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Romantic Love SMS for Your Loved One

Let your friends and loved ones see the sincerity of your love and care by sending them these romantic love SMS.

Let your friends and loved ones see the sincerity of your love and care by sending them these romantic love SMS.

Romantic Love SMS

Cute Love SMS

You are a woman of kind disposition, courage, tender heart, and exemplary debonair, all I desire to see is your eyes gleam with so much joy and happiness, you are my ultimate priority and I promise to make you feel loved, appreciated, and accepted.

You’re the light of my world, you shine brighter even in the darkest night, look how wonderful is that light whose radiance gives the true picture of all that it comes in contact with, I have been ineffably happy and at peace with my spirit after being in contact with you, my love.

I am immeasurably grateful and I appreciate you immensely for loving me genuinely from the abundance of your heart, your beautiful face, your happy smile and your caring heart astonishes me even the more, the brilliance of your eyes glows ravishingly that it outshines the morning sun, my love.

Your smile is simply amazing my queen, I love you so much that I would walk a thousand miles just to see that your irresistible smile that soften my heart, I love virtually everything about you, it is better not to live at all than to live without you, my love.

You’re an icon of humility and truth that I know, every single minute i spend with you is a moment of time worth recollecting in tranquillity, you are not just my soul mate but my superwoman with extraordinary abilities, my love.

Your unparalleled reputation and tenacity for harmonious living has been a great source of motivation and inspiration to me throughout the past years, it is really surprising and amazing how your presence has changed my life so radically, I never imagined it could happen so easily, my love.

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You’re all that I want and all that I desire to be happy, I wish to spend the rest of my days loving and adoring you my queen, you play the most vital role in making me the man I am today and that’s why your position is considered indispensable, I still can’t fathom out what I did to deserve such an amazing and caring person like you as my wife.

In my whole life, I haven’t met a more cute, intelligent, hardworking, sweet, romantic, kind, understanding and loving woman than you, my joy and happiness springs forth each time I’m around you, and whenever I hear your sweet melodious voice, it simply drives me crazy setting my world ablaze, and now I’m burning with so much desire to be with you every single second of my life, my love.

I swear on your pretty face, you’re everything to me and my world would be incomplete without you, you unlock the doors of my happiness and joy bringing out the best in me, with you by my side, my world seems more beautiful, colourful and happier, my queen.

Hello sweetheart, you’ve made me the happiest man on earth, you offered me the love and peace the world cannot give and I’m eternally grateful to you for making my life so wonderful and remarkable with beautiful memories to cherish forever, no matter the situation maybe, no matter the circumstances we may find ourselves, I promise never to let go, my love.

My love, your eyes are so special and dazzling that each time I make contact with them, they convey a warm message to my heart, I don’t mind staring at them all day as long as am with you, every moment we share together as a couple has been so terrific and incredibly wonderful, I look forward to spend many more years with you, my love.

If I were asked to choose the gold and diamond over you, I would gladly chose you my love, for you alone owns my heart, all I desire is to listen to the sound of your heart beat close to mine every single morning when I wake up from sleep.

My love, please let me be your genie, I promise to make all your wishes and heart desires come to fulfilment as long as you are mine, all you have to do is make a wish, and watch me make your wishes come through, my love.

Whenever I stare at your eyes, I see the true picture and perfect reflection of the most stunning, amazing, charming, and gorgeous woman in the whole wide world, your resilience and beauty gladdens my heart leaving me dumbfounded with words to describe such sterling personality, my queen.

You’re one in a million my queen, thanks sweetheart for being such a supportive, caring and passionate lover, without you in my life, my world would have fallen and crumbled right before my eyes, your presence has brought me the most thrilling, fun filled, and tranquilizing moments of a lifetime I will live to cherish forever, my love, thank you for being all that I could ask for in a woman and so much more, my love.

Let me into your world my queen, I wish to walk every single step with you my love, I promise to make it the most adventurous journey filled with fun and laughter at every single step of the way, and together we going to make beautiful memories that we will live to remember, we would spend every single year in peace, love, and harmony, my Queen.

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Sweet Love SMS

Sweet Love SMS
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You have relieved me of so much pain and agony, you lifted a heavily burden off my shoulder that has been weighing big on me for the past years, you accomplished all this and many more just with the touch of your loving heart, I cannot repay you enough for your good deeds my love, I pray that God who knows the intent of man reward you richly and abundantly, my dear.

Your appetizing beauty and irresistible aura has cast a long lasting spell on me that I wish it would never be broken, your happy smile and dazzling eyes renders me speechless, I live a life filled with so much ecstasy and joy knowing that you’re mine, thank you so much for choosing me over multitudes of people, my love.

You gave me comfort and shelter during my rainy days, if you ever leave me, I will be frozen forever my queen, your words to me are like inspirations, each time I think about them, I make the ordinary things becomes extraordinary, your words gives me so much strength and courage to overcome all the difficulties and challenges life may hurl back at me, I love you so much with all my body and soul.

Ways to show her you love her

My love, you’re too important to be neglected, too good to be forgotten, and so close to be jettisoned, life without you will be so annoying and boring, I won’t stop loving you, my queen.

My irreplaceable gem, you are a lady with no spec of pessimism, the most beautiful princess with the purest of heart, thank you for taking good care of my heart and for loving me unconditionally, I hope we never part, because my love for you is divine and eternal.

My love, you’re my life elevator, you single-handedly lifted me up into heaven, a paradise filled with so much joy, happiness, and bliss, you gave me the best gift that I’ve ever known, a love that’s so amazing.

You’re the best amongst the rest, the cutest among your kind, you swept me off my feet with your radiant smile and your irresistible beauty filled me in awe, am completely stuck in love with you and nothing on earth can ever erase your memories from my mind.

I wish to be everything that brings you joy, happiness, and smile, let me be the king of your world so that I will treat you like the beautiful queen that you are, my love for you will flourish forever, it will stand the test of time and will never fade away, my queen.

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that the woman you love so much, loves you so dearly too, the feeling of that is so unexplainable and the joy is immeasurable, my queen I promise to love you till the end of time, till death do us apart.

One thing I enjoy most apart from keeping me company is falling asleep in your arms my love, that’s because you make me feel like the most happiest man on earth, you make my life worth living and my day worthwhile whenever am around you, my love.

Cheers to the most beautiful woman in the world, the one who has stolen my heart away, I can’t stop thinking of you every single moment of my life, even if the whole world burns to the ground, nothing will ever stop my unflinching love for you, my princess.

I will literally do anything to make you happy, if it means climbing the highest mountain to prove my love for you and to show you just how much I care, even if it requires me doing it a million times, I will gladly do it diligently with all my heart, that’s just how much you mean the world to me, my love.

My quest for true love was completed the very day I met you, since that day down to this very moment, I never stopped thinking about you, even if we are miles apart, you’re always here in my heart, thank you sweetheart for always been there when I needed you the most and most importantly, for making a man out of me, not just an ordinary man, but a man with preternatural abilities.

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