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Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend: To my dearest best friend, your birthday is as important to me as you are. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to let you know how loved you are and how much you matter to me. May this year bring you much joy and happiness. Have a fantastic birthday.

Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend: To my dearest best friend, your birthday is as important to me as you are. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to let you know how loved you are and how much you matter to me. May this year bring you much joy and happiness. Have a fantastic birthday.

Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

Dear best friend, seeing you happy has always been one of my greatest wishes for you. Today, I am short of words because you are too exceptional and too good to be true. Best wishes on your birthday love!

A new chapter of your life is here again. May all your desires be granted as you begin this new year. Happy birthday best friend. Happy birthday my crush and thanks for being a wonderful friend.

The greatest privilege enjoyed thus far is the privilege of friendship with you. You have always proven to be more than a friend and have never for once left me in the middle of a storm. You are wonderful. Wishing you thousands of stars to radiate your path to destiny. Happy birthday.

I know promises no longer work in this current age but for you, I am ever ready to keep my promises. No matter where you go, I will always be right behind you and no matter the waves of life, I will still be there beside you. This is how much I cherish our friendship. You are the best and will forever remain the best. Happy birthday star.

Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

You are just too good to be true, too unique to behold, too knowledgeable to doubt. These qualities you have possessed over the years, they make you stand out and add to your personality. I can never have enough of you because every day with you has never been the same because you add value to life daily. Wishing you the very best in life as you begin a new season of your life today my friend. Happy birthday sweet!

It is another wonderful time of the year because my most amazing friend is beginning a new chapter of her life today. You have been amazing right from the very first day I met you, you are supportive irrespective of the situation. Your kind is rare to find. I love you and wish you the very best in this new year of yours. Happy birthday my gem. Ride on, bestie cares.

Beautiful Birthday Messages for Your Friends and Loved Ones

You have always been active and diligent in all that you do. Always ready to give out your best and this is one thing I so much admire about you. I want to thank heavens who has been behind you all through and for making this day a reality. As you continue, may you move from strength to strength and more awards girlie. Happy birthday my love!

My dearest girlfriend, you have been amazing and sweet. Your support has been so extra and I can never stop saying thank you. Just as you are outstanding, may this new age be outstanding and great for you dear. Best wishes honey. Happy birthday.

Over the years, I have come to realize that no one is quite like you and no one understands me the way you do. As you mark a new age in life today, may all odds be in your favour and may your beauty continue to radiate and your raiment as glittering as gold. Best days ahead, happy birthday my bestie.

My dearest friend, may this day be filled with endless joy, undying love and fulfillment. You deserve more than whatever you get today. May the Almighty grant all your heart desires according to His riches in glory my dearest friend. Happy birthday bestie!

One thing I have done and have no regrets about is choosing you as my right hand friend, this choice has never for once failed me but has added to my life in diverse ways. You are such a sweet loving friend. Thanks for being a friend and wish you the very best in your new age. Happy birthday beautiful!

A true friend always wait for the other, builds the hope of the other, stands as a support to the other. All these you have done for me, what more can I say if not thank you for your friendship, for being unique and outstanding. Wishing you the very best as you begin your new journey. More years are waiting for you to walk into my dearest. Happy new age bestie!

Each day, I thank God for gifting me with your friendship and for the beautiful heart you have. I love you and will always cherish our friendship. Happy birthday my dearest pal!

you have always believed in me. You have always trusted that I will be a better person. You are an amazing person, everything about you I admire, your guts, your virtues are all amazing. Wishing you the very best of life in your new year and may all your wishes be granted. Have a nice day my love. Happy birthday sweetheart!

The race of life will be difficult when the wrong set of humans surround you as company. You are always there to assist, you are indeed a friend who understands the word “friendship”. Thank you for all the memories we have created and for the ones yet to be created. Wishing you a fun filled day, lots of presents and a happy celebration as you begin a new chapter of your life. Happy birthday my paddy!

May the Lord’s ever available mercy be with you, His grace strengthen you and His endless love empower you. It is a season for more courage and more depths, my love. Happy new age!

 Men are made by men. You have been a major factor in my success story, a ladder upon which I climbed to get to the top. You are a special creature, no wonder all about you have always been unique and outstanding. Today, I join others to celebrate and welcome you into a new season of your life. I wish you the best life has to offer and strength to keep standing out amongst your contemporaries. Happy birthday my sugar girl!

Long Birthday Messages for Best Friend

A standing ovation for the most courageous being in the world, a being filled with love and care, a being who is capable of changing the atmosphere positively. Words can never describe you my dearest friend. You are as gentle as a dove, the one who knows my wants per time. You are just the very best for me, I love you very much and today, I join the universe to wish you a happy, fantastic birthday. Many more years ahead.

Distance can never be a barrier between us, my friend. You have earned my trust, my love and today, I want to scream out your name so the whole world would know that today is your day and that you are my best friend. Happy birthday my friend, keep shinning because it is only stars that shine and you are one.

 You are indeed a friend worth having. Sometimes I wonder how you do it then I came to understand that your ability to understand is unique and second to none. I really want to say thank you and happy birthday my jewel with the heart of gold.

 When you have the right men in your life, money takes a less important position. You are an asset I will continue to cherish. This is how much value your life and contributions have added to my world. Today, as you add a new year unto the previous ones, I pray the Lord blesses you and grant you fulfillment on all sides. Happy birthday my gold!

Time indeed reveals the heart of men and their mission. Thanks for always being outstanding and unique. Your support have been so amazing and your love indescribable. Thanks for being a friend to me. Happy birthday my friend, best wishes ahead.

You are the sun that sweeps off the cloud in my world, the gentle breeze that pushes out the heat, the water that irrigates my soul and the nutrients obtained from my meals. Thanks for being sweet and amazing. Happy birthday my world classic bae. Much respect, bestie cares.

Every moment spent with you has always been remarkable. As you add unto your years today, I wish you more wisdom, knowledge and love in your life and may the mercies of the Father always abide with you. Love you bae. Happy birthday.

There will never be an ending to our bonding. As you begin a new chapter, I wish you the very best of life and more moments for us to build and make remarkable memories. Happy birthday my special friend.

Meeting you only made life more fun and worth living. Happy birthday my lovely friend, you are special and above everything, you are loved. Bestie truly cares!

Since I met you, my life has been one beautiful event to the other. Thank you for being such an inspiration and a positive motivation. Thanks for being there, always. I cherish you and wish you a very happy birthday, my love!

Words may fail me but with the little I have left in the bank, I really want to say thank you and give a big happy birthday shout out. You deserve a standing ovation from the entire universe but this I know you will get one day because I know you will get to that top you have always wanted. Happy birthday my love!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes For Friends

My life is so dear to me and that’s how you are to me my friend. You have added more than enough, a light you have been to me in my darkest moments, a shelter on my hot days and umbrella during the rainy days. Thanks for all you have done. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday my love! Bestie cares!

The world population have grown so much but you are that very special being that no matter how much the world changes or develop, our bond will forever remain intact. Love you and wish you a love filled day as you celebrate your day. Happy birthday my gem!

The sun is a vital source of life to humans as you are a vital personality in my world. As today marks your birthday, I wish you the very best in life. Keep radiating as you delight in the benefits that accompany now. Happy birthday my love!

Every night the stars appear in the dark to illuminate the world. You will forever remain a star in my world because you have always illuminated my world and today, I am outstanding in life all because of you. I love you girl friend and forever you remain my bestie. Happy belated birthday honey!

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