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100+ Cute Good Night Messages for Someone Special

Cute Good night messages are a must for you to send to your special someone if you want them to know you care.
Any of these Cute Good Night Messages is what your loved ones and the special people in your life need to have a most relaxed and pleasant night.

100+ Cute Good Night Messages for Someone Special

Cute Good night messages are a must for you to send to your special someone if you want them to know you care.

Any of these Cute Good Night Messages is what your loved ones and the special people in your life need to have a most relaxed and pleasant night.

Don’t hesitate any further, send one or more of these really cute good night messages to someone special and you will be rewarded with more love and affection.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Him or Her

Add spice to your romance. Let your special lady/man know you’re thinking about her/him tonight.Is there anything that makes you scared? Any worries? Lay them aside, my love and relax in sweet sleep. I’ll be waiting in your dreams and there will definitely be joy in the morning.

Can you feel the soft caress of the wind on your cheeks? Can you see the majesty of the moon in the star struck sky? Can you feel the heartbeat of the night echoing mine? Does the beauty of nature communicate my love to you? I love you so much sweetheart. Do have a most pleasant night.

I’ve been thinking about you all day baby. I’m glad it’s night already and can’t wait to wrap you in my embrace till sweet rest claim our weary bodies.

I’ll sponsor a sonnet tonight, strummed on the strings of my love. I hope its melody warms you heart and send you into sweet, relaxing sleep free from fears or worries. I love you so much sweetheart. Have a peaceful night rest.

Do not fear the demons of the night, God has promised in His word that He will keep you safe from them and they will not harm you. I’m praying for you darling as I always do. You will be fine. Have a most beautiful night.

Though distance separates us my darling, I’ll be dreaming of you tonight just as I hope you’ll be dreaming of me too. Have a pleasant night, handsome.

As you lay to sleep tonight my darling, drop every worry and care because my love will form a warm duvet around your loveliness to keep you safe.

My days are beautiful; oh how beautiful they are, filled with all the colours of the rainbow and my nights? They are loveliest and all these because you’re here, right by my side, completing me, fulfilling me. Good night my love. Sweet dreams.

Sweet Goodnight Prayers for Her

The highest point of my days is in the night. All chores done, the world shut out and you in my arms. I love you, baby. Together we will have a pleasant night.

When you see the moon, so big and blue; and you see the stars twinkling high in the sky; listen to my heartbeat so loud and clear beating only for you and expressing love to you in unimaginable ways. Sleep tight, my baby.

I want to share memories of my day with you, I want to lay your head on my laps while we put the happenings in our lives in perspective. I want with you to find the solutions to our problems until we drift to sleep locked in each other’s embrace. I love you sweetheart.

The sun rules the sky by day, the stars rule the sky at night. In my heart, you rule always as queen. Your radiance outshines that of the brightest of stars. Sleep baby and bask in the confidence of my love. Have a blessed night.

When you look into the sky at night and see the glow of the brightest star, know that my love for you shines brighter. Have a peaceful night.

Just before sleep calls, here’s a quick reminder. You’re my favourite person in the whole wide world and I love you with all my heart. Have a most beautiful night.

I had an out of body experience once, when I watched us while we slept. I discovered even in sleep, our hearts beat as one, entwined and fused. I realized then that nothing can ever come between us, nothing. I love you so much baby. I really do. Have a beautiful night.

Sleep well baby, dream about the wonderful way our lives will turn out, and when you awake, you’ll be in my loving arms.

Night times are my favourite, they are for lovers and I’m glad I have one. You’re my one and only love. No will ever take your place beside me or in my heart, my dear wife and friend.

You spend your days making me feel so special. No one deserves a night more peaceful and restful than you. I’m sending you this message with all the love in my heart and I hope it makes you feel special. Have a beautiful night my sweetheart.

I enjoyed every bit of my day with you by my side. It was truly beautiful and I am looking forward to the morrow. I can’t wait to spend it with you. Good night, sweets. Have a beautiful night rest.

You’ve been running around my head all day and there was nothing I could do to stop thinking about you. Well, you should be as tired as I am by now. Go to bed baby and sleep well. Lots of love.

Your presence made this day a really lovely one for me. The hours passed so quickly, too quickly. Let’s do it again tomorrow. Sleep tight my love.

How do you do it, sweetheart? I mean, how do you get to be in my thoughts all day and in my dreams, all night? It’s not that I’m complaining. It’s just that I can’t seem to be able to get you off my mind no matter how hard I try. I think I’m way too much in love with you and it is a beautiful feeling. Let your dreams be about me tonight. Xoxo.

The sun has gone home to bed, darkness has come to take its place. Let the earth render sweet music and lull you sleep. I love you baby. Have a most beautiful night.

When it’s night and I’m in your arms, I forget all the worries of the day and lose myself in your warm embrace. Come let me whisper sweet nothings in your ears while you drift to sleep. I love you.

Nothing is more important to me than you and the love we share. Share your thoughts baby; let me bear your burdens. That’s why I’m here, let me love you and make you feel better.

The day’s labour is over, the night whispers in hushed tones, sleep beckons, love beckons. Come into my arms, baby, let me help you relax and have a most pleasant night.

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Sweet Goodnight Prayers for Him/Her

May the angels of God Almighty form a protective shield over you and keep you safe from all harm. The moon shall not smite you by night. Good night my love. Have a lovely night rest.

In your sleep tonight, may you enjoy the peace of heaven. May no harm come your way. May you be preserved and refreshed. Have a most pleasant night, sweetheart.

May you have the most beautiful dreams tonight. May evil not lurk near you. May God’s angels be on guard to watch over you. May you wake up refreshed and renewed. Good night.

May your dreams be filled with wonderful insights, unusual inspiration and ideas for a better tomorrow. Have a blessed night.

May all the forces of nature, all of God’s beautiful creatures watch over your lovely form as you sleep tonight. Good night my love.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

My prayer for you as you go to bed tonight is that the Almighty keep you safe. May your sleep be sweet as a baby’s. May you wake up deeply refreshedand re-invigorated. Good night, my darling. Have a pleasant night.

May all your long term fears be calmed tonight. May you receive answers to troubling issues in your dream tonight. Have a peaceful night sweetheart.

My sweetheart, the only one my heart beats for. May I not lose you in sleep. May I not lose you at all. Have a peaceful night.

The arrows of the enemy will not come near you. I entrust you in the care of the Almighty. He will keep you safe. Have no fear, sleep tight.

Having done my due diligence in prayers for you, I’m confident you will have a most peaceful night. I love you so much, sweetheart. Good night and sweet dreams.

May the Angel’s sweet lullaby lull you to sleep. May you be kept safe and warm. Have a wonderful night. Sweet dreams.

No nightmares, no demons. Just sweet, refreshing sleep. Good night.

As you lay to rest, may the Lord keep you safe from the wickedness of the wicked. May they not come near you or harm you. Have a blissful sleep. Lots of love.

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Romantic Goodnight Messages For Him/Her

Spark up your romance. Show some tender loving care with these Romantic Good Night Messages.

The day gets so busy and robs of special moments together but then the nights, oh the nights! I get so excited about the nights because away from the world, I get to be wrapped in your arms, your sole focus, enjoying the warmth that your love gives.

As you go to bed, dream about how lovely our days are when spent together. I’m looking forward to spending tomorrow with you, baby. Good night and sweetdreams.

The most beautiful nights are when you’re by my side hugging me in your embrace. It’s a feel of heaven. Good night darling.

Well before sleep calls, I wanted to let you know that the height of my days is when we lay side by side at night dreaming of a better tomorrow together. Keep believing darling, our better tomorrow is just around the corner. I love you so much. Sweet dreams.

Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her

I cannot say my day is completely over without getting that lovely good night kiss from you. I’m still waiting for it sweetheart. Don’t deny me.

Sleep well my love; I’ll be waiting for you at the other side in dream world. There, we will continue from where we stopped.

I feel secured in your love. Even when I’m asleep, I know I’m safe with you. Thank you for the way you take care of me. Do have a pleasant night.

If anything is certain, it is that I’ll be dreaming of you tonight. I hope I’ll get the same honour from you. Please dream about me too. Have a beautiful night rest.

Let your dreams be filled with sweet thoughts of me and all the wonderful things we do together. Good night my love. Enjoy your rest.

Tonight as always you’ll be in my thoughts, filling my heart with warmth. I love you baby, you know I do. Have a good night.

Sweetheart, my favorite part of the night is when you nuzzle close to me, burying your head in my bosom and holding me like nothing else matters. It’s something I look forward to every night. I’m looking forward it tonight as well. Sweet dreams my love.

Sleep tight my love, sleep fearless. I’m here to keep you safe from the cold.

I’m missing you so bad now baby. I wish you were right here with me; I’d cuddle up to you and let you hold me tight. It’s a cold night here without you. Have a pleasant night, my love.

You have dislodged all my nightmares and replaced them with beautiful dreams of you. You’re the new occupant of my dreams, baby. I love you so much. May you have a good night rest.

When you’re here lying by my side, all my fears disappear and I am reassured. Have a good night.

You’re the reason I come home every night. Your warm embrace invites me like no other. Nothing matters to me more. Have a good night rest.

I pray for peace but no matter how turbulent it gets in the night, I’ll be here baby, holding you safe in my arms. So relax and sleep well.

There’s a secret I’d like to share. Sometimes I wish the night could go on forever so I’ll never have to rise from your warm, loving embrace. I love you totally. Have a good night rest.

Away to bed sleepy head. Tomorrow’s another day to experience my sweet loving care. I’m sure you can’t wait. Sweet dreams.

Sleep like royalty. You are one. I your queen will be waiting for you in dream land. Love you loads.


Go to bed my love, dream of me and all the awesome things we will do together tomorrow. Have a most pleasant night.

I know you can’t get enough of me. I can’t get enough of you either. But it’s really time to go to bed now so we can wake up refreshed tomorrow morning and have a productive day. Sleep tight.

No demons, no chilly cold, no fears. Tonight we will be wrapped safe in each other’s arms, keeping each other’s fears away.

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Sweet Good Night Prayers for Him/Her

Send him/her any of these Sweet Good Night Prayers for a pleasant night of rest.

After a day of labour, everyone deserves a night of sweet rest. As you lay to rest, may the Almighty watch over your spirit, soul and body. May He grant you sweet rest.

As you go to bed tonight, may the Lord grant that your body and your mind be fully refreshed by the time you wake in the morning. Have a wonderful night.

May your soul be preserved. May the Lord Almighty watch over you tonight and keep you safe from every attack of the enemy. May you sleep like a baby and wake up fully rested. Have a beautiful night.

No weapon formed against you tonight shall prosper. Every devise of the enemy to harm you shall be disappointed. May you sleep like a baby and be oblivious of evil. Have a blessed night.

I commit you into the hands of God as you go to sleep tonight, may He be a shield around you and keep you safe from the darts of the enemy. Have a most pleasant night.

Good Night Messages Image

Don’t worry about today’s failures, tomorrow will be a better day. Relax, God is in control. Have a beautiful night.

Go to bed worry-less. God will take care of all your fears. Tomorrow will be a better day. You will sing the song of a victor. Good night my love.

The Lord has made you the head, may you never be relegated to the tail. You will be above always and never beneath. Doors will open for you tomorrow everywhere you have been rejected today. Have a good night.

May all your efforts to provide for our home never be in vain but continually yield good fruits. Have a good night my love.

Though today didn’t turn out for you as expected, I pray that every of your expectations will be met and surpassed tomorrow. I’m confident tomorrow will be a better day. Have a good night.

Good Night Messages And Prayers For Friends, Colleagues And Loved Ones

Everything that went wrong today did so for a reason; Learn your lessons, pick yourself up. Tomorrow’s another opportunity to try again. Have a good night rest.

No matter how long a night is, sooner or later, it gives way to the morning. Enjoy the night as a time of rest while it lasts.

Learn your lessons from the events of today. Take a warm shower, sleep well, tomorrow will be better.

May the successes you had today give you the needed confidence to face tomorrow and overcome every challenge that may come your way. Have a wonderful night.

You get better and stronger by the day. I can’t wait to see a better version of you tomorrow. Have a beautiful night.

This is to wish you my dear friend a wonderful night filled with dreams of all that is beautiful and great. Have a blessed night.

I pray you have a peaceful night filled with beautiful twinkling stars and a lovely big blue moon. God bless you.

Every disappointment of today will be a stepping stone for divine appointments tomorrow. Be rest assured, you will be favoured. Have a good night rest.

May the Lord fight every battle of the night for you. No power of the enemy will overcome you. Sleep like a baby, the battle is the Lord’s and victory is sure.

May you overcome every battle that rises up against you. May the Lord arise and help you. Have a beautiful night.

Thank you for your help today and always. I’m grateful for the gift of your friendship. Have a good night.

Friends like you makes a new day worth looking forward to. I look forward to tomorrow with you. Do have a good night.

Working with you is what I look forward to each day. It’s a most wonderful experience. Let’s do it again tomorrow. Have a good night.

Share these beautiful messages with your loved ones. Thank me later. In the meantime, thank you for visiting. We promise to always give you our best. Xoxo.

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