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Best Wishes For College / University Students

Hurray! Someone’s heading off to college. It’s a big deal! So congratulations are in order. Asides congratulations, you want to advise, encourage, motivate and inspire. These Best Wishes for College Messages will work just fine for you.

Best Wishes for College Students

• The journey of life just began for you as you are admitted to college. Things might not go as you expect, but take it as new experience and strive hard to overcome. Trust me, it is not a home for you forever. Good luck on your studies. Congratulations.

• University is a place where so many things happen at a time, some are bad and some are good. Be careful and choose wisely what to do at a time. Best wishes.

• I see you have a wry feeling of whether to smile or to cry. I can see you’re still thinking between leaving or staying. But my advice to you is that you should go, college is not a prison but a place to explore so pls be kind to your future and accept this call. Best wishes to you.

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• The word “university ” means a whole universe is enclosed in a small city. Whatever you can see elsewhere, you can see it there. Please be wise not to fall for the wrong things, don’t forget your background. Success to you.

• Some days are good, some are bad and some are worst. Trust me, all this day you will encounter in college so learn to deal with it. Best wishes to you.

• We’ve always been together through a lot a journey but I think this one is for you alone because it leads to your future. Don’t retreat, work it through and your tomorrow is certain. Best wishes to you as you step into the university dear friend.

• It is said that education is the key, but I tell you today that your discipline towards it determines your success. I encourage you to work hard and I wish you success through it all. Best wishes dear.

• Going to college is a dream come true for every student. Seize this opportunity and make the best out of it. Best wishes to you.

• Take this opportunity as a honour, for you are among the few people who are privileged to design their future. Best wishes to you in your academic pursuit.

Congratulatory Wishes for New Students 

• I know how very important this admission is to you, and I believe you will do very well in it. I wish you the best of wishes in your pursuit. Your leaving to the university is heart breaking to me because I will miss You, but I’m so happy for you because you’re chasing your dreams. I wish you all the beat in this. Best wishes dear.

• Wherever you are and in whatever situation, try not to forget your aim and purpose. Education is the key but success comes through determination. Best wishes dear friend and congratulations too.

• The environment you find yourself can alter a change in you. College will be a better environment for change, but whatever the activities, try not to change negatively. Remain good and stay safe. Best wishes to you dear.

• There is joy in leaving…but there is more joy in being successful where you’re going. Stay focused and positive. Good luck with that.

Best Wishes For University Students

• Being social is good, making friends is nice, but remember, the kind of people you walk with defines you. Don’t get involved with the wrong ones. Best wishes dear friend.

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• To whom much is given, much is expected… your admission to the university is a privilege, seize this opportunity and do great with it. Best wishes to you dear.

• Set a goal and work towards achieving it. A life without a goal is like a heart without a beat. Your success is catalysed by the goals you set. Best wishes to you friend.

• They will tell you how hard and not easy it is, but you can do it if you are determined. Good luck friend.

• Knowledge acquisition is a future investment. Do well to invest now for a perfect future. Best wishes.

• Nothing is too difficult if you’re determined… Though nothing good comes easy so work hard. Good luck.

• College has a possessive thought that makes you feel you have arrived, a thought that gives you the freedom you don’t even have, a thought that makes you feel relaxed. This thought can get you trapped in the prison of college for a very long time and except you get to know the primary aim of you being in college, you will never be released from that cage. Be wise not to be fooled. Best wishes to you.

• College is a place where people pretend to be what they are not. I hope you remain yourself and never be denatured by the things you’ll encounter there. Best wishes to you dear friend!

• Being a university student is not an avenue to misbehave but an opportunity to become more disciplined. Keep this in mind and be more determined. Good Luck friend!

• Pursuit for one’s dream is like an adventure in life, be wise not to leave any treasure behind. Be the best of yourself. Best wishes!

• Passion for what you do determines your excellence. while in school, study and be passionate about it. Wishing you success in your academic pursuit. Best wishes to you friend.

• Exploring the outer world might be fun but don’t forget your purpose; don’t forget who you are. Good Luck doing that.

• The difference between your yesterday and your tomorrow is how effective you utilize your today’s opportunities. See this as an opportunity too. Best of luck!

• College is a place of freedom but don’t let the freedom overshadow you. Put in mind that “freedom is a kind of prison” and always stay wise. Success dear!

• Being yourself anywhere you go is another standard of living. Always try to be the best of you even in college. Wish you luck!

• Don’t let what you see there fool you; the university can be cunny. Remain disciplined and determined. Best wishes with that dear!

• Don’t get carried away by the things and the people you meet there, focus and be studious. Mind you “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” so involve yourself in extracurricular activities but be time conscious. Goodluck doing that!

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Best Wishes for University

• The university is an environment for knowledge acquisition, other things can be achieved but let the primary aim be achieved first. Success dear!

• Bad company affects good manners. Your friends define you…be careful in making friends and be selective in accepting them as well. Happy stay in college friend. Best wishes!

• It’s one thing to start a journey, but it’s another great thing to end well. My advice to you in this your academic pursuit is that you remain focused and determined. Best wishes to you my dear friend!

• As you begin this race always aim high, never settle for less, always believe in yourself and always stay cool; for you are who you say you are. Best wishes to you dear!

• Dear friend I want you to know that- the word “FAIL” is a motivational word which means “first attempt in learning” … so no matter how many times you fail, be motivated and never give up. Best wishes to you dear!

• While in school, always remember this… your little effort plus God’s blessings equals abundance… you can’t do it all by yourself so always put God first. Best of luck dear!

• Being yourself is a great principle, it keeps you focused and fit both physically and mentally. So be yourself even in college. Best wishes to you friend!

• The word “success” cannot be complete without the letter “u” … this means that you are the key to your success. Stay positive dear. Best wishes to you!

• In anything you do, try to be the best version of yourself; whatever is worth doing…is worth doing well and whatever is worth doing well requires one’s self. Best wishes to you dear!

• Procrastination is the greatest killer of visions. Be nice to yourself by doing things at the right time. Good luck with that!

• Put in mind that the university is not a place for relaxation, it’s a place that requires your time and effort so try not to while away time doing nothing. Good luck friend!

College is a beautiful place but there is a wild world outside it, so try not to get stuck in it. Good luck!

• Focus in academics is a sign of commitment towards a better achievement in grades … so while in school, pay more attention to your studies than to any other thing, for that’s the main reason for you being there. Best wishes to you!

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• As they are different faces in the university so are they different mentality and destiny. Do not tie your efforts to someone, you all have different races to run. Good luck in all you do!

• Giving up is never an option though hard times might come… and when they do, think of a better tomorrow and wave them off. Best wishes friend!

• Take college as a place of training, a place where dreams come true but through effort, a place where you work hard to achieve, a place for the serious minded. If this mentality is in you then you are a winner indeed. Best of luck!

• Apart from the positive sides of college, it is also known as a place that harbor immoralities. But what is taking you there is what you should do. Good luck doing that!

• Your behavior outside gives clear details of your home…what you do there defines where you’re coming from. Hold yourself and stay yourself. Best wishes dear friend!

• As you take this step in pursuing your goal in life, my wish for you is that you come back fulfilled. Goodluck dear!

• College is a place to be, it is seriously a place to go if you must explore as a youth. But your attitude towards it tells how the end would be for you. Always do the right thing. Goodluck!

• Always do the right thing at the right time, and don’t forget ‘things worth doing are worth doing well’. Best wishes!

• Your stay in the university should be a time for you to learn how to live by yourself and how to cope with others as well. Life tomorrow is personal but building your life today requires others. Use every opportunity you have now to create your tomorrow. Best of luck!

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• If you want to be successful in school then you must learn how to operate with time. Time is everything and there is time for everything. Best wishes dear!

• Your efforts should tell the goals you’ve set. There’s nothing much for a lazy student. Goodluck!

• Crown your efforts with prayers, in school, your work is needed but Gods’ grace is required. Best wishes dear!

• Congratulations to you dear on your admission to college, and I wish you the best of luck. Stay focused and do great things.

• Making friends in school is not a bad idea but letting them control you in a negative way is the problem. Your future depends on you and not on anyone else so don’t let peers in school corrupt you. Goodluck dear friend!

• There is competition in college but don’t get intimidated cause you are unique in your own way. Goodluck doing that.

• While in school, put in mind that you have to suffer now to enjoy later. Don’t get carried away by the things you see around. The best thing to think of should be you and your future. Best wishes dear!

• Life does not end in college it only begins. Better things come later; be more focused on your goals, be more concerned of your tomorrow. Great men look forward and not backward. Greatness comes when you dream big and work toward making it a reality. I wish you well in this great stage of your life. Best wishes dear!

• Congratulations on your admission dear and here is my advice for you … while in school, study like your life depends on it, never miss classes for any reason, be early in whatever is necessary, make friends but respect boundaries, always believe in yourself cause there is no one who can do it like you can, stay smart and brave and above all, don’t forget your God. Best wishes to you dear friend!

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