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Congratulations on Your Marriage Messages

It is a great thing of joy to be married. Congratulations on Your Marriage messages are not in place for couples on their joyous day.

Congratulations on Your Marriage Messages: Marriage is a holy institution between a man and a woman that has been established by God right from the foundations of the world. It is a great thing of joy to be married, to find your missing rib, the bone of your bone, and the flesh of your flesh. Marriage is the beauty of two young souls joined to bring forth fruit.

Congratulations on your marriage messages are a combination of powerful words written to lift up the souls involved and let the new couple know how much they are loved. It goes a long way to show whether you are for them or against them. Bless their marriage with wonderful words of love, prayers, and counsel. The vehicle needed for the tour is always available, ready and loaded with words to give out. Check this out!

Marriage Congratulation Messages

This marriage shall bring to your home God’s blessings. Congratulations on your marriage, my dear!

You shall have a happy life with your partner; your home shall be blessed. Congratulations!

Your union is blessed. The agenda of hell is abated and laid to rest. You shall live to enjoy your marriage because the gift of God adds no sorrow. You are blessed. Congratulations, my baby!

I send out a thousand stars upon your home to keep the darkness from ruling. May your marriage shine forth like a diamond and may both of you spend your lifetime in love and harmony. Congratulations, my love!

A home full of treasures and value for one another shall you have. Your marriage is blessed and it shall flourish. Congratulations, dear!

Lines shall fall in pleasant places for you and your spouse. Your home is blessed and will stand out amongst others. Congratulations on your marriage.

The best is yet to come. Your marriage shall prosper and bring forth fruit. It shall be void of sorrows. Above all, your new home is blessed. Congratulations on your marriage.

I wish you a lovely home and a happy family that is strong and healthy. Congratulations on your marriage, girlfriend!

A big congratulations to the latest wife in town. So shall your marriage be; it shall be as beautiful as you and as colourful as the rainbow. Congratulations, my love!

This is the best news of the year, the news of your marriage. My love, I am so excited on your behalf and I pray that this path shall lead you into your destiny and may this love between you both flourish. Congratulations dear!

A day is coming when it shall be your child’s dedication. Congratulations on your marriage. Your home is blessed, dear!

You are cherished and I wish you years loaded with light and favour. Congratulations and a happy marriage to you and your spouse.

I am so happy to see your marriage becoming a reality. Today, it has happened. Remember how you used to tell us about how you wanted this day to be? I wish you all the best. Congratulations honey!

Congratulations on your Marriage and Best Wishes Always

Your beauty and features are so admirable. I’m so happy that you are finally married. I ate so much as promised on the invitation card (lols). Congratulations, my friend, on your marriage!

A new beginning for my friend. As you begin this journey, I wish you joy, happiness, and better days ahead. Congratulations, my love!

I could see through your eyes the joy of being married to the love of your life. With joy in my heart, I wish you the very best, honey. Congratulations, your new home is blessed.

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You have found the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh. I am so happy for you, knowing how much you have longed for this day to come. Congratulations to you, dear!

The smile on your face was enough for me. Your dancing steps were enough for me. I have seen brides, but you were so outstanding. I can actually go on writing all I wish for you in this new chapter you have just begun, but I know you won’t have the time to read since you are now married (just kidding). May your heart’s desires be granted; a beautiful future I wish you, my darling. Congratulations, sweet!

The Lord of beautiful beginnings be with you, I wish you a wonderful tour and a colorful marriage full of love, care, joy and freedom from pains and sorrows. Congratulations.

You have been a darling since I met you, and I am so sad knowing my darling has been taken by someone else, but you know what? I feel much peace and joy now because you are finally happy and complete being married to the best woman in the universe, a woman you have so much cherished, your better half. I wish you all the best. Congratulations to you, big bro!

Happy days ahead, my dearest. Congratulations on your marital settlement. Best of luck! Lots of love!

My heart is so reddish right now, and I know you understand and know why it is red. You’ve just begun a wonderful adventure of love and forever. There is a difference between the best of luck and the very best of luck. I wish you the very best in your wonderful adventure. Congratulations, Bro!

Today, we have seen how mature you are because marriage is meant for mature minds (lols). I will surely miss you, but you have taken the best decision and I am happy for you. Congratulations to you, I wish you well. I love you, sis.

The best is yet to come. May you receive the best gifts in marriage. May you have a happy home filled up with love and lovely kids. Congratulations on your marriage!

The best news of the year is your marriage. I am so excited and full of joy. Your home is blessed. Better beginnings with beautiful results at the end is all I wish for you. Please don’t forget to name her after me (that is, your daughter); my name is readily available to be given out (I know it is funny, right?). You shall keep smiling and marriage shall be fun for you and your spouse. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your Marriage Ceremony

Marriage is a gift from God, may His blessings be with you at all times. Congratulations, my love!

You have found a wife and have obtained favour from the Lord. I am so happy for you and may the glory of the Lord be with your new home. Congratulations to the best uncle in the world.

You have made the right choice by stepping into another realm of life called marriage, so joyful about this and I pray for peace, love, light and increase in your home. I love you and congratulations, kid bro!

When you walked down the isle, I saw the steps of someone who is sure and happy. May your home be filled with happiness and fulfilment. Congratulations on your marriage.

Another lady has left the family, not for a bad reason but for a holy reason. I am so elated to know how happy you are and prepared for this new life you have entered into. May your marriage be sweet like honey. Congratulations my sweet!

It was laid on the foundation of love, and in love it shall wax great. More love and more happiness in your home. Congratulations, dear friend.

You have finally carried out the reaction as studied in school. Your new home is blessed with all you both desire and the eyes of the Lord forever be with you both. Congratulations babe!

He is so favoured to have you as his life time partner. This is not to flatter you but to tell you how beautiful, real and sincere you are. I am so happy to have you in my life and I am equally happy for you. I love you sis and congratulations on your marriage.

You have gotten for yourself a companion, not just a temporal one but a life time companion. May this holy vow be eternal and this covenant be cherished and valued even the more. Congratulations on your marriage bro!

Congratulations on your marriage sis. I wish you happiness and joy all through. Congratulations.

This union shall last long; sorrows shall never be heard or felt from this union. Your home is blessed. Congratulations sweetheart!

Love is eternal, so shall yours be. Congratulations dearest on your marriage.

Above all blessings, prayer is unique and powerful; your marriage is blessed, you shall multiply, be fruitful, replenish, and dominate. Congratulations, my dearest aunt, I love you.

May the foundation upon which you both got joined together never collapse, the marital environment and the world at large will favour you. Your new home is blessed hun. Congratulations on your marriage.

I have always wanted your happiness and today, I join others to say congratulations to you on your marriage and to wish you heaven’s blessings as you journey through this path of lifetime commitment with your spouse. Congratulations.

The days ahead for you and your spouse are blessed, your home shall always be filled with fragrances that birth love, trust, unity and strength. I am so happy for you my friend. Congratulations.

As marriage is a beautiful thing so shall yours be beautiful, a tunnel full of light and strength. May the love that led to this holy union grow stronger. Congratulations and happy married life, dear!

You shall have a royal home. You shall be clothed in royal apparel and on roses, you shall walk upon. Congratulations on this new chapter of your life.

Marriage is not for endurance, bitterness or frustration, yours shall be loaded with satisfaction, enjoyment, happiness and peace. Congratulations and Happy married life.

You shall never know a better past day than this union of marital bliss. May happiness and joy fill your home. Congratulations to the world’s best brother on his marriage. Love you big time.

Your marriage shall not be like those full of thorns, violence and remorse; you shall enjoy every bit of your marriage. Congratulations my dear!

A fruitful year full of love, growth and bonding I wish you. Congratulations on your marriage.

A peaceful and a happy home awaits you my darling. Congratulations on your marriage.

It is with joy in my heart that I write to you. I am so happy for you, I wish you sweetness and joy at every point, your home is blessed. Congratulations my baby girl!

The marital life you have so much desired and longed for is what I wish for you my love. To every questions asked by marriage, you shall have a suitable answer. I wish you well. Congratulations my darling!

Is there a world you dream of in the life of marriage? May you have that world in reality. Wishing you a blessed home, my friend. This union shall grow from one height to another. Enjoy!

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