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100+ Short, Lovely, Romantic Messages For a Husband

100+ Short, Lovely, Romantic Messages For a Husband Introduction! They try hard not to show it but we know husbands love to be loved. They love their egos massaged. Try out these short, lovely and romantic poems on your man ...
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101 Love Poems And Messages For a Loving Wife

Everyday is a special opportunity to show love to that special woman in your life. Here are a collection of beautiful Love poems and messages we’ve written with your needs in mind. Enjoy! 1. What is better for a man, ...
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Cock And Hen!

The cock and hen
The unending dance of love
Coy hen, aggressive in coyness
What irony!
Horny cock, always wanting some more
Interesting creatures
But then I must be nuts writing this. Like this:Like Loading... ...
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The Lone Bird!

The lone bird on a sunny day
Sailing on the strength of the wind
Sure in its direction
Elegant in its gait
The lone bird on a sunny day
Flapping away into the arms of waiting love. Like this:Like Loading... ...
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Love me unabashed
Not with veiled emotions
Like an encrypted message
The era is past
Of coy affections
Don’t leave me guessing
Love me in bold letters. Like this:Like Loading... ...
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You are Enough!

Introduction! Do you ever feel low, inadequate or incompetent? Well, the best of us feel that way sometimes. Cheer up! Get a grip. You are awesome! You are enough! 1. What voice magnifies your inadequacies
Making your faults, ...
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Begin Again

Introduction! Hmm, sometimes life or wrong choices land us in unpleasant circumstances and we’re so discouraged by defeat. Here are few poems to help you put things in perspective and encourage you to try again. 1. All through the night, ...
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Yaay!!! Thanks for visiting. My name is Moronke and I love poetry. Sometimes, even the best of us can’t seem to muster the strength to continue. At such times you can count on me to be your cheerleader. At other ...
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