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Apology Quotes For Him or Her

Okay so you fumbled. Well everyone fumbles once in a while, what’s important is to apologize and make it right again with any of these deep apology quotes for him or her. Let your special one know how sincerely sorry you are.

Okay so you fumbled. Well everyone fumbles once in a while, what’s important is to apologize and make it right again with any of these deep apology quotes for him or her. Let your special one know how sincerely sorry you are. Get apology ideas from or send him any of these heartfelt I am sorry messages to apologize to him. Be patient, be contrite, be sweet. In no time you’ll be back together and continue as if nothing happened.

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I’m Sorry For Him
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Apology Quotes For Him

I know I went overboard in my anger. I said things I shouldn’t have said in trying to drive home my point. All I’ve succeeded in doing is to alienate the most important person to me. I’m sorry honey. Can you please forgive me?

I know you really feel bad about what happened. I’m sorry for being the cause of your unhappiness. Will you forgive me? Please?

You’ve been mad with me for too long darling. You really do need to forgive me. I miss you so much.

We really need to put this behind us and move on. I’m really sorry for the part I played in this fight. I’d be more patient next time.

I feel so miserable right now. I can’t bear the thought of you being angry with me. Forgive me, will you?

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I’m sorry for not trusting you as much as I should despite the fact that you’ve never given me cause to doubt you.

My heart cut when I saw your tears. I’m deeply sorry for hurting you the way I did. I’d be more careful next time.

No matter how terrible you’re feeling right now. I feel worse. But you know what? I’m willing to put this behind me if you will too. Please forgive and forget. Let’s move on.

I wonder why we have to fight so much. Should love hurt this much? Please let’s try better in accommodating each other’s differences. I really do love you.

I cry myself to sleep every night. I wonder when you will forgive me. Please stop being so hard. I can’t bear this anymore. I am sorry.

Cute I Am Sorry Messages For Her

I never thought we could be apart for this long. Your anger really burns deep and hurts. Please forgive me. Let me back into your heart.

I’m trying hard to be the woman of your dreams. Yet I do still manage to hurt you. I am sorry, you know it’s not intentional.

I’m sorry my special man. I’m sorry for the hurt I caused you.

You know you’re my favourite person. You know how much I love you. I could never hurt you intentionally. I’m sorry.

My mouth always manages to get the better of me and put me in trouble. Please disregard everything I said in anger. I’m sorry.

It’s not the same without you. You shouldn’t get too angry with me. You know I can’t do without you.

No matter how long it takes, I’ll be here waiting. I’m counting that our love is strong enough to overcome this. I hope your heart will melt soon and you’ll forgive me. I’m really so sorry.

Apology Love Messages

We’ve had challenges greater than this and we overcame. I’m confident our love is strong enough to weather this storm. All I require from you is that you forgive me.

Just tell me, I’d do whatever it takes to make this right. I can’t afford to lose you. You’re the centre of my world.

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Please don’t let this altercation ruin what we share. You’re more important to me than anything. I cherish our relationship.

I’m so sorry if I’ve been cold lately. It’s got nothing to do with you. It’s just the pressure of work.

Our love has survived so much. Please let it survive this too. Don’t give up on us. I love you.

Short, Romantic Notes For a Special Man

You’re the one I’ve chosen to walk this journey with. As long as it lies with me, nothing can separate us. Forgive me though for my wrongs.

Please forgive me. I really want to see that smile on your face again. I long to hold you in my arms again and know that all is well.

I want nothing more than to make this right. I feel so bad and guilty for the hurt I caused you. I’m so sorry.

Words are not enough to express how sorry I am. If you’d give me the chance, I’ll make this right for as long as I live.

If you remain angry for too long, I’d have to call the cops. It’s not fair for you to shut me out for so long. I’m sorry. I’m saying it again, I’m sorry.

You deserve so much love and respect from me, but I always manage to let you down. Please forgive me.

When I’m Sorry is not Enough?

Forgive me sweetheart. Let’s hold hands and be friends again.

  If I could go back in time, I’d undo my wrongs. But since I can’t I will make it up to you. I’m so sorry.

Apology Messages to my Love

I’m sorry love. Let’s go back to the way we used to be. I can’t continue like this anymore.

Apology Messages to my Love

I wish we don’t ever have to fight. That our relationship will be smooth sailing always. But I guess these fights are sometimes needed to test the depth of our love. Well all I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry.

Why do you have to get angry so easily? Don’t you know a simple joke? Okay I’m sorry if I bruised your ego. Let’s be friends again.

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I can’t bear your silence. Please talk to me, don’t shut me out. I’m really sorry.

I am Sorry Messages
Apology Message

What we share goes deeper than the hurt we’re both feeling right now. Please let’s rise above it. Let’s heal together.

You’re the place my heart calls home. Now you’re so mad at me, you’re shutting me out. Do you pause to think that you have rendered my heart homeless? Please forgive me.

   I’m sorry for not being available when you needed me, considering how supportive you are. Please forgive me.

Everything I’ve done, I did with your interest in mind. I’m sorry if it rubbed off on you the wrong way. Please forgive me.

I know you feel so hurt right now, but you don’t have to think too deep to be assured of my love. Please look beyond the hurt, forgive me.

I’d do everything possible to make sure this is our last fight. These past days have been terrible all because you’re angry with me. I am sorry. Please forgive and forget.

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I’ve been thinking and I still can’t comprehend how what I said made you feel bad. I’m still trying to understand you, our relationship being new and all. What I’m saying in essence is that I’m sorry.

 This is me, telling you from the bottom of my heart that I am truly deeply sorry for how we have become. Can we go back to the way we used to be?

It appears I’m not treating you the way you would like me to. I’m willing to learn, please teach me. For now all I can say is that I’m sorry.

I guess I really hurt you so bad this time, considering how angry you are. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for disrespecting you. I let my anger get the better of me. Please forgive me.

 I know you’re angry now. In your anger don’t forget I am that special lady who has always been there and who will always be there for you.

Apology Quotes For Him
Apology For Him

Two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m sorry for the way I treated you. Please overlook my excesses. I love you.

Don’t feel so bad. I don’t mean it the way you’re taking it. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for not standing up for you. I’m sorry for not speaking up in your support. I’m so sorry I disappointed you.

I’m sorry, I promise to be patient next time and not jump to conclusions. Please forgive me.

Apology Quotes For Her

What we share is worth fighting for. Please don’t allow this issue come between us. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Apology Quotes For Her
I’m Sorry Message

Love is what we chose. This offence is just a test to its depth. Please forgive me.

Funny, Witty, Romantic Wedding Anniversary Messages

You know our lives are beautiful together. You’re all I want, you’re all I need. Please forgive me. Let’s move on.

My love, your silence and coldness towards me is a punishment I can’t bear. I’ve said I’m sorry. I’m saying it again, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Heartfelt Apology Quotes
I’m Sorry Message

Forgive my childishness. You pamper me so much that sometimes I forget to behave myself. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for nagging so much. I’ll try to control myself next time. I want things to return to normal between us. Please forgive and forget.

Apology Accepted Quotes
I’m Sorry Message

I miss you so much. Your anger has lasted for too long. No one should be punished this hard. I’m coming over, we’re ending this fight today.

Don’t push me away. You’re all I’ve got. Please forgive me.

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Quotes on Apology and Forgiveness
I’m Sorry Message

Why does love have to hurt so much? I don’t want us to ever fight again. I love you too much and these fights keep getting in the way of our happiness. I’m sorry dear. Please let’s be friends again.

I’ve cried so hard, yet you won’t look at me. Do you hate me that much? Did I hurt you that bad? Please forgive me baby. I’m sorry.

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