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Merry Christmas Messages

Wow! What a year it has been. It’s wrapping up now, about to give room for the New Year. Many people have walked the journey of this year with you. They are your friends, colleagues, boss, husband, wife, father, mother, brother, brother or sister. In one way or another, they have all played a role in making the journey of this year an interesting one. You have much to be grateful for. We all have much to be grateful for.

This is the time to send good wishes for the end of the year, good will messages for the end of the year, Merry Xmas Greetings, Merry Christmas Messages, and Season’s Greetings to all our friends and loved ones.

Wow! What a year it has been. It’s wrapping up now, about to give room for the New Year. Many people have walked the journey of this year with you. They are your friends, colleagues, boss, husband, wife, father, mother, brother, brother or sister. In one way or another, they have all played a role in making the journey of this year an interesting one. You have much to be grateful for.

We all have much to be grateful for. Well, if not for anything but for the fact that we are alive and in good health. This is that time/season of the year to express gratitude to God and to all who have contributed in making this year a success.

Because we are as excited as you are about this season of the year, we took our time to carefully select the best end of the year wishes and Merry Christmas Messages for this collection. You see, you’re in luck because this is a two in one collection.

You can send any of these messages for free to your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Just take your time and read through, you will find just what you need for each relationship in your life be it Christmas Messages for Friends, Romantic Christmas Messages for Lovers, Religious Christmas Messages, Christmas Messages for Family, Christmas Messages for Colleagues, End of the year prayers for everyone and so on.


Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

Christmas is a time to reminisce. I’m thankful for the beautiful memories I have of you. I’m looking forward to making more with you. Thank you for your consistent friendship over the years. Merry Christmas.

May this Christmas find you enjoying the fellowship of cherished friends and loved ones. May you build beautiful and lasting memories. Merry Christmas.

Here’s wishing that this season brings you so much laughter and joy. No one deserves it more than you do. Merry Christmas.

May each day of this season bring you moments to cherish. May your life be filled with abundance of joy and peace that comes with the season. Merry Christmas.

I celebrate you dear friend. Thank you for being ever so reliable and dependable. Thank you for a great year. They are memories I would cherish forever. Let’s do this again in the coming year. Merry Christmas.

The year is coming to an end and I’m counting all of my blessings. I’m grateful for the blessing of a great friendship with you. May this season light a glow in your heart and illuminate every dark areas of your life. May you have all of your heart desires. Merry Christmas.

May this Christmas fill your life and home with good tidings. May you live a long and fulfilled life. Have a merry one.

In this most beautiful season of the year, may you enjoy grace like never before. May your heart cheer and your life be merry. Have a joyous Christmas.

The blessings of this season will not elude you. Rather, you will bask in the joy and peace it brings with it. Have a very merry Christmas.

May the light of joy shine upon you and your family. May your home be filled with the blessings of the Christmas season.

May this Christmas season fill your life with magic. May the spirit of Christmas bring you and your loved ones endless joy.

Throughout this season and always, may your life be filled with the blessings of joy, peace and prosperity. Merry Christmas.

May your life and home be a partaker of the love and joy you consistently demonstrate. Have a very merry xmas.

May you have a Christmas that is as amazing as you are. Enjoy! 

May the meaning of Christmas not be lost on you. May the season bring you the peace that comes with salvation. Season’s Greetings.  

As you celebrate this season with friends and family, may you be profoundly happy. May your heart be opened to things that really matter such as love. May the season fill your heart with hope. Merry Christmas.

May your life experience the very best that this season has to offer. May you enjoy the joys and miracles of this beautiful season. Merry Christmas.

Before the network gets jammed, let me wish an amazing personality as you a truly beautiful Christmas. Have fun and get lots of rest this holiday. Merry Christmas and a great year ahead.

In this most beautiful of seasons, may you enjoy plenty o laughter with your community of family and friends. May your joy never be contaminated by sorrow. Merry Christmas.

May you have a blessed holiday. Do have fun an create plenty of beautiful memories. Merry Christmas.    

Christmas Messages for Him or Her

This passing year was awesome. It couldn’t have been without you. Thank you for being a part (a very important one) of my life. I love you so much, sweetheart. Merry Christmas.

I don’t want to ever walk alone again. You’re an important part of my journey. You make my life beautiful and meaningful. Stand by me and don’t ever leave me. Merry Christmas, my heartbeat.

You’ve been good all year so you get to be spoiled silly this holiday season. I love you so much baby. Merry Christmas.

Each year, Christmas gets to be more beautiful than the last. I’m grateful for the wonderful gift that is you. This holiday promises to be special. Merry Christmas, my love.

I just want to express how grateful I am for your presence in my life. I am grateful for you love which has brought be so much hope and reassurance. Let me love you forever, my darling. Have a blessed Christmas.

You’re not just my lover, you’re my best friend and this season, I want you to know how special you are to me. You’re my world, a beautiful reason to celebrate the passing year. Merry Christmas, my love.

It’s a blessing to be surrounded by so much love this season. It’s a miracle that much of the love is coming from you. I feel so secure in your love and I am certain it’s going to be a merry Christmas for both of us. I love you, baby.

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. It is never ending. I hope the love I have for you and daily express will be a reflection of the love that brought about the celebration of Christmas, Christ’s love. Merry Christmas, my darling.

 Yay! It’s Christmas. I hope to spoil you silly. I hope the holidays will be enough to show you fully how much you mean to me.

You’re the reason I smile so much, the reason I’m always so bubbly. You’re the reason this holiday is going to be a really special one. Merry Christmas, my love.

All is set! Gifts wrapped holiday planned. All that is left is to wish you a merry Christmas and make beautiful memories with you.

  I love chocolate because it’s so sweet but I love you more because you’re way sweeter. Merry Christmas, my sweetheart.

You’re so special to me and I love you more than you can imagine. Merry Christmas.

One of the reasons that makes Christmas so special is because I get to spend it with you. I love you baby. Ask how much and I’ll tell you, with all my heart. Merry Christmas.

May you have a stress-free holiday. Merry Christmas, my love.

I can’t wait to spend quality time with you this holiday. We really need that get away time together. Merry Christmas, my love.

Thank you for giving me a chance in your life. I enjoy the privilege of being loved by you. Merry Christmas, my love.

I’m grateful for the chance to love and be loved in return. Each day of is special because of you. Merry Christmas, my love.

For all the joy you have brought into my life, I wish you double, this season and always. Merry Christmas, my love.    

I pledge my love to you, now and always. You hold the most special place in my heart. Merry Christmas.   

Christmas Messages for Cards    

May the light of hope fill your life and home. May this Christmas bring you warmth and peace.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Joy to you and your family. May the blessings of this season be yours and may you always have cause to celebrate. Merry Christmas.

Silent night, Holy night. Rejoice! The king is born. May He be enough for you. Merry Christmas.

Christmas is here. The geese are fat. Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous holiday. Merry Christmas.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you closer to those who matter to you. May your heart be filled with light and cheer. Merry Christmas.

May this Christmas fill you with hope of a beautiful future. May the joy that comes with the season envelope your life. Merry Christmas.

I felicitate with you this season and I pray that Christ continues to be your hope and message. Merry Christmas.

Christ in us, the hope of glory. May we not lose this hope. May the light of Christ lead us to everlasting salvation. Merry Christmas.

May you find the time to truly appreciate the depth of our saviour’s love and sacrifice. May you enjoy His beauty this season an always. Merry Christmas.

Jesus is the reason for the season. Jesus is the reason we celebrate. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Messages For Family

Here are some nice Christmas messages you can share with your family.

Christmas Messages to Dad

Thank you dad for modeling the love of the father to us. Thank you for always being there even when we think we don’t need you. Merry Christmas.

I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you. You’re the best dad, ever. Merry Christmas.

May you have the best Christmas ever, dad. You deserve nothing less.

I remember how you always went out of your way to make sure we had all we wanted for Christmas. These are wonderful memories I’d always cherish. May you have nothing less than a beautiful Christmas, dad. Loved you, always.

Your love is the foundation upon which our family stands. This understated love that often goes unappreciated. Thank you for all you do for us, daddy. Merry Christmas.

Family is everything. That’s what you’ve always taught us and demonstrated to us. Thank you for always being our rock. Merry Christmas to the best dad in the world.

One of the things I’m thankful for this Christmas is the gift of a quintessential father like you. Merry Christmas, dad.

Merry Christmas, dad. You’re the best and I love you so much.

We cannot appreciate you enough for your consistent love over the years. May Christ continue to be your guiding light. Merry Christmas, daddy.

Thank you for showing us the way of salvation. Thank you for continuing to be a shinning example. Merry Christmas, dad.

Merry Christmas Messages to Mom

Thank you mom for fond memories of many beautiful Christmases. You remain the best. Merry Christmas.

This season is one of the periods I wonder at your awesomeness. You make Christmas so beautiful for us all and you do it so effortlessly. I’m in awe of your love, mom. May you enjoy the warmth of Christ’s love and sacrifice this season. Merry Christmas.

Thank you mom for your sacrificial love, only outdone by the love of Christ. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to my super-amazing mother. May you have the most beautiful holiday, ever.

I am profoundly thankful for the gift of your love. May the love of Christ which passes human understanding fill your heart with joy and hope. Merry Christmas, mom.

May you enjoy the fruits of your labour during the course of the year this season. May you have a very beautiful Christmas, dear mom.

You make Christmas really special and I’m looking forward to having a beautiful one with you.

I’m already salivating in anticipation of your wonderful Christmas meals which are second to none. Merry Christmas, mom.

May this Christmas bring for you fulfillment such as you have never enjoyed before. Merry Christmas, mom.

No where feels better than home during Christmas and home is where mom is. I love you so much mom. Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Messages for Siblings

Merry Christmas Messages to Brother or Sister

With a wonderful brother/sister like you, I’ve never had to walk alone. I am always thankful for the assurance that as long as you’re there, I’ll never walk alone. Thank you, bro/sis. Merry Christmas.

Even though I don’t get to show it all the time, I care so much about you. You are definitely one of those topping my priority list. Merry Christmas bruv/sis.

This is a season to be thankful. I am thankful for your unconditional love all through the years. Thank you for letting me know always that I can always count on you. Merry Christmas bro/sis.

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For all the beautiful Christmases in the past and for the many still to come, thank you.

Merry Christmas blood. I’ve got your back, always.

Anytime you need a hand, I’ll be there. Rain or shine, I’ll be there for you. Why? Because you’re blood. You matter to me. It’s Christmas! Let’s celebrate. Merry Christmas.

I’m thankful for the blessing of family. Your love makes the holidays so much fun. Merry Christmas.

I’ve got the best brother/sister in the world. It’s a fact I’m always proud to boast about. I love you blood and I wish you a beautiful Christmas holiday.

You make the holiday worth looking forward to. Merry Christmas bro/sis.

I can’t wait to see you so we can catch up on old times. Merry Christmas blood.

Merry Christmas Messages to Boss

Thank you for being a part of my journey this past year. Thank you for making the rigours of trying to make a living bearable. Merry Christmas.

Here’s wishing an amazing boss/partner/colleague a merry Christmas. Here’s to a greater year ahead.

Working with you has been one of the most cherished experiences of this year. Let’s do it again in the coming year. Merry Christmas.

It’s such a pleasure to break from the stress of beating deadlines and meeting targets. I want you to know you were awesome this year and I enjoyed every moment of working with you. Merry Christmas.

If every staff was as wonderful as you, work would be so much easier. Thank you for being the amazing human that you are. Merry Christmas.

Because of you, work is so much fun. Merry Christmas, dear colleague.

You’ve worked so hard and deserve a restful holiday. Make sure you have lots of fun. Merry Christmas.

May you have a Christmas holiday as beautiful and colourful as you are. Enjoy.

You deserve every bit of fun and rest you get this holiday. You worked so hard and earned it. Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas.

Here’s wishing you and your family glad tidings this holiday. May the Lord bless you richly. Merry Christmas.

End of The Year Messages to Friends

Because it is the word of the Lord that better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, I decree into your life that this year will en better than it began for you. You will end this year in joy, blessings and prosperity. The name of the Lord will forever be praise over your life and home. Amen.

I thank God for seeing us this far into the year. I trust that the Lord who began this good work in us will bring it to a perfect completion. The year will end in peace for us all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Throughout the remaining days of this year, the sun will not smite us by day nor the moon by night. It shall be well with us and our mouth will continually be filled with praises. Amen.

May the plans of the evil ones for you and your family be frustrated. May every of the devices of the evil ones be disappointed. The joy and peace of the Lord shall be your portion.

Whoever digs a pit for you shall fall into his own pit. Every enchantment and divination against you shall not stand. The plans of the enemy concerning your life shall fail. The Lord will fill your heart with His peace. Amen.

The counsel of the Lord concerning shall be established. The Lord will establish you in the land. He will hold you by your hand and see you through the year. You will not lack anything good in Jesus’ name.

You will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living. May the Lord bless you and all yours in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The enemy will not rejoice over your life and home in Jesus’ name. You will emerge on the other side victorious. God bless you in Jesus’ name.

Sicknesses, diseases, calamity will not enter with you into the new year. Every negativity in your life and home will end with this year. The Lord will keep you an all yours in Jesus’ name.  

Every frustration in your life and home will end with this year. You will not be put to shame as the Lord will open for you doors that no man can close. It shall b well with you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Thank you for visiting. We wish you and all yours a Merry Christmas and a beautiful year ahead.  Xoxo.


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