to have you as a friend. Happy Birthday to you. May this day bring you lots and lots of joy. I love you!

Hurray! Hurray!! It’s your birthday. I wish you love and a healthy life. Happy birthday to you, dear!

Today reminds me of a special person, and that is you. I am so happy you made it through, and I wish you many happier years ahead. Happy birthday to you, my love!

It is your birthday today, and I prefer to say these words to you: “Be the best of yourself as you enjoy today, my dear.” Happy birthday to you, my friend!

I am sorry this is coming late and I am so sorry I had to send it on WhatsApp, but nevertheless, there is no limit or boundary to extending my love to you. I am glad today is your happy day and I hope you will live it to the fullest. Happy birthday to you, my dearest friend. Do have a lovely celebration.

From the depth of my heart, I want to wish someone special a splendid and remarkable birthday celebration. May this year bring you greatness and achievement and may you never cease to rejoice. Happy birthday to you!

Announcement!!! Today is a very special day for all of the earth as a king is born into it. Friends, join me to celebrate the birthday of this loving and charming soul. May your advancing age serve as a new beginning for you. Happy Birthday

I am so excited that I am here today to celebrate with you on your most exciting day. I have nothing but a wish for you; may you never lack and may all your heart’s desires come true for you. Happy, exciting day!

You are a star in my sky, a light in my world, a path that I must follow and the reason for my smile. Today is a special day for you, and I wish you all that your daring heart desires. Happy birthday to you, my dear. Aging with love!

Peace has come to dwell among men. Your birth brought a new beginning for all that is connected to you, and I am happy to be a part of it. Happy birthday to you, my dear fancy. May you always be happy.

Happy birthday to my darling, a rare gem; ever amazing when looked upon. Today, I pray God’s unending riches over you. Happy Birthday.

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Special Birthday Wishes for WhatsApp Status

What a joyous and delightful day for the family as we celebrate another year of God’s unending mercies and love. Happy birthday to the baby of the house. Many more years we shall celebrate with you.

All I have to say to you now is that you have blessed moments filled with beautiful atmospheres adorned with love. Happy birthday, celebrate with no hurt.

A wonderful day with a wonderful person. You have been a darling from the inception of our bonding and I am so glad to know you have added a year today. As you celebrate, keep your head up high and your day colourful. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the cutest and most loving soul on planet earth. Many more years to you, my dearest friend!

A friend is so much fun to be with and priceless to have. On this day, I send out thousands of love and well wishes to you as you mark a new age in life. Happy Birthday, my dear!

Just as the stars are seeable but not reachable, so shall your life be; this new age shall bring to your doorstep joy and fulfilment. Keep smiling and shining! Happy birthday, cutie!

A birthday shout out to the only one who knows how to turn situations into fun, I am so happy to have you as a major part of my life. I sometimes wonder how life would have been without your kind. It is very boring, I know. I wish you the very best and most lovely packages as you turn a year older today. Happy birthday.

You have always stood by me. I want to say thank you and also wish you a beautiful happy birthday. May this year be full of light, peace, and joy. Celebrate and be happy because I’ve got you covered.

A beautiful day we have got here. On this day, a damsel from above was placed upon the earth as a token to men. Happy birthday to my joy giver, my missing rib, the bone of my bone, and the flesh of my flesh. Having you as a life time companion has been the best privilege ever enjoyed. I join the hosts of heaven to celebrate you and to wish you a happy life from this day till a million years to come. I love you.

Now I know why the rain can’t stop falling. Happy Birthday to the most important figure in my life. Mom, you have been a light ever since my childhood. I love you so much, Mummy, and I want to extend my wishes to you here, divine health you shall walk in; a beautiful life you shall have. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Happy Birthday Status

Marrying you has always remained the best choice I made in my life. My love for you will never know an end. As you celebrate your birth anniversary today; I want you to know that you are loved and will always be loved. Many more years to you, and a blessed day ahead. Happy birthday, my sugar. Your hubby loves you plenty.

You were a rain sent to me at the dry moments of my life, an umbrella you became when it rained heavily upon my life. You are nice and beautiful both inside and out. Praise the heavens that permitted our meetings. As you celebrate your birth anniversary, I wish you long life, more money and favour. Happy Birthday, dearest!

Your love has overwhelmed me so much that now, I lack the words. It is a privilege to be part of your great life. I wish you a joyful day as you celebrate your birth anniversary. Happy Birthday, my friend!

You are permitted to paint the town red on this day, I’ve got you covered. Happy Birthday, Mine. I love you.

Looking for a personal assistant? Search no further as I introduce the best personal assistant to the universe today. You possess and have displayed great capacity over the years. I cherish you so much, and on this day, I join others to wish you a happy birthday and many more years of fruitfulness and multiplication. Happy Birthday, dear!

You are a rare find; I thank the Lord you were discovered. I wish you a happy birthday and many more years.

You shall stand before kings. Wishing you more years, strength and joy; celebrate and have fun because this day is yours to be happy in. I care. Happy birthday, my favorite.

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Birthday Wishes for WhatsApp Status

Permit me to write a song for you on this delightful and glorious day. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!

This is so funny right now, but I wish you peace, love, and may all your secret desires be granted. Wax widely as you celebrate. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

A lovely and beautiful happy birthday to the best boss anyone could ever have in the world. I wish you long life, strength and more rewarding achievements. Happy birthday, boss.

Birthday blessings to a world class manager. I wish you many more years of celebration. May you go from one level of greatness to another. Happy Birthday, sir!

Seest thou a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before great men. This is my boss, who knows the importance of hard work and unity; no moment with him has ever been dull or tiring. He is always at it. Sir, on this day I join everyone to wish you a happy birthday and also to wish you more years to come and more awards. Happy Birthday, sir!

You are not just a colleague but a sister. I am so happy that today, a new year has been given to you. As you celebrate, I wish you long life, good health, and durable riches, not forgetting more promotions. Happy Birthday Ma!

Just as the heavens declare the glory of God, so shall your life tell of God’s ever amazing glory in this new age. Happy Birthday, my love. Keep glittering and radiating. I love you!

A birthday shout out to my outstanding older sister. Sis, you know how much I love and value you; I am so happy today that we get to celebrate another important day in your life in joy and health. I wish you the very best in this new season of life you have begun. Keep glowing. Happy birthday, sis!

May the joy with which you celebrate today never depart from you. Happy Birthday, my love!

We celebrate a beautiful gift today. Keep shining as it is in your nature to shine. I love you pricelessly.

Happy birthday to you. You shall keep adding years, height, weight, and wealth.

Simplicity and humility are virtues he possesses that have the power to keep the entire audience speechless. I feel so elated today that my man is a year older, another cycle of 365 days has begun. I wish you a long life and more wealth. Happy birthday, my man!

Happy Birthday to my child, a constant source of joy to me. Honey, today reminds me of how much you have grown. Months ago, I would carry you always wrapped in linens, but today, I have to run to catch you or shout to make you stop playing roughly. I am so full of happiness. You shall live to fulfil your destiny, my love. Happy Birthday, son!

A friend like none, no replacement can be found for you. Happy Birthday, my dear. Many more years to come. I love you big time.

I am a year older, a year stronger, a year more beautiful, and a year better today. A happy birthday to me, wishing myself more years to come and more fruits to abound.

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When we lack words to express ourselves at times, it doesn’t mean we are empty, but the personality of the individual outweighs word description. I am short of words on this glorious day, I wish you thousands and millions of kisses and, above all, I love you very much. I wish you a better year than the previous ones, my heart. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

The gift of life is worth thousands of appreciation to the Almighty, who sees us fit to live despite our unending inadequacies. Today marks another birthday anniversary for my loving daughter. My star is a year older today, not by might and not by power, but by the spirit of the Lord. I wish her the very best packages of life as ordained by God for her and many more years. Happy birthday, my pride. Mummy loves you.

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