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Encouraging Words for Friends (SMS, Instagram and WhatsApp)

At one point or the other in life, everyone will come to need encouragement. Be the one to provide inspiration and encouragement to your friends and loved ones when they need it. In this collection of encouraging messages for friends are messages that inspire and will lift up their spirits when down.

At one point or another in life, everyone will need encouragement. Be the one to provide inspiration and encouraging words to your friends and loved ones when they need it. In this collection of encouraging messages for friends are messages that inspire and will lift their spirits when down.

No matter how hard times are for your friends, these encouraging/inspirational messages are sure to get their spirits up and set them on the path to recovery so they can start a new day on a positive note. 

Send any of them to your beloved friends as SMS, Instagram caption, Facebook caption and WhatsApp status.

Encouraging Words for Friends in Hard Times

You are loved and appreciated. No matter how bad you feel now, I need you to know that you’re one of the strongest, amazing personalities I know. I’ve got your back friend. Cheer up.

You’re ambitious, smart, intelligent and focused. If there’s anyone I admire, it is you. You inspire me, you inspire us all. Don’t rest on your oars, keep being amazing me.

You can count on me, I’ll always be your friend. When you need a shoulder to lean on, mine will be readily available. I’ll listen to you, to all your fears. I’ll help make your burden lighter in any way I can. I love you dear friend and I wish you the very best.

Stop thinking impossibilities. Believe you can and you will see yourself doing great things. I see potentials in you. I see greatness in you. 

You are an amazing bundle of beautiful talents. You boundless energy never fails to inspire. I totally adore you and I’m closely following your journey. I know one day soon you will blow.

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Messages for Friends

You are a friend whom I can vouch for anytime. I trust you, I believe in you. I’m not afraid to stick out my neck for you because I know you are solid. Keep on keeping on. 

Encouraging Words for Friends

Keep your head up buddy. There’s no casting down for you. Higher and higher will you keep going. The sky is a stepping stone for you so ahead and shatter all the glass ceilings. 

Stay motivated dear, don’t let anything get you down. Many of us are looking up to you, following in your footsteps. Your success is ours too. Keep pushing it, we’re rooting for you.

You are a star! You’re born to shine. So arise, shine and let the world see the glory of God in you.

You will never walk in darkness again, because the Lord will be your guiding light. He will lead you on the road of success and on the road of fulfilment of destiny. You will never fail again, so be strong and be of good courage.

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Encouraging Words for Friends in Depression

I trust you to make the right decisions because you’ve got the right head properly screwed in, and even when you make mistakes, as we are all sometimes prone to, I’ll be here rooting for you.

I’ve always admired your confidence, the self assured way with which you carry yourself. I know you’re dealing with a lot right now but I also know you will scale through. You will ride on the wings of your challenges and come out victorious on the other side. 

What you’re passing through right now is just a phase. Life can not be difficult all through for you. Remember how good things were before now and be assured there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

No force in life can stop you except you give in to them. Don’t be afraid or discouraged. You will make it.

Receive the grace to get back up again. You have stayed down for too long, it’s time to rise up again. You can do it, yes you can.

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Short Inspirational Messages for Friends

  1. Those beautiful dreams of yours will see the light of the day. They will come true and the world will glorify God through you. So don’t stop believing, don’t stop dreaming.
  2. Cry all the years you need to cry, then get back up, look your fears in the face and overcome them.
  3. I’m really so proud of you. You’ve never let me down. I can only encourage you not to rest on your oars but to keep reaching for excellence.
  4. With what you’re doing, i know excellence in every sphere of life is possible. Thank you for being an example of excellence. I hope this inspires you to never rest on your oars.

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Encouraging Messages for Friends

I see all the hard work you’re putting in and I can assure you they’re not in vain. You will definitely reap the reward of your labour. I wish you the very best.

No one is seeing you as you secretly labour but I assure you, you will be publicly celebrated. You will not labour in vain but your efforts will yield good success.

  1. The journey may not be easy but I encourage you to enjoy the process, learn all that you can and take all in your stride. The destination ahead is a glorious one so be of good cheer.
  2. If you ever feel a need to talk, I’m right here ready to listen. Don’t bottle in, open up and talk to a friend. Everything will eventually be fine.

Words of Comfort for a Friend

Keep going, keep moving, somewhere down the path, there’s a shinning light. 

Don’t lose faith, one day you will look back and you will understand and appreciate the whole process.

Encouraging Quotes for Friends

Give it your best, even if things don’t turn out as planned, there’s comfort in knowing you did your best.

Your best is yet to come and when it comes, the world will celebrate you; you will then forget all the pains and disappointment you had to endure.

Do your bit and do it with joy. I assure you, someday and soon too, everything will be fine.

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You have a reason to give thanks. When you look at the place from where you’re coming and the point you are now, you will realize that thanksgiving is in order.

Protect your joy. Don’t lose it for anything. Nothing is more important than your joy.

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